People are losing their minds over Disney’s newly debuted Trump-bot

People are losing their minds over Disney’s newly debuted Trump-bot

People are losing their minds over Disney’s newly debuted Trump-bot

When I was at Disney World in October of this year, nobody was allowed to visit the Hall of Presidents– an auditorium attraction where robot versions of the American presidents give speeches– because it was being updated to include Donald Trump. Well, as of yesterday, it’s up and running again and the robot version of our newest POTUS has made its debut… but people have noticed a problem.

And that problem is obsessed with pantsuits.

Yep. It looks like Hillary.

As hysterical or frightening as it is to see Hillary’s face in such an unexpected place, just take comfort in knowing that her face on the Trump robot is the closest she will come to being POTUS.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I stop to remember how we were saved from Hillary, my mood improves regardless of what I was feeling before. It’s so nice to stop and remember that Hillary is not POTUS.

Hillary is not the president!

Hillary is not the president!!!

Still, now we have to deal with the existence of this weird Trump-Hillary chimera. How on earth could the people responsible for this robot think their design was a good idea? Did they think we would all go along with saying it looks like Trump? It very clearly has Hillary’s eyes, and the profile of the robot is immediately recognizable as Hillary’s profile.

As far-fetched as it sounds, I wonder if the people who say the designers of the robot probably had a Hillary face ready to go after the election are correct. That seems like the most logical explanation for the robot. The second most logical explanation is that Disney designers were so distraught at Hillary’ loss of the election that they unconsciously modeled Trump’s face to look like hers. Or maybe they did it on purpose to troll Trump. Who knows?

The Trump-bot may look like Hillary, but people are freaking out about it for non-Hillary-related reasons also. A lot of people think it’s creepy in general:

And yet, there are some who say that, despite the Trump-bot being so creepy, it’s still preferable over the real Trump:

Way to be dramatic!

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  • GWB says:

    It is entirely possible they were mocking up a Hillary image when the election happened. It’s also possible that they just suck at modeling faces.
    Take a look at those other presidents behind The Donald. With the exception of Grant and Lincoln… They. All. Look. The. Same. They just have different hair. And I think it’s possible that Lincoln is the same, too, but with a beard. I noticed that when I was there decades ago.
    (BTW, Reagan looked funky, too, when he was new.)

    No indication yet as to whether the robot will do its namesake proud by slandering HRC, Obama, the FBI and the NFL.
    Ummmm, you have to have a good reputation that can be diminished before you can count it as slander. Oh, and slander has to be un-truthful. None of the entities you mention qualifies under either element.

  • MikeyParks says:

    Anyone who thinks Disney is a first-rate organization obviously hasn’t seen this monstrosity. Spend a buck you tools! Madame Tussaud would be laughed out of France if she put something like that in her museum.

  • GTB says:

    This is so bad that even Churchill finally happy with his official portrait.

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