Obama Makes Campaign Stop, People Leave

Obama Makes Campaign Stop, People Leave

If nothing else indicates that people believe that the magic is gone from the Obama presidency, this should confirm it.

Yesterday, President Obama made an appearance at a campaign rally in Maryland for Anthony Brown, the current lieutenant governor who is running for governor now. Many candidates have avoided having the president at their rallies – sometimes outright. Brown apparently has no such concerns, as RealClearPolitics has him ahead with an 11 point lead.

So Brown felt comfortable appearing with a currently unpopular president.

President Obama with Lt. Gov. Brown at his rally
President Obama with Lt. Gov. Brown at his rally
And then this happened:


This reply pretty much summed it up:

Truth. Honestly, can anyone think of the last time an ORIGINAL plan/thought/statement came out of the president’s mouth that wasn’t part of the standard Democratic party line?

So, even in a rally for a near-shoo in like Brown, the Obama magic is gone.

After that stop in Maryland, the president then went to Chicago to rally for current Governor Pat Quinn – who is in a much tighter race. But Quinn sees Obama’s help as a positive thing.

While some Democrats nationally are shying away from the unpopular Obama, Quinn hopes to draft off of Obama’s continued home-state popularity. The president originally had plotted an ambitious schedule of events with Democratic governors and governor candidates to end last week. But with growing public fears over ebola, Obama scrapped all the trips but the one to Illinois.

On Monday, the president plans to raise money in Chicago for the Democratic National Committee before returning to the White House for a week of meetings and a DNC fundraiser in the nation’s capital.

Aha. He’s passed the buck on Ebola, so it’s time to get back to raising that sweet, sweet campaign money. After all, if you were him, wouldn’t you want to get back to the ONE thing that you’re consistently good at? (Golf doesn’t count.) The magic may be wearing off on the masses, but the rich liberals are still willing to give up the big bucks to listen to the president speak.

It’s going to take a lot more than people leaving a rally to get things turned around. But maybe it’s a start.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Nice how the lord their Obozo is now turning into a liability-maybe some people are finally waking up. It’s 2 years too late but I guess it’s better than never if we’re to avoid a catastrophe like the Obamanation from ever happening again.

    As for the rich Lefties- well, they are hopeless. If the Republicans are smart they’ll turn some of the Left’s class warfare right on them by showing to the lower class sheeple what a bunch of frauds and hypocrites they really are and make them irrelevant once and for all.

  • Jodi says:

    He deserves it. But…this does not translate to them leaving the oppressive, tyrannical Democrat Party.

    • Appalled By The World says:

      It will take a while to fix stupid-if it is at all possible. That this walk out happened at all gives hope that maybe-finally-the trance of Svengali has been weakened somewhat. Who would have expected that just a couple of years ago the way all of The Great One’s disciples were carrying on?

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