On Day 6 of the #IranProtests Major “Women’s Rights” Organizations Remain Silent

On Day 6 of the #IranProtests Major “Women’s Rights” Organizations Remain Silent

On Day 6 of the #IranProtests Major “Women’s Rights” Organizations Remain Silent

By now you may have seen photos and videos like these leaking out of Iran:

You get the picture. And that, my dear friends, is what true feminism looks like. It’s bravery in the face of the full brute force of an oppressive autocracy. It’s knowing that engaging in civil disobedience could literally cost you your life, but having the intestinal fortitude to go forth anyway. That’s the reality that women—and all of those engaging in the protests—are facing right now in Iran. And, if reports are accurate with regard to arrests, it’s a reality that very well may end with the taking of their lives.

But not everyone is expressing support, including the very organizations and so-called “feminists” that profess to stand for women’s rights. They include:

The epitome of cognitive dissonance: “Feminists” marching against perceived “oppression” while draping themselves in the very symbol of same. (Photo Credit: Daily Wire)

Click on the links and you’ll find…crickets. Yep. Not one peep of support for those risking their lives to fight true oppression. Just tone-deaf swipes at Donald Trump, and a couple of retweets of others’ feckless words from the fraud that is Linda Sarsour. Why, it’s almost as if organizations like the Women’s March (which consists solely of conformity-demanding Leftists, mind you) are nothing but propaganda tools for spreading misinformation and, with regard to Linda Sarsour, oppressive Sharia Law, veiled in the false premise that donning the hijab in “solidarity” somehow equates to “liberty,” that somehow draping oneself in the very symbol of oppression fights oppression. It’s a lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the deafening silence coming from these so-called “women’s right” organizations should tell us all we need to know about just how dedicated they are to women’s rights when actually handed the chance to stand. Which is precisely zero given the silence emanating from their social media accounts.

Indeed. No, “feminists” are too busy attempting to brainwash our young girls with nonsense like Hijab Barbies and World Hijab Day. Hand in hand with their useful idiot dhimmis—who think hijabs are oh so hip ‘n cool—they’re busy engaging in cultural jihad via normalizing extremism and oppression, while keeping young women ignorant to the brutal ramifications of violating Islamic law in the Muslim world. No, the hijab is not a choice in any Middle East nation, despite what feminist propagandists assert. It’s compulsory, enforced by the heavy hand of barbaric “morality police,” and the consequences for violations are severe.

So, you ask where I’ll be come January 20th and 21st, Women’s March organizers? Well, while you childish, vapid cowards are marching around in your ludicrous pink hats and whining about some perceived rights you feeeeel you’ve lost under the nonexistent Trumpian patriarchy (newsflash: YOU HAVEN’T), I’ll be standing with the courageous women of Iran, thanks for asking. And so should anyone who truly cares about human rights.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the lot of you to get on board. Because today’s totalitarian feminists are standing hand-in-hand with the Islamofascists, both of which would have us all subjugated to their authority, our freedoms annihilated. And it’s far past time the women of the West recognized that.

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  • Timmy says:

    Feminist’s are actually against this. They love Islam and think the hijab is empowering. Why , I have no idea.

    Also, they don’t care about 3rd world women. They spend all their time being oppressed by air conditioning and lack of work/ life balance.

    • GWB says:

      They don’t really love Islam. They love the enemies of Christianity as the foundation of traditional western civilization. That’s what it’s really all about – destroying the foundation of Western Civ.

  • Scott says:

    ” They love Islam and think the hijab is empowering. Why , I have no idea.”… Because they’re IDIOTS Timmy…. I had to go check out tht twitter link you posted Jodi… pure comic gold!! from the other whiny snowflakes spouting the party line over and over, to the conservatives smacking them down… made me giggle like a little girl!

  • David R Byler says:

    Jodi, some years ago, I shan’t tell you just how long because neither you nor any one can be able to trace her and it is part of my duty as one of the “patriarchy” to protect her, an Iranian woman came to me after church and said “I have come ten thousand miles to be baptized. Will you baptize me?” I shall never forget that moment so long as I have breath. Conversation ensued. I did what I did and still do – baptize people who come to be baptized. There was more, a lot more. In those conversations it came out that it was at the University of Tehran where she had learned about “this Isus.” The “morality police,” who were posted at the University were in the habit of sniffing the girls as as they came into class each day. They would sometimes take a girl away and she would never be heard from again. These police had begun following her. She had found a way out of the country and to America where our encounter took place. My sister was murdered here in the USA by UDBA, Tito’s secret police, so I know something about how foreign police can penetrate America and I have been sensitive to my friend’s privacy. I fear for her security from the present regime in Iran. My fear is real because I am fully aware that they murdered her brother here in the USA to try to get at her. I cannot be convinced that women in Iran have any freedom so long as there is a regime which has morality police who sniff women. I cannot be convinced that any of us are completely free as long as this sort of thing is alive in the world. The so called feminists here have no idea how degrading it must be to be sniffed as though they were a female dog being sniffed by a male dog for such purposes as he might have. I tremble and shudder at the very thought of it. I would not want my wife or any woman I know to be subjected to such. Long live the women of Iran, may freedom be theirs.

    • Jodi says:

      That’s an incredible story, David. Thank you for sharing. Women really need to wake up to the indoctrination. It’s not empowerment; it’s submission.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    It’s always easy to “protest” imaginary oppression than to protest the real thing. All this proves the moral bankruptcy of the likes of Loudmouth Linda Sarsour and her ilk and why nobody should ever take such fools seriously. But the lapdog media will eat up all their BS the next time another March of the Harpies happens.

  • GWB says:

    I know where I’ll be on 21 January. In church for Sanctity of Life Sunday.
    A lot of my compatriots will be in Washington on the 19th for the March For Life.
    On the 20th I’ll probably be doing work around the house – you know, that stuff that keeps the patriarchy going, like house repairs, cleaning the downed limbs out of the yard, taking out the trash……

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