NPR: Harris, Word Salads And Venn Diagrams

NPR: Harris, Word Salads And Venn Diagrams

NPR: Harris, Word Salads And Venn Diagrams

Because acting “concerned” from Air Force Two was about as effective as her time in the VP Office, Kamala Harris sat down with NPR yesterday to offer up more empty gibberish.

Harris offered her words of wisdom to NPR White House correspondent, Asma Khalid. Because abortion effects us all and connects us all, or something, right?

Oh, just kidding. Kamala Harris said that about space. She even talked in circles about craters on the moon to young children. Luckily, these young children were actually born. Here is what she did have to say to NPR yesterday:

We have to stand together in this fight, right — those of us who understand what’s at stake. It is profound, in terms of where [the decision] takes us back. We have a 23-year-old daughter who is going to know fewer rights than my 80-something-year-old mother-in law.”-Kamala Harris

More deep thoughts with Kamala Harris:

I think we all felt, and rightly, a huge blow when this decision came down. That’s real. So I don’t deny anybody how they are feeling right now. I know how I’m feeling right now.”-Kamala Harris

(Snort) She said blow.

In all seriousness, this has been a complete blow to the Democrats on the left. This has not been a blow to preserve the rights of the unborn, however, and great strides have been taken to ensure they have a voice in this world. The ones who are upset at Friday’s ruling, according to Kamala, have every right to their feelings which they are in ALL OF.THE.TIME. The multiple-abortion crowd is entitled to be in their feelings and wear t-shirts emblazoned with “I HAD AN ABORTION” in the latest hipster font while attending their local, friendly “Night of Rage” where they break stuff that they did not work for. The celebrity elite are entitled to talk about how their abortions saved their careers and how they will always choose themselves. Shocker, I know. Even after women on the pro-abortion side shouted that men have no say on women’s bodily autonomy, this crowd was completely chill about Billie Joe, frontman of Green Day, throwing about f-bombs and renouncing his citizenship because of laws that impact women. Then, we have all of the voting population (and their kids not yet old enough to vote) who blindly listen to these dimwits, and to the news, and they, too, are all up in their feelings. And, yes, how can we forget the trans-women (aka biological MEN) who are upset that they may not be able to get an abortion?! If you feel like a woman and identify as pregnant, you should be able to have a vacuum apparatus suck out a “clump of cells”, right?

Harris addresses this with NPR:

I think this is an opportunity to coalition-build – an opportunity to bring under one roof all the folks who understand what’s at stake right now.

If you take it as a Venn diagram, the part of the circle that is about attacks on voting rights, the circle that is about the attacks against the LGBTQ community, and the circle that is the attacks on a woman’s right to choose, it’s really interesting to see the overlap of those circles.”-Kamala Harris

She’s doing Venn diagrams now? God help us all! She did say “attacks on voting rights” was the center of the overlap, though. Which will be the platform that Democrats will use to try to drive more votes (if they can’t harvest ’em).

There is no daylight among us who understand the seriousness of this moment and the real consequence to millions of women, and those who love them, around the country.”-Kamala Harris

(Le Sigh.)

“Now the question becomes, what can we do?”-Kamala Harris

(Another Le Sigh.)

What can we do? Well, we all know if you’re Kamala Harris, you’ll do exactly what she has been doing for her almost two years in office…which is, well, absolutely nothing. The Democrats clearly do not care about preserving life in the least.

Immigration issues? The southern border? Come again, who was placed in charge of this? No daylight for those illegals, that’s for sure. And no daylight for the unborn, either. Oh, but yes, Kamala chimes in and tells NPR that “tragedy should prompt change”. She also noted “that political leaders need to act” (heh) – and that Congress had not moved on immigration reforms “because they’re playing political games.”

They’re not the only ones playing games, Kamala. You’re doing a mighty fine job of “playing Vice President of The United States” right now.

Furthermore, tragedy did prompt change, Kamala. 64 million is a tragic number of lives lost. Their feelings and complete existence were denied. And we thank you, oh Vice President, for not denying anybody their feelings right now because, in truth, we know how we’re feeling and we’re feeling pretty damn good.

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  • GWB says:

    (Snort) She said blow.
    *channels your mother and gives you that look*
    *tries hard not to laugh*

    If you feel like a woman and identify as pregnant, you should be able to have a vacuum apparatus suck out a “clump of cells”, right?
    We can already do that. It’s called ‘liposuction’.

    it’s really interesting to see the overlap of those circles
    Yeah, that Venn diagram is pretty much… a circle.

    There is no daylight among us
    This is correct. There is no light among you.
    Though what you meant is “There is no daylight between us.” Because I’m pretty sure you were addressing solidarity, not the fact you abide in darkness.

    “tragedy should prompt change”
    Actually, no. Tragedy should prompt reflection. If reflection shows it was preventable in a manner that doesn’t harm others, then you should act. This is the fallacy of urgency. “Don’t just stand there, do something!” Tragedy is always with us, and often cannot be stopped on this earth. Failure to understand and accept this is one of the prime failings of Progressivism.

  • Quinn says:

    If anyone is an expert on the subject of blowing democrats, it’s Kammy.

  • Sam L. says:

    When I see or hear the word “progressive”, I always, ALWAYS, immediately think CANCER, which killed my wife.

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