Biden Team Posts Thanksgiving Talking Points

Biden Team Posts Thanksgiving Talking Points

Thanksgiving is upon us, and the Biden White House is helpfully putting out their “top accomplishments” so that you have something to talk about with your family at the dinner table! Or, they are helping people find ways to get themselves uninvited to next Thanksgiving. Take your pick.

Biden Is Right About Taiwan, But We Can’t Believe Him

Biden Is Right About Taiwan, But We Can’t Believe Him

For those of you who missed Joe Biden and his remarks at the press conference on Monday in Tokyo, here’s what he said when asked about Taiwan.

Nina Pham Plans on Suing Hospital After Contracting Ebola

Nina Pham, who was one of two nurses who contracted Ebola from Thomas Eric Duncan, has announced that she will be suing her employer, Texas Health Presbyterian…

Russia Places West African Students Under Medical Surveillance For Ebola

As I have been watching the embarrassing, and quite frankly stunningly frightening, Ebola mess unwinding this past week-this latest piece of news made me hang my head…

Obama Names Ron Klain, Democrat Party Operative, Ebola Czar

Well, the president has finally done what everyone was saying he should do. Take leadership? Oh, heavens, no. He appointed an Ebola czar. Meet the new man…

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