Quote of the Day: Roger Stone Wants Trump’s Delegates to Sign a Loyalty Oath to Trump

Quote of the Day: Roger Stone Wants Trump’s Delegates to Sign a Loyalty Oath to Trump

Quote of the Day: Roger Stone Wants Trump’s Delegates to Sign a Loyalty Oath to Trump

Remember last month when Trump got his brain-dead followers to raise their right hands and swear fealty to him, in a creepy, Nazi-esque show of loyalty? Those were some good times. And the good times, they just keep on coming. Fresh off of Trump’s constant whining about how it’s not fair that Ted Cruz is out-strategizing him, thus gaining delegates for this summer’s convention, we have Roger Stone giving us what will likely be the Trump campaign’s next strategy: to try to strong-arm delegates into signing loyalty oaths for Trump.

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He’s in the process of being robbed. What is happening is fundamentally undemocratic — but it can be defeated with a well-oiled delegate operation. The Trump campaign didn’t have a real delegate operation before because of a belief that after he won the March primaries, it would all be over. And he believed this because his campaign advisers told him there would be no convention fight. That’s a product of inexperience by his staff, who set a false level of expectation.

… We’re going to produce a voluntary loyalty pledge that will say, if you’re a Trump delegate, that you’ll stick with Trump through all the ballots to reflect the will of the voters. We’ll ask them to sign. It’s voluntary, but we’ll see who does it, and who the cockroaches are.

This is the same guy, by the way, who said that he was going to find out the hotel rooms delegates were staying at during the convention, publicly release the information, and send Trump’s supporters after them, as well as promised “days of rage” if Trump didn’t receive the nomination. In this interview, which was with “Rolling Stone”, Stone doubled down, saying that he would have Trump’s supporters physically go to the hotel room of each delegate and try to “convince” the delegates to sign the loyalty oath. Even “Rolling Stone” couldn’t wrap their minds around this, asking Stone how this could possibly be construed as anything other than intimidation.

That’s democracy! I promise you, I have people e-mailing me all the time begging me to tell them how they can help Donald Trump. One man’s dirty trick is another man’s civic participation.

Right. Democracy. Because making people sign loyalty oaths to a candidate and giving Nazi salutes is totally what America is all about. And meanwhile, the delegates who refuse to sign the oath are being smeared as “cockroaches” and threatened with “days of rage”.

The really interesting thing would be to find out what would theoretically happen were a delegate to sign the loyalty oath — you know, after a crazed Trump supporter came pounding on their hotel room door at 11:00 at night threatening demanding that they sign this oath or else — and then reneged. What would be the consequences, exactly? Now that is one scary thought.

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  • mytorpor says:

    Why has the RNC not disavowed Trump? There is no room for these types of threats in our party. Trump has proven himself to be unqualified for the presidency. If he wants to run third party, let him if he legally can under current rules. Otherwise, just kick him out and shut the door behind him!

  • Stacy0311 says:

    I’d sign it.
    With a John Hancock style flourish.
    Hugh G. Rection
    Heywood Jablome

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