Propaganda Specialist Brian Stelter Breathless Again

Propaganda Specialist Brian Stelter Breathless Again

Propaganda Specialist Brian Stelter Breathless Again

Since the selection of FICUS Biden, CNN has been unable to continue their 24/7 harangues about Donald Trump and The Deplorables. Hence, a ratings fall off of epic proportions. Tater Stelter, the Master of Mendacity and Prince of Projection, is trying to make this 2016 all over again.

Pot calls Kettle “Propaganda”

Stelter isn’t anything but predicable anytime President Trump breathes in public:

“Our country will not survive this.”

I watched Donald Trump’s entire “interview” with One America News propagandist Dan Ball, and that’s the quote that stood out the most.

Isn’t Tater just the cutest thing? From the precious scare quotes to the claim of propagandist, Stelter packs a 55-gallon drum of bile into a mere 28 words.


Tater sees “signs”, you know. He is so emotionally aroused by the sight of Trump in any public setting he can’t wait to emote on how horrible Trump is, including the half of America that dares to dissent from Progressive Truth™. Tater decries The Big Lie that 2020 wasn’t the most Transparent.And.Fair.Election.EVAH. — never mind Hillary has never accepted Trump as a legitimate President — and claims any criticism of Biden’s wholesale erasing of the nation’s border is the raaaacist. He even sees voter integrity projects as insidious. And after all this dabbling in creative writing, Tater declares:

These are all signs of the gathering storm.

Oh, Brian, honey, stop seeing LiteralHitler™ in every non-leftist. You’re no Winston Churchill.

Leftist Power =/= Democracy

One of the most annoying tics of the Left and its apparatchiks is the claim that they alone get to define democracy.

The “right-wing media, with a few honorable exceptions, is one giant safe space for the Big Lie,” historian and “On Tyranny” author Timothy Snyder told me. So the reality-based press needs to make “democracy the story,” he said, because elements of the GOP are actively working to subvert future elections through laws, regulations and propaganda efforts.

Trump’s election, and the enthusiasm that lead to his getting 17 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016, scares the deewadiddle out of the Leftist Ruling class and its Vichy Republican junior partners. We have and will continue to see even more cries, and actions, to gut both the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment from Tater and others.

Brian Stelter said that we need to control the spread of disinformation. But don’t call it censorship. Or even cancel culture. Rather, call it “harm reduction.”

Left Propaganda still won’t deal with why Trump won

Of course, the great censorship via BigTech of President Trump, social media mobs succeeding in getting non-leftists fired, and the Soviet-style show-trials of the Jan 6 FBI Riot, hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for The Donald. Indeed, it seems to have increased it.

According to Rasmussen, in a head-to-empty-head contest between President Trump and that desiccated old weirdo, Trump has a 10-point edge. He’s 12-points over Kamala, who will probably run in 2024 since * is likely to be sent off to a farm upstate with Major the Dog.

So, does this mean Trump will run in 2024?

Well, it sure as heck makes it more likely.

Simply put, is that at least half the country is tired of being ruled by politicians who feel they alone know what’s “best” for everyone else. Trump’s obvious flaws are secondary to his willingness to represent, and fight for, the people who want to be left alone. Washington, DC, is little more than every toxic HOA you’ve ever heard of inflated to Godzilla-like proportions.

Whether Trump runs in 2024 or moves into position as the proverbial King-maker, is a serious discussion for another column. However, the Left tends to overplay their hand when their power is threatened and you are now witnessing the viciousness towards anyone that dares disagree with one jot or tittle of their agenda. Prevaricator Psaki is quite open about a figurative social media “death penalty” for any speech Democrats find less than full-throated enthusiasm for them.

When Tater, et al, cry Propaganda!, realize it is more a confession than a claim.

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  • Cameron says:

    I feel sorry for the noble potato being compared to that person.

  • Scott says:

    Hey Darleen, don’t pick on poor little tater, he is at least partially right, there are signs of a gathering storm.. the storm of patriots realizing that the left is attempting to steal / destroy their country, and beginning to rise up to prevent that from happening.. Sadly, it seem that the only way out of this mess created by good people seeing evil and doing nothing is for the tree of liberty to be watered.. and right about now, it’s looking damn thirsty!

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