Illegal Immigrants Hop From Boat, Run Ashore in Miami Beach [VIDEO]

Illegal Immigrants Hop From Boat, Run Ashore in Miami Beach [VIDEO]

Illegal Immigrants Hop From Boat, Run Ashore in Miami Beach [VIDEO]

They were in Miami Beach, at 6 a.m, shooting a video. Then a small boat, filled with what looked like fisherman, entered the frame. Ekaterina Juskowski, who was filming her model friend, thought to herself, “They are ruining my video.” Well, they weren’t fisherman. Watch what happened, from the Broward Palm Beach New Times:

They made it safely into the city and disappeared.

U.S. Border patrol had this to say in response:

Illegals storm beach in San Diego (Photo Credit: CNS News)
August, 2014: Boat load of illegals storm beach in San Diego, disappear into city (Photo Credit: CNS News)

U.S. Border Patrol spokesperson Frank Miller said, “That’s a testament to how confident these organizations are — what we call transnational criminal organizations — who smuggle criminals and narcotics right onto the beach.” He said the incident was under investigation and noted, “There has been an increase in known maritime smuggling in Florida — from Key West all along the Florida coast — from fiscal year 2014 to now.”

Juskowski had a different take:

Juskowski – who migrated from Russia at age 18 as a university student – had a more compassionate take. She said, “Witnessing people starting their life anew by jumping off the boat and running into the city made my personal struggle seem rather small. As controversial as the problem of illegal immigration can be for many of us, it is important to remember that people come here in search of the better life and it comes at a very high price of great courage, hard work and loneliness. I got to know America as a country with a big heart. While I trust it to the US government to work out the policies on improving the immigration laws, it feels natural to stay compassionate and understanding on a personal level.”

Really? You might want to ask Kate Steinle’s family about that.

One law enforcement source who works on border enforcement was more skeptical. He said groups of refugees fleeing poverty or persecution usually include women and children, whereas groups of men only are more likely to consist of “bad dudes” and violent felons who have already been deported. The threat of terrorists entering the country by boat is also a growing concern.

In a common sense world, illegal aliens hopping from a boat and running onto our shores would be considered an invasion by a foreign enemy, and there’d be dire consequences. But in the Open Borders era we find ourselves mired in, it’s just another day on an American beach in Florida. Or San Diego. Or any number of other similar invasions by unknown foreigners. You can read more about the incident, and just how frequently it occurs, here.

Want to see more of the same brazen breaches of our nation’s sovereignty? Vote for Hillary Clinton.

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  • Frank Lee Speekin says:

    Gee, a boat operated by a fisherman just penetrated all of our vast spy satellites, intel networks, and other outrageously expensive infrastructure.

    But take off your shoes at the airport, peon!

    Next time it might be an Iranian dirty bomb (or a nuke).

    This government is out of control.

  • Frank Lee Speekin says:

    BTW, I found your site on BadBlue … you get linked a lot, you may want to link them back. Its kind of a blog version of Drudge.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    If I might offer: Blog site of a conservative former U.S. Diplomat ( offers quite the article highlighting in just what kind of countries it seems the rest of the entire planet wants to live. It seems we’re at the top of that food chain — I know, quite the shocker, is it not?

    Perhaps no one told these poor souls what a hell-hole they are entering in their misguided zeal.

    Back to the boats, my friends! Back, I say, before it’s too late! Turn around and save yourselves!!

    (Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?)

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