Pot Kettle: Biden Warns That Trump Will Change U.S. Character

Pot Kettle: Biden Warns That Trump Will Change U.S. Character

Pot Kettle: Biden Warns That Trump Will Change U.S. Character

In a massive case of Pot meet Kettle,  Joe Biden is now warning us that our national character will be forever changed if Trump wins in 2020.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his “No Malarkey” bus tour on Saturday by warning a crowd in Iowa that President Trump would “change the character” of the U.S. if he were to stay in the White House for eight years.

“We can overcome four years of Donald Trump, but eight years will literally, literally begin to change the character of this nation, and we cannot let that happen,” Biden said, echoing a theme of his 2020 presidential campaign. “We cannot let that happen.””

Forget pot meet kettle. Joe “Malarkey” Biden steps on a very big rake here.

Let’s talk about the transformation and character changes we’ve seen since 2008 shall we? It started with good ole Hope and Change Obama himself. We knew things were going to change, and not for the better when he accepted the Democrat nomination in Denver in the middle of a carnival Greek columned atmosphere at Mile High Stadium. Just how much things would change? More than anyone of us would realize.


That horrendous bill rammed through without any discussion, without any opportunity to read the damned thing, and without any opportunity to offer amendments. Far too many people I know, including some of our writers, watched in horror as their premiums climbed so high, it was a better solution for them to go without health insurance. Furthermore, many have lost their doctors, more than once, due to the regulations embedded in the 2,300 pages of regulatory crap disguised as better health insurance for all.

Now we have the leftist Democrat candidates for President pushing socialized medicine on a grand scale. It’s like they took a look at Obamacare and said, ‘that wasn’t good enough,‘ let’s MAKE people have zero choice for doctors, hospitals, medicines and more. How? Tax the hell out of everything!


That Russian reset you were part of along with Hillary is going so well isn’t it? Russia tried to roll over Ukraine and Obama said “meh.” Remember when Obama told Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the 2012 election? I do. What kind of flexibility was it? Lots of pen and phone legislation, an absolute reluctance to hold to his “red line” regarding Syria, and ignoring Russia’s well-documented efforts to sway the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton.


Joe Biden has a problem regarding that. A big one involving his own efforts at quid pro quo and Hunter Biden’s shenanigans.

Biden bragging about planning to withhold promised US funds to Ukraine unless a prosecutor looking into Burisma and Hunter Biden shows quite a lot of “character” doesn’t it?

Let’s talk additional changes in the character of these United States shall we?

  • Fast and Furious
  • IRS targeting Tea Party
  • OPM data breach
  • Veterans dying at VA hospitals
  • Hillary Clinton and her private servers
  • Benghazi
  • Green Energy Loans
  • media spying
  • Ferguson


What kind of character did it take for the Obama Administration to sneakily enter into talks with Iran and then reward that country with pallets of cash flown to them in the middle of the night? The Obama Administration, Joe included, KNEW that this was a deal that would never work because of Iran’s history, and did it anyway. Why? LEGACY!!

Takes boatloads of character to enter into deals that will harm the US doesn’t it?

But Biden wants us to realize that his campaign is about the TRUTH

Joe Biden spent eight years in the Obama Administration. An Administration that was everything BUT truthful. Joe wants us to be concerned that the character of this nation will change for the worse under four more years of Trump.

Joe hopes that we will all forget that he played a huge role in fundamentally transforming the character of this Republic for the worse from 2008-2016.

Feature Photo Credit: The White House [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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