Obama Names Ron Klain, Democrat Party Operative, Ebola Czar

Obama Names Ron Klain, Democrat Party Operative, Ebola Czar

Well, the president has finally done what everyone was saying he should do.

Take leadership? Oh, heavens, no. He appointed an Ebola czar. Meet the new man in charge, Ronald Klain.

Ron Klain, new Ebola cazr
Ron Klain, new Ebola cazr

So, exactly what medical background does Klain have that would qualify him to be the “Ebola czar” for the United States?

If you guessed “exactly zero,” pat yourself on the back.

Klain, a lawyer and former Supreme Court clerk, was part of the team that helped the president prepare for his debates during the 2008 election cycle. He served as chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden until 2011 and served the same role for Vice President Al Gore during the 1990s.
In 2000 Klain helmed Gore’s legal operation overseeing the contentious and lengthy ballot recounts in the all-important Florida presidential contest. He also ran then-Senator John Kerry’s debate preparation team in the 2004 presidential election.
Federal Election Commission records collected by the Center for Responsive Politics show that Klain has donated $17,890 to Democratic candidates and campaign committees.
He gave $1,000 to Barack Obama in 2006 when the president was a U.S. senator who hadn’t yet waded into the White House race.

Among Klain’s major accomplishments in life are hiring noted weasel Jay Carney to be press secretary…

… not to mention loyally serving Al Gore and Joe Biden in the VP chief of staff role.

Well, I for one feel better about this, don’t you???

The explanation coming from loyal Democrat suck ups is that Obama sees the issue as political, not health-related.

Because EVERYTHING is political, all the time. Even a virus is political.

And whatever happened to the woman who was supposed to be in charge of this in the first place???

Dr. Nicole Lurie, who has gone completely MIA, has some problems of her own relating to expenses in HHS in what appeared to be large crony payoff. Is that why Dr. Lurie is nowhere to be found right now?

Regardless, we are now stuck with Ron Klain, who knows zip about medicine but everything about being a political animal. Count me among those who are not reassured at all by this decision.

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  • Jodi says:

    Aw, c’mon, now. If you need a hanging chad clipped, he can do that for you.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    I’m surprised the Emperor of Ebola didn’t appoint a third rate janitor from his alleged college for the position.

    If Ebola ever took human form it would be called the Obama regime.

    • Chris in N.Va. says:

      You’re close. Seems Herr Ubermeister Klain was also a Harvard Law Review editor.

      Vultures of a feather and all that….

  • Jen says:

    By the way, Klain is the Klown who approved and doled out the stimulus money, including millions to Solyndra.

    The Ebola crisis is just that to these people, a political crisis in need of damage control for the Democrats and for Obama. Watch, the CDC spokesman will suddenly become as invisible as Lurie.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Further tidbit– I’ve read that this Klown Kar Kaptain will be reporting to ……

    Drum roll…….

    Susan Rice

    O joy.

  • As one wag noted, Ronald Klain was not appointed to protect the country from an outbreak of Ebola. He was appointed to protect Obama from an outbreak of criticism.

    Look for a spate of Republican-budget-cuts-caused-Ebola stories to start appearing in the media, courtesy of Klain.

  • Claire Stevens says:

    He’s a logical choice when you think about it. The White House is going to need someone to handle all of the litigation that’s bound to result from our government’s incompetent handling of the Ebola situation. Plus Ebola Eric’s family will be assured a payout with this guy in charge. It’s not so much about fixing the medical problem as it is making sure that all of the inevitable and governmentally unfavorable lawsuits are kept from the public.

  • Kim Quade says:

    Political appointment? No medial experience?
    Let me show you my shocked face.

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