Pandemic Was “A Tremendous Personal Benefit” Says Cuomo

Pandemic Was “A Tremendous Personal Benefit” Says Cuomo

Pandemic Was “A Tremendous Personal Benefit” Says Cuomo

Talk about shameless and arrogant. The pandemic, according to Cuomo at the National Governor’s Association meeting, was of “tremendous personal benefit” to him. The New York Post has the details.

In a speech to his fellow governors that was loaded with presumably unintentional double meanings, Cuomo told them that they all “have a new credibility.”

“Very few people were going through what we went through and we went through it together,” he said.

“And speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit.”

The unmitigated GALL. As if the governors were all alone in the wilderness fighting this virus with their bare hands. Are you freaking kidding me??

The credibility of EVERY governor who has and is still keeping their states locked down is shot to hell these days. 

Cuomo’s credibility is in the crapper right now, and he gleefully talks about how this pandemic benefitted him personally?? Yes folks, he really said that. 

What an arrogant tool. Needless to say, his comments aren’t setting well with many New Yorkers, especially those such as Janice Dean who lost her in-laws due to his criminal nursing home policies. 

His “tremendous personal benefit” came in the form of a $5.1 million book he wrote in the middle of a pandemic profiting off the deaths of over 50,000 New Yorkers. More than 15,000 of them were seniors.

Daniel Arbeeny, who lost his father Norman last spring after he contracted COVID in his Brooklyn nursing home, told me there are two types of personal benefits the governor has enjoyed during the pandemic:

“The $5.1 million personal benefit he reaped because of his proven lies and subsequent coverup of the true death toll. And the political benefits that he reaped worldwide again because of the lies he propagated about the death toll. His personal gain came at a terrible cost to the family members of the 15,000 loved ones that died as a direct result in him forcing COVID patients into nursing homes against all science.”

Cuomo brags about how the pandemic benefitted him personally even as he is under investigation for multiple sexual assault allegations against him. He brags about how super helpful the pandemic was for his credibility while everything he wrote in his book, and the money he made off of it are under investigation. The THIRD investigation involves the nursing home policy he implemented that left 15,000 seniors dying under his watch. 

Danielle Messina, whose father, Samuel, died in a Staten Island nursing home, also blasted Cuomo for patting himself on the back.

“It’s easy for him to say. He didn’t lose a loved one.”

“Cuomo gave family members and friends private testing instead of testing people in the nursing homes…He hurt the most vulnerable.”

Cuomo needs to be blasted for this and held to account. He made these remarks while NYC subways were filling up with water.

The MTA is under his purview, not de Blasio’s, yet there he was bragging about the $5 million dollar book deal he got last year. Meanwhile, New York’s economy, as reported by CNN Business, is in the toilet. Before COVID hit our shores, New York was in the top five economically for the nation. Now, not so much. 

New York’s GDP contracted by 5.9% last year, a bigger decline than the total US GDP suffered, putting it at No. 47 out of all 50 states for economic growth.

The jobs situation looks even worse. At 7.8% unemployment, New York has one of the highest jobless rates in the nation. US unemployment as a whole stood at 6.1% in April and fell to 5.8% in May.

Here is Andrew Cuomo shamelessly bragging about how HE personally benefitted from the pandemic.

Just when you think the man can’t go any lower, he shows us once again, there is no bottom to his arrogance and his complete disregard for the citizens of New York. 

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