OR Candidate Mark Roberts Called Melania Trump A Prostitute, Twitter Says So What? [VIDEO]

OR Candidate Mark Roberts Called Melania Trump A Prostitute, Twitter Says So What? [VIDEO]

OR Candidate Mark Roberts Called Melania Trump A Prostitute, Twitter Says So What? [VIDEO]

Twitter can be fun and in some cases it has been a great source of help. We’ve also seen some very sweet and/or crazy moments as well. Then there are those who enjoy living in the gutter. Mark Roberts, Independent candidate for Congress in Oregon, jumped on Twitter yesterday and vomited forth a pile of sewage directed at Melania Trump. 

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk tweeted this:

Great point, right? I mean, here was Michelle paying 44 staffers with our money to plan all those star-studded “LOOK AT ME!!!” events at the White House. Melania Trump, on the other hand, is managing very well with only FIVE staffers. That’s terrific!

Unless you are a guttersnipe named Mark Roberts. His response to Charlie?

Yes, ladies and gents, this presumptive candidate for Congress literally called the First Lady a prostitute. What. A. Classy. Guy.

Understandably, people started calling him out:


Yeah. Jack, would you term that as “healthy?” I wouldn’t. Not by a long shot. Roberts, however, seems to think he is all that and then some, as he kept digging:


Congressman Kevin McCarthy had this to say:

This is a guy who is running for a national office. This is a guy who wants to represent a significant portion of Oregon.

Exactly. Is this REALLY who the voters in OR-2 want to see in Washington D.C.? Then again, his credentials are, ummm…interesting. Seems he tried to audition for Full Metal Jacket, was a contestant on The Dating Game at one point, is an “expert” Windsurfer, and is self-employed but between opportunities right now. His campaign platforms are something else. The following is gleaned from his campaign FAQ’s page:

  • In regards to being a Constitutionalist or not, Roberts tells us “don’t talk about judicial power unless you understand Marbury vs Madison.” But he’s not an attorney, guys, just well versed in litigation.
  • Before taking the no-fossil-fuels pledge, he wants to figure out how to get the “no coal pledge” going. Considering that coal IS a fossil fuel…
  • He believes the Iran Deal was a “good deal!”
  • Meanwhile, if elected, his job is to be head cheerleader and help make Oregon’s dreams come true. And he believes Jerry Brown is a closet conservative!!
  • As for healthcare? He doesn’t care how we pay for it. Bernie will LOVE to hear that!

Once Bernie finishes his “Blame the Koch Brothers” gambit, maybe he needs to plan a campaign stop with Mark. I’d pay tickets for that show!

Yes, folks, if you dare, peruse the rest of his campaign website. It’s mega popcorn-worthy!

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out for comment and this was his happy dance reply:

“Sorry Nick never heard of The Daily Caller. I think I’m too big for you, but feel free to send me a link to some of your work,” he replied.

Mark Roberts decided yesterday to call Melania Trump a prostitute and then doubled down. In fact, he thinks sewage like this is funny. Now he is celebrating the fact that Twitter didn’t ban him!

Yeah, ummm, dude? You really don’t Constitution well, do you?

What Roberts tweeted about Melania Trump is reprehensible. He, nor anyone else, should say or tweet something like that about ANY woman—even Michelle Obama or Hillary. Twitter has banned conservatives such as Kathleen McKinley for her opposition to honor killings and trans troops, and shadow banned others. Yet Mark Roberts has a blue check mark and gets to continue dumping sewage out for all to see.

Twitter essentially just said, So What? to what Mark Roberts spewed. However, if Mark had said the SAME EXACT THINGS about Michelle Obama? Twitter would’ve dropped the Ban Hammer immediately.

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  • Scott says:

    Seems that’s a pretty clear case of libel, and Mrs. Trump should proceed with a defamation suit post haste….See if this jackwagon is laughing then… and yeah, farcebook / twitter is just that, a leftist propaganda organ, nothing more…

  • Slow Joe Crow says:

    The upside is he’s running for district 2 which is the Conservative side of the state, against the only Republican congressman from Oregon. I think Greg Walden will trounce him in November.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Nobody ever got OUT of trouble by posting on Twitter.

  • marks mom says:

    well Mark Roberts probably knows hookers intimately – i mean only only has to look at this mother to see he has had 1st hand experience in the field all his life

  • Sarina says:

    What a detestable, reprehensible, filthy pig! And this is a democrat running for public office.

    Hey, Oregon! Look at what you’re doing to yourselves! Disgusting pig!

    Patriots, leave Twitter; leave Facebook.

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