Poland Bravely Bucks the EU, Says No to Refugees [VIDEO]

Poland Bravely Bucks the EU, Says No to Refugees [VIDEO]

Poland Bravely Bucks the EU, Says No to Refugees [VIDEO]

Europe is having a bit of a problem with terrorism these days. From the recent attack in Manchester, to Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, and Brussels, Europeans are reeling.

Now the European Union wants to spread some of the fear around. They want to disperse about 160,000 refugees to Poland and Hungary, and those nations are giving a big thumbs down to that idea. Poland in particular is digging in its heels.

Notice what’s different between Poland and the rest of western Europe? Click to enlarge.

Okay, said EU hardliners to the Poles. Wanna play that way? We’ll cut off EU funds. But Konrad Symański, the Polish Europe Minister, told the EU that plans to disperse that number of refugees is “not implementable.” Furthermore, that EU money is self-serving for Germans, Italian, and French investors, anyway.

In addition to that tough stand by Symański, Polish Prime Minister Beata Syzdło addressed her nation’s parliament about the refugee issue. Calling it “Brussels elites’ folly,” she blasted the EU. And she minced no words, either.

Poland, of course, is no stranger to terror and fear. Germany invaded Poland in 1939, setting off World War II. And why did Germany invade? Why, Hitler wanted Lebensraum — “living space” — for the German people. Does this sound vaguely familiar to Islamism today? Caliphate, anyone?

Nevertheless, brave Poles tried to throw off Nazi oppression in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Ultimately, the uprising failed, and it led to a Russian takeover of Poland. Poor Poland was then run under the thumb of communism until 1989. For decades Poles lived in this Workers’ Paradise:

It was a land of product-free stores,

And drab, lifeless cities.

And a constant threat of violence. Yes, the Polish people are way too familiar with oppression.

So can anyone blame the Poles for saying “Nie!” — No! to the threat of Islamism?  Nie! to terror attacks and sharia law causing havoc in their land? On the contrary, the Poles are acting like a normal nation — looking out for their own security, despite the EU’s attempt to bring them into their cultural suicide pact.

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  • Merle says:

    Glad to see that at least SOME parts of europe still have a backbone.


  • Kevin R says:

    I hope Poland and Hungary don’t back down.
    BUT – don’t be surprised if the EU under cloak and darkness attempt to smuggle them into their countries anyway.

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