Rand Paul Cleans Secretary Becerra’s Clock On Covid

Rand Paul Cleans Secretary Becerra’s Clock On Covid

Rand Paul Cleans Secretary Becerra’s Clock On Covid

Senator Rand Paul has come to the debate on COVID-19 policy with some good credentials.

Not only does the senator have a medical degree (yes, an opthamologist is a MD), but he also contracted COVID-19 early on in the pandemic, well before a vaccine was even available. Even having COVID was dangerous for Rand Paul, as he lost part of his lung after his assault in 2017.

After all of this, Senator Paul has unshakeable opinions on not just COVID itself, but the public policy surrounding COVID. His refusal to be vaccinated, in favor of his own natural immunity, caused a media panic attack. The reality is that the CDC, the FDA, and the Biden administration are all massively invested in NOTHING else but putting needles into arms, and even then, they have little intentions of releasing their authoritarian death grip on your daily lives. If any of these three took the time to acknowledge the obvious part of science – that those with natural immunity are indeed protected – then that would undermine their messaging on vaccines. The damage that the CDC and the FDA has done to public health policy is extreme, and reflects their single-minded incompetence when it comes to COVID. If they had simply agreed that natural immunity, for those who could prove it with an antibody test, a T-cell test, or documentation of a prior infection, was the equivalent of vaccination, then we would be done with this craziness. Instead, the grasp of government is going to have to be peeled off the throats of the public.

Enter Rand Paul, who has challenged Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly and even referred him to the Department of Justice for perjury over his testimony about “gain of function,” now getting a crack at Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. Becerra, if you will remember, is a Kamala Harris California crony with exactly zero experience in public health. This is something that Rand Paul was at great pains to point out to him, while Becerra was sitting in front of the Senate yesterday.

Under questioning from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Becerra failed to explain why the federal agency refuses to recognize natural immunity to the disease, despite a number of scientific studies showing recovery from natural infection protects individuals at significantly higher rates than vaccination.”

“You presume somehow to tell over 100 million Americans who survived COVID that we have no right to determine our own medical care. You alone are on high and you’ve made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree. This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and unAmerican. You sir are the one ignoring the science,” Paul said. “The vast preponderance of scientific studies, dozens and dozens, show robust, long lasting immunity after COVID infection.”

Rand Paul absolutely clocked Becerra, and the entire exchange can be watched here.

The Israeli study that Rand Paul references can be read here. Now, there is evidence that the best immunity possible is natural immunity plus vaccination, but that isn’t the point. The point is that those with natural immunity ARE protected against COVID, but the public heath entities and the Biden administration can’t admit it.

And by the way, whatever happened to those OSHA rules that were supposed to be coming to try and enforce Biden’s vaccine mandate on businesses? Hmmm. They haven’t appeared yet. And Jen Psaki has no idea when they will actually show up.

Q — about the OSHA rule — ”

MS. PSAKI: Yeah.”

Q — on mandates. You had said it would be a few weeks just now. When it was announced a few weeks ago, it was going to take a few weeks. So, are you signaling a delay of any kind of that rule?”

MS. PSAKI: No, we never gave an exact timeline, so — maybe we should have been more specific at the time. Obviously, it takes some time. And we want to make sure when we put these out, they’re clear and they provide guidance necessary to businesses.”

Q So, how many weeks, then, are you expecting it to take?”

MS. PSAKI: I can’t give you a timeline. OSHA is working on them. But obviously — hopefully, we’ll know more in the coming weeks.”

Is this starting to smell like a political dirty trick to anyone else yet? The Biden administration knows that they are on shaky ground regarding using OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate, and they know they are going to be sued immediately once the rule is published. However, the fear factor has already been deployed against those businesses – who are now pushing mandates THEMSELVES on their employees with the threat of government action. The Biden administration stays out of court, and yet they still get a chunk of what they want, while keeping their hands relatively clean. Quite a tidy arrangement, don’t you think?

If those regulations ever do appear, I expect someone will be questioned by Senator Rand Paul about them. That video ought to be very, very good.

Featured image: Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  • cirby says:

    Becerra kept coming back with “our team decided this,” and that was where he was dealing from the bottom of the deck. By passing it off to “the team,” he dodged actual responsibility, while still keeping the veneer of authority.

    Paul should have come back with “We need to talk to that ‘team’ next. Names, resumes, and contact information, by the end of the day Monday. Or else.”

    It’s a fair bet that the “team” had some reliably political researchers, a bunch of administrators, and a cadre of lawyers to tell them just how much they needed to bend the truth.

  • Gregory Brou says:

    Merck Pharma announced today that they had developed a pill for Covid treatment. The thin explanation made it sound like repurposed horse paste

  • […] ask? Why the science of multiple studies, such as the ones Senator Rand Paul cited while cleaning Becerra’s clock, that have continually shown that kids are the LOWEST risk for the Covid virus and the variants. Or […]

  • ROP says:

    Pfizer is coming out with a pill to cure you from covid , Made with ivermectin ( surprise !).
    So if we have a cure now why are they still pushing the mandate and killer vaxx?
    Answer CONTROL

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