Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice

Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice

Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice

The Philadelphia riots have zero to do with Walter Wallace, the victim who was shot by police after menacing them with a knife. These riots are useful opportunities for thugs to loot and destroy businesses and the city.

“Protesters looted stores and scuffled with police late Tuesday in a second night of street protests over the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man, during a confrontation more than 24 hours earlier.

Local television and news websites showed looters entering stores in the Port Richmond neighborhood, northeast of the city center, while officers struggled with protesters in the heart of West Philadelphia, where Mr. Wallace was killed on Monday afternoon after approaching police officers with a knife.”

Further along in the article, the New York Times attempts to tell us, that this is just another instance of national demonstrations demanding justice, this time for Walter Wallace. A “demonstration” doesn’t end with people injured and hospitalized.

“Thirty police officers were injured during violent protests Monday night, including a female officer who suffered a broken leg after being hit by a car.”

That female officer wasn’t gently tapped by a car, she was targeted and run over. The violence was bad enough on Monday night. Tuesday it got even worse. Philadelphia Police sent out numerous alerts, such as this one. 

“*Alert* A large crowd of appx 1000 is looting businesses in the area of Castor and Aramingo. Avoid the area”

What kind of looting? This kind. 

Walmart was looted multiple times in the last two nights, as well as Rite Aid and a store that had just reopened three weeks ago after being destroyed by riots earlier this summer. 

But this is about JUSTICE! JOBS! FOOD! 

Those TV’s sure are nutritious!

What Marc fails to realize, or refuses to realize, is that all those Philadelphia businesses that were just looted, including a significant number of small businesses will NOT be providing jobs for quite some time because of the rioting thugs. What Marc doesn’t understand is that the destruction of businesses that has been happening since the end of May will ensure that goods and services won’t be available to ANYONE and communism didn’t have a damned thing to do with this. 

I guess it’s all ok though. You see, the Governor believes all of the destruction in Philadelphia is very “peaceful” destruction.

In the name of Justice or something, other cities had their own versions of quiet demonstrations take place last night. 


““Burn the precinct to the ground, every city, every town!” the group, mainly clad in black, chanted as they marched near Boerum Place and Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

Near Willoughby and Jay streets, several protesters chucked rocks and bottles at police officers, sources said. Others in the group wielded pieces of wood.”

Portland and Seattle (both of whom are dealing with well over 100 days of protests), along with Los Angeles also had very calm riots last night. 

If this was about justice for all, then how come those cordial thugs in Philadelphia went after Orthodox Jews who had shown up in support?

If this was about true justice and trying to keep cities from being destroyed, how come the Biden Campaign used Walter Wallace as a way to fundraise instead of condemning the violence? Because the violence is exactly what they want.

Police lost control of well over four city blocks last night due to the sheer numbers of tranquil thugs who showed up for free washing machines, tv’s, cell phones, clothes, and jewelry all in the name of justice. 

The police had already visited Wallace THREE times the day he went after cops with a knife in his hand. Furthermore, cops had been called to that home regarding Wallace multiple times in the past, so dispatch told the responding officers on Monday to use caution. Wallace also had an extensive criminal history.

“He was arrested in March after he allegedly threatened his child’s mother over the phone, saying “I’ll shoot you and that house up.”

In 2019, he was charged with resisting arrest by “kicking the windows and door panels of a police patrol car.”

In 2016, during a robbery, he allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and held what she believed to be a gun to her head, according to court records.

In 2013, Wallace’s mother had a protective order against him which he allegedly violated when he “threw water in her face and punched her in the face” and “threatened to return and shoot” her, according to court records.”

So again, these very cordial riots and that looting are all in the name of Justice for Walter Wallace. That’s what we are supposed to believe anyway. 

As we’ve stated multiple times, stealing from a business, bashing in windows, setting fires, and causing injury to people isn’t justice and will not solve any real or perceived problems. 

These riots are all about burning cities to the ground, and as long as those in power refuse to stand up to the mobs, the destruction will continue. 

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  • Fyrfighter says:

    The only thing that will stop this is live rounds. the left repeatedly shows that to them, BLM, and Antifa (I know, one in the same), the only “black lives” that matter to them are those of criminals.
    The rioters were even burning churches… just like in every other marxist revolution in history, and make no mistake, that is exactly what this is.

    • GWB says:

      And, important to note, this is a continuation of the marxist revolution begun in the 1950s and initially peaking in the ’60s. The USSR funded and trained it then, and Soros enables it now.

      • Scott says:

        I’d argue that it began in the 30’s or 40’s… many in FDR’s and Trumans admins were communists, doing what they could to undermine our Republic. It’s no coincidence that the Russians got “the bomb” durning Trumans admin…

      • Rick Caird says:

        Until we allow shoot to kill defense of stores being looted their is no risk for looters. Pile on large risk and it will stop.

        I know this is unacceptable to many Americans, but so is rioting and looting. We have ended up with rioting and looting for free stuff. We need to make it expensive.

  • GWB says:

    What Marc fails to realize
    I think you failed to realize Marco is telling the other Twatter that he’s full of crap blaming the rioting on poverty and an ‘inadequate’ minimum wage. He’s saying these people are not waiting in lines – like they do in Communist countries.

    No, these riots aren’t about justice. Nor are they about poverty or racism. Nor even police brutality.
    They are about people with aimless lives who have been told for a very long time (perhaps their entire lives) that some other person/group is responsible for the pointlessness of said lives and have now been given free rein – nay, even encouraged – to express that in rage at everyone who has accomplished anything or represents “society” in any way.

    And, as the adrenaline rushes through their body, you can practically see the devil whispering in their ear, “See? That feels GOOD, doesn’t it?”

    • Scott says:

      Interesting that none of this happens in RED areas.. could that be because if they tried this rioting crap where people believe in the Constitution and own firearms, that it would go VERY poorly for them… Imagine that…

  • cjrian says:

    Want to see what happens after riots like these?
    I lived in the Detroit Metro area during the ’67 riots, the center of which was on 12th street
    Go to google maps, streetview, and “drive” down 12th (also known as Rosa Parks Blvd) from Finkel to the Detroit River.
    This street, prior to the riots was wall to wall small businesses. 52 years later, it is still a virtual desert. Oh, there’s a clinic here and a small office there, but other than that – nothing. People used to get their shoes, clothes, groceries, paint, everything. Now nothing

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  • Teresa says:

    Port Richmond is a largely white area (76%) which partly explains why these thugs rioted there. West Philadelphia is largely black. PR has many stores because it a safer area for those stores to be located. Now everyone who lives there will have to deal with the engineered fallout due to these riots. I would also point people to and the work of Heather MacDonald who covers policing and crime issues. She stated in one article that blacks call the police 7 times more often than whites do. This case is like many others where a black man with anger or mental issues threatens his family, who call the cops and then ends up getting shot because he threatens the police. We need tougher laws to deal with the violent and violent mentally ill.

  • Joe R. says:

    F’every blakkuudie

    indigo tass

    Witsumptin Shaaap’n HEVEE

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