Parents: Eight-Year-Old Son is a Trans Girl, Sue Private School Saying, “Accommodate Us!”

Parents: Eight-Year-Old Son is a Trans Girl, Sue Private School Saying, “Accommodate Us!”

Parents: Eight-Year-Old Son is a Trans Girl, Sue Private School Saying, “Accommodate Us!”

A California couple has filed a complaint this week with their son’s private school. Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar say Heritage Oak Private School advertised itself as “nondiscriminatory” but then refused to treat their daughter, Nicole (Nikki) Brar, in accordance with her gender identity.

“Nikki” was born a male and at seven years old, decided that he was decidedly female after watching his mother fix her hair and make-up. According to Buzzfeed:

“They said that we could grow her hair out but they said no girls bathroom, no female pronouns, no girls name, and no girls uniform.”

Heritage Oak School boasts tuition that rivals some yearly tuition rates of some in-state colleges and universities. We’re talking close to $16,000 a year per student. From the complaint filed by the Shah-Bhars:

“It is a scientific truth that, for certain children, their inner sense of themselves—their gender identity—does not correspond to the sex assigned to them at birth.”

Kerry Owens, a spokeswoman Pennsylvania-based parent company of Heritage, Nobel Learning, issued a statement on Thursday mentioning the company and school is working to hire a consultant to work with the Shah-Brars in order to provide accommodations for their 8 year-old child.

I am a firm believer of leaving the child out of this equation in these arguments. If “Nikki” feels like a girl all of the time, I am sure her feelings are not an act of whimsy. I also do not feel that it’s fair in these discussions to tear children down for feeling this way and I think the Conservative agenda would be a lot better for it if we left children out of this argument. We need to zone-in on these parents, however.

A recent bill in Canada allowing state agencies to prevent families that will not affirm a child’s chosen “gender identity” from adopting or providing foster care to children. The bill’s chief advocate thinks that it is “child abuse” to deny a child’s chosen gender identity.

Is it child abuse to deny a child his or her gender identity if it is different than his or her biological identity? Or is it child abuse to indulge a child’s gender identity through lawsuits? While Heritage Oak School is working with Nikki’s parents to accommodate their child by hiring an outside consultant (they have accommodated an older trans child in the past successfully), they are also working to accommodate other children who attend the school (whose parents also pay a hefty 16-grand a year to send their little darlings off for a private school education). Despite all of this, in the name of political correctness and a social agenda, this child is thrown into the spotlight via a lawsuit because mom and dad love their child and want to indulge his desire to be female and do not have enough patience to ride things out nor do they have enough consideration for the impact on the other families. They are teaching their child that if life does not go his/her way, to file a lawsuit! They are teaching their child that “she” is the only one who matters in this equation and not other children who may not understand just yet at eight years of age what it means to have a transgendered classmate who uses the boys’ restroom one day and the girls’ the next. Nope. Let’s just jump into lawsuit mode, they say, because their child is “depressed” and thinking of “self harm”. Again, whose responsibility is to protect a child from self-harm regardless of gender assignment and “identity”? I’ll take the parents for my final answer!

How will “Nikki” mature from her parents’ lawsuit? We do not know. It’s apparent that they will move the sun and the moon for “her” in the name of her “courage” to come out as a trans-girl. So much so, they are willing to file a lawsuit to make sure that everyone conforms to their ideals. Take that, Heritage Oak School! We’ll show you, you bigots! What self-indulgent parents (of children any age and gender persuasion) do not realize is that it is not up to the schools to offer their child a “safe space” and a sense of inclusion. That’s their job. If your child wants to “harm” him/herself, then it’s up to YOU, as a PARENT to address that and a hefty lawsuit is not going to fix any of that. What these parents do not realize is that stamping their feet and demanding all see things their way does not work nor will it ever work in the real world. It has become about them and flexing their political muscles and not their child. They’re the victims. All while their child is confused as all get-out. This is what self-indulgent people do and why we are now in the predicament that we are in. What they do not see is how their behavior shapes and impacts their children from an early age. That, there, is a “scientific truth”.

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  • Scott says:

    I’m sorry, this may not be a popular opinion, but there’s a reason that “transgender” used to be classified as a mental disorder. There is no scientific / genetic basis for such claims, just that these people “feel” that way.. all kids or at least most go through some fantasy / confused phase.. some think they’re animals ( my son was convinced he was a chimp for a couple months) It seems that while parents should give their kids room to “find themselves” , they should NOT feed into a mental disorder. If their son decided he was a dog after watching their poodle getting groomed, would they be as “supportive”? It truly seems that the inmates are now running the asylum…

  • Kate says:

    Child abuse.

  • Max says:

    ^1: spot on. It still is a mental disorder, as Bruce Jenner and others demonstrate.

  • GWB says:

    If “Nikki” feels like a girl all of the time, I am sure her feelings are not an act of whimsy.

    His feelings in this case are almost certainly an act of whimsy.

    because mom and dad love their child

    No, they don’t. At best, he is a social accessory for them, and his “gender confusion” is a way for them to virtue signal. At worst, they actually don’t believe that biological facts are determinative*. Either way, they are dooming their child to a lifetime of confusion, pain and statistically suicide.

    (* I see these parents as definitely less intelligent than the couple who have had their children removed for their “low IQ”, if they truly believe the post-modern gender bullcrap.)

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    XX or XY.

    It’s a totally binary, biological (e.g., scientific) distinction. You are one or you are the other. There are no other combinations.

    Pretty clear-cut. No way to biologically slice it any other way…

    …other than to stubbornly and petulantly be a…..

    Science Denier

    • GWB says:

      Actually, there are other combinations. And they all are genetic abnormalities leading to problems with the person bearing those chromosomes. I know of one person who is “trans” who was actually born with both sets of genitalia.
      But, these people are even rarer than the rest of the “trans”.

  • GWB says:

    And, of course, in all this, there is the fundamental problem of a single family wanting a company/group to move heaven and earth to make sure their spoiled offspring is “accommodated”. I have to admit my first response would have been “Here’s a list of other private schools, and the number for the local public school registration office.”

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