#Mueller Requests Documents From White House on Flynn [VIDEO]

#Mueller Requests Documents From White House on Flynn [VIDEO]

#Mueller Requests Documents From White House on Flynn [VIDEO]

In an interesting turn of events yesterday special counsel Robert Mueller requested documents on ousted former National Security advisor Michael Flynn in hopes of better understanding Flynn’s connections with the Turkish government. The question at hand is whether or not Flynn was secretly paid by the Turkish government in the last months of the Presidential campaign. This is not an official subpoena but a request. What makes it intriguing is that this is the first time Mueller has directly asked the Trump White House for information or documentation in this investigation.

According to the New York Times, the focus of Mueller’s interest is the relationship between Mr. Flynn and a Turkish-American businessman named Ekim Alptekin who worked with Mr. Flynn and his consulting group, Flynn Intel Group, in 2016.

“The company was paid $530,000 to run a campaign to discredit an opponent of the Turkish government who has been accused of orchestrating last year’s failed coup in the country.

Investigators want to know if the Turkish government was behind those payments — and if the Flynn Intel Group made kickbacks to the businessman, Ekim Alptekin, for helping conceal the source of the money.”

Though Mueller had previously looked into Flynn’s Turkish connection, the request for documentation implies that he has moved on to full fledged investigation of Flynn’s involvement with the Turks.

The focus of this investigation is the flow of funds from the Turkish government to Mr. Flynn’s company, and whether or not Mr. Flynn followed the disclosure laws when he was selected as President Trump’s National Security Adviser. If Flynn failed to register as an agent of a foreign government, for instance, that would be a breach of the disclosure laws and could he could be prosecuted for that. If he passed the payment from the Turkish government through another entity in order to conceal its genesis and giving kickbacks to a middleman, that would also be a breach of the law and Flynn could be guilty of multiple felonies.

Former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn

Also of interest to the special counsel is a data mining company called the White Canvas Group, which happened to share office space with Flynn’s organization. White Canvas Group is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica which some have implied might have influenced the recent Brexit vote in Great Britain. Flynn’s relationship with the company seems to have attracted Mueller’s attention since the Trump transition team paid the company $250, 000  for “Unspecified services”. This came to light when Flynn was forced out of his position as National Security Adviser since the company was involved with Flynn’s efforts for his Turkish clients.

Ekim Alptekin

Frankly knowing how those in the media and their pals in the Democrat elite feel about the Brexit vote (RACIST!), and how they feel about conservatives who supported Trump, I am honestly wondering if there is any fire where so many in the media claim to see smoke. After all Cambridge Analytica is also “heavily funded by” the family of Robert Mercer, who is a hedge fund manager and Trump supporter. Steve Bannon was also a Vice President of Cambridge Analytica prior to his leaving to join Trump’s campaign.

Presidential Adviser, Steve Bannon

As the investigation proceeds, it should be interesting to see not only what happens, but how those in the media portray it. I am expecting more Orwellian insanity personally. I guess only time will tell whether there is an inferno at the bottom of the media’s smoke storm or if there is nothing to see.

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