Red Blood Moon Midterms 2022

Red Blood Moon Midterms 2022

Red Blood Moon Midterms 2022

With “democracy on the line,” November 8, 2022 will bring many changes. We also have a blazing Red Blood Moon Midterms 2022 upon us early in the morning of Election Day as well.

It’s gonna be a Bad Moon Rising on Election Day ya’ll. Err, I mean a Red Moon Rising. A red bloody moon ya’ll.

Actually, calls it a Beaver Blood Moon lunar eclipse but we will dub it the Red Blood Moon of the midterms 2022.

Ooooh, sounds ominous doesn’t it? Well, not the Beaver Blood Moon part but the Red Blood Moon has a spooky ring to it.

And everyone and their mother is talking about it. In today’s World Wide Web nuthouse, we have everyone from moonstruck prophets proclaiming end times to astronomy style-casters talking about the red moon and how it may change the world as we know it on November 8th.

No, that will be “we the people” doing all of that on our own.

Image: Tony Webster/Flickr

Howling at the moon

I mean with the likes of Fetterman possibly winning over Oz? With a red moon on November 8th, anything is possible. Recent polls as of 3 days ago, Oz has finally made a slight lead over Fetterman which is why the Left had to push out Obama and Biden in Pennsylvania the last few days. But you better cry me a Moon River if Fetterman pulls this off. Red Moon and all.

But when you get caught between the moon and New York City, then what? The Democrats are spinning that big pizza pie in hopes that Hochul’s narrowing lead over Zeldin will motivate New Yorkers to get out and vote. Still though, red bloody moon.

Will Ohioans Bark at the Moon when JD Vance defeats Mike Ryan? Vance does have a significant lead over Ryan, reported just two days ago. And by significant I mean by 8 points. People in Ohio are fickle though. Red blood moon and all.

The good people of Arizona better Shoot the Moon and get Masters over the finish line. Kelly is ahead of Masters by just 4 points. And after what Arizona did in 2020, it is their duty to redeem themselves.

And Lord have mercy ya’ll, Fly Me to the Moon if Walker can pull this off in Georgia. The outcome of this race is a clincher and more than likely will go to a runoff.

Politics aside, if you’re seriously interested in the red moon and all its glory, this video is for you.

Red moon, blue moon, half moon, full moon…. I’ll be praying we have a Marvelous Night for a Moondance on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022.

FYI, we won’t see another full lunar eclipse until March 2025.

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Feature Image: Sudhamshu Hebbar/Flickr/CC by 2.0

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