Punchy Pelosi: Doing It For The Children

Punchy Pelosi: Doing It For The Children

Punchy Pelosi: Doing It For The Children

Punchy Nancy Pelosi is making predictions that 2020 is going to get ugly. So much so, that if Republicans punch, Democrats must be ready to punch back. For the children!

Pelosi made the remark yesterday at the Democratic National Vommittee Committee summer meeting with regard to whether or not the Democratic nominee should play nice with President Trump when he takes a jab at his opponent. The “punch”, of course, was a figure of speech in one of Nancy’s ramblings.

This is going to be a tough election, because for them this is going to be about money. They’ll put up any amount of money to protect their investment of degrading the environment, and the rest, guns and all that.

So you have to be ready to take a punch. You got to be ready to take a punch. And therefore you have to be ready to throw a punch – for the children.”-Nancy Pelosi

The Hill goes on to say this:

Trump in 2016 wielded personal barbs against his Republican opponents to help clear the primary field and repeatedly went after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s character in an effort to cast her as corrupt and dishonest.”

Trump went after Hillary Clinton’s character. Trump was making an effort to “cast her as corrupt and dishonest” (as if she needed any help on that one)! Trump tried to sully Hillary’s reputation of being a lying, conniving, corrupt and dishonest politician. American, “unbiased” journalism at its finest. This is why Democrats need to throw punches for 2020. “For the children”, says punchy Nancy Pelosi!

So much cringe in one statement from The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Take a punch. Take a punch. Then throw a punch. Do it for the children. I don’t see her throwing any punches for the squad of children working for her. I don’t see her throwing any punches for unborn children of late-term abortion. I don’t even see her throwing punches for the homeless children of drug-addicted parents in her district.

And let’s not even talk about how Pelosi’s supporters are the biggest advocates for kindness, inclusion and anti-bullying our sweet, young babes in schools-on the surface, anyway. As long as our little young’uns all go along with the program. If they don’t, throw punches. Pull their hair out. Kick their asses!

This is not the first time Democrats threw children into the mix. Remember Obama’s “Children of the Future?” Instead of cute kids singing a song, Democrats are “throwing punches” for them. What the heck? Burn someone’s house down, for the children. Destroy someone’s property, for the children. Abort children, for the children. Let perverted deviants donate to your campaigns, for the children. Destroy the economy, the concept of family values, character and grit, for the children. Harass people and call them names because their beliefs do not align with yours, for the children. Take away all independence, free thought and a child’s sense of humor-for the children, of course.

Speaking of punch, we think Nancy has partaken of too much of the punch, if you know what we mean. We don’t see her throwing any at anyone-unless it’s more rum into that bowl. She’s too punchy to do much else. But Pelosi may be on to something.

Behold, the new DNC slogan for 2020: “Democrats 2020. Throwing Punches For The Children.”

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