Psaki’s Shameful Refusal To Condemn Protests At Justices Homes

Psaki’s Shameful Refusal To Condemn Protests At Justices Homes

Psaki’s Shameful Refusal To Condemn Protests At Justices Homes

The WH is covering itself with glory these days. At issue is the Jen Psaki’s shameful refusal to condemn protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices.

As Deanna wrote yesterday, a group of protestors has specifically targeted the homes of the Supreme Court justices who are listed on the DRAFT of the potential Dobbs vs Mississippi ruling. 

It’s been fascinating to watch and see how many on all sides of the aisle insist that Roe v Wade is settled law legalizing abortion on the federal level. When it isn’t. Furthermore, there is no federal law in place!

So, the shameful insistence by politicians and media that women will die because of a possible ruling is solely to stoke the flames of those on the fringe. Elizabeth, Not an Indian, Warren nearly blew blood vessels with her screeching diatribe the other day. It was awesomely cringy. 

Meanwhile, supposedly, with Chuck Schumer in the lead, there’s a chance for federal legislation otherwise women’s choice will disappear completely. 

The impending ruling could significantly change the midterm campaign conversation that currently favors Republicans. The big issue up to this point has been rising consumer prices, including for gasoline and groceries. Despite significant gains in employment during Joe Biden’s presidency, inflation has become a key issue for voters unhappy with his presidency. The fight over abortion rights likely won’t surpass economic concerns but it will move quickly up the charts now that there is a direct threat to reproductive freedom. GOP candidates who want to talk about inflation will be forced to explain their hostility to privacy, which will not be easy to do for a party that espouses personal freedom.

The emergence of the abortion rights fight could also cure the case of apathy that now afflicts the Democratic base.

First, the supposed employment gains won’t move the needle as inflation is at a 40 year high and is slated to continue rising.

Secondly, as we keep reiterating, this draft advocates to move abortion law BACK to where it belongs, the state level. Women want to keep their “reproductive freedom” intact? Work with your state legislature to get it done. Or just continue to whine about the lack of plans on the federal level.

While Democrat after Democrat has cried out over the possibility a conservative Supreme Court could eviscerate abortion rights, strategists say little is being offered in terms of a clear way to fight back.

Some also say the party wasn’t ready for something that was clearly coming down the pike.

“Why are we so behind the curve on this? Where is the plan? We knew this was coming in theory since Coney Barrett joined the court, and in practice since December,” said Democratic strategist Christy Setzer.

“I don’t want to hear empty rhetoric about how ‘we won’t go back,’ I want to hear that there is a legislative or federal plan to change things,” she added.

Going back to the previous quote. The hard left Democrats want action by Congress to have the right to abortion from conception to birth federalized. So much so that they will make hateful statements on social media and happily protest when and where they can without regard to the consequences. Which, in Virginia is a crime. 

When faced with questions about the planned protests, the WH shameful refusal to disavow those protests gives encouragement to the hard left. 

Jen Psaki, by her statements, is definitely a fan of these protests. 

She didn’t outright condemn these planned protests. Which is an implicit ‘silence is consent’ action here. Furthermore, Jen went on to claim all of this is a distraction. 

Please pay attention to the draft, ignore that it was leaked, and by all means, conduct your protest in any manner you wish! Psaki, the WH, and Biden won’t say a word!

We are supposed to believe that the group sending protestors to the homes of SCOTUS justices will be peaceful and they’ll only be wandering the streets kind of near their homes. Except that putting a GPS pin in place DOES give the addresses! Yet Biden tells us that MAGA folks are the extremists??

Jen Psaki and the White House silence on this is shameful. It’s abhorrent. But Jen doesn’t care if the protests are violent or ‘fiery but mostly peaceful. She’s stepping down, so it’s Margarita time for her before she starts her new gig at MSNBC!

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  • Cameron says:

    Given what happened in Kenosha a while back, I don’t think the rioters are going to have an easy time any more.

  • Cujo says:

    Now that they’ve set the precedent, I’m not sure how happy they’ll be when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • Wes Dorman says:

      The problem is that while the Merrick Garland “Justice” Department and FIB won’t do jack here despite a federal law that prevents this type of intimidation, if the right does anything similar they will have the book thrown at them.

  • SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    An interesting message the Left is sending with the protests at the homes of the Justices. We know where you live, and if you do not change your vote, and allow us to continue to kill fetuses, we can arrange for violence to be delivered to you and your family.

  • bflat879 says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I’ve always believed a compromise was available on this issue and both sides voted to have the issue instead. The law the abortion people chose to attack was one that put restrictions on abortions at 15 weeks. The vast majority of women are suspicious they’re pregnant at 6 weeks, which gives them 9 weeks to get a test and, if desired, an abortion. This wasn’t good enough for the abortion people who have been pushing the envelope, since Obama came to office, for abortion up until crowning. I believe the Texas law was way too restrictive, at 5 weeks, but that is something that could be changed by people with the political will. So, returning all of this to the states would be a good thing. Most people believe Roe was a poor decision which brought about less clarity on the issue and forced the polarization of the groups. It’s been a 50 year battle with neither side willing to give up the issue. Now, if this decision goes through, they’ll have to give it up soon and fight it at the state level, where everyone has more control. So, this decision, again if it goes through, will force this issue to be settled and the Democrats, by their actions, will not look like heroes, when this is over.

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