Notre Dame Graduates Stage Childish Walkout Over Mike Pence Speech [VIDEO]

Notre Dame Graduates Stage Childish Walkout Over Mike Pence Speech [VIDEO]

Notre Dame Graduates Stage Childish Walkout Over Mike Pence Speech [VIDEO]

Special snowflakes and SJW idiocy was on display at Notre Dame’s commencement this morning. Vice President Mike Pence was invited to speak and by golly, they just couldn’t handle it. Their only option evidently, was to resort to juvenile behavior.

Yes indeed…those children went there.

Look. I get it. You disagree with the man’s political view points. In fact you disagree with him because he is associated with President Donald Trump. Well goody for you. Here’s the deal, had you stayed and listened, you might have learned something. You might’ve gotten an insight to the man and who he is.

But noooooo….you ungrateful little brats had to stage an ineffectual walkout because… Trump!

Yes, you are ungrateful. You are rude. Period.

Here you are, graduating from one of the most prestigious and difficult colleges in the nation, one that costs thousands of dollars to attend, and you stage a walkout because of politics? You put politics over your achievements? You put political animus towards ONE PERSON over celebrating your achievements with your family and friends?? Get. A. Grip. People!

Vice President Pence exhibited more graciousness, strength of will, and manners than any of you did. Did he comment on the planned walkout? Nope. Instead he carried on.

“This university (Notre Dame) is a vanguard of the freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas at a time, sadly, when free speech and civility are waning on campuses across America,”

Guess what guys? By walking out and by sticking your fingers in your ears, stomping your feet, and yelling La La La La La!!! like 2 year olds, you demonstrated a remarkable LACK of civility. That’s on you, NOT on Vice President Pence.

Vice President Pence is correct. Free speech on campus and across our country is under attack. Civility is being tossed into the ditch and stomped on.

They are indeed destructive practices. Milo, Ann Coulter, Jim Webb, and now even Mike Rowe are being called on the carpet or demonstrated against because they dare have a different…conservative! view of life. Mike Rowe’s response to Dan about Rowe’s commencement speech at Prager University was spot on.

If you respect me as much as you claim to, and you really believe the community at Prager University has embraced a dangerous set of beliefs, why would you want to discourage me from challenging their ideology? I mean, how can we challenge bad ideas, if we don’t confront them with better ideas? [Emphasis Added]

That, in a nutshell, is what those childish “graduates” at Notre Dame missed with their “grandiose” walkout this morning. Here’s something else they missed.

Because we’re no longer rewarding logic and reason; we’re rewarding temper tantrums. We’re no longer focused on justice; we’re focused on “social justice.” We’re no longer appalled by violent crime, we save our deepest disgust for “hate crime.” We’re no longer curious about our actual history; we’re more interested in revising the past to reflect the things we wish had happened, but didn’t. Consequently, people like you are less concerned with what I said, and more concerned with where I said it.

Those of you who walked out on the Vice President this morning claim to be ready for the real world. Great. Then why the heck are you so afraid of information and ideas that don’t jive with your world view? If you are a grown-up, then why not, as Mike Rowe suggests, stay and hear what Vice President Pence had to say? If you don’t like what he said, then craft a rebuttal of your own and post it far and wide.

Memo to the Notre Dame children who walked out on your commencement: You have a much better chance of changing someone’s mind by reason rather than throwing a temper tantrum. Try it sometime. The results may surprise you.

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  • Kevin Donegan says:

    Wrong. They walked about because of Pence’s stance on LGBTQ issues. If you look at the graduates walking out, some have rainbow flags on their caps or are wearing a rainbow flag. Has nothing to do with tRump.

  • GWB says:

    I heard a snippet about this on the weekend, before the event. The one girl said the walkout wasn’t about them, it wasn’t about making a scene. I replied “Bullsh!t! It’s ALL about *you*! Otherwise, you would just sit there silently and not draw attention to yourself. This is all about ‘virtue signalling’ – you making the point about how good and true you are, and making sure everyone sees it. You’re making this all about you.”
    Of course, she couldn’t hear me. Not even if I’d been screaming it in her ear. Because she’s been brainwashed into the cult.

    • Nina says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Others were arrogantly saying that their “protest” was because they themselves have been negatively impacted by Trump’s policies. When asked for examples, they couldn’t provide any.

      • GWB says:

        Heck, none of Trump’s policies have even come into effect yet, because of the leftish tantrums. Unless they mean some relatives couldn’t come see their graduation because they were stopped at the border.

  • Scott says:

    Precious little snowflakes that are about to let as they are forced to enter the real world… that or they’re moving back into their parents basements… I remember when I graduated high school, they only gave us the folders, not our actual diplomas during the ceremony, as insurance to keep us from doing stupid shit during graduation.. maybe Notre Dame should consider a similar policy..

  • Scott says:

    “melt” not let…not enough coffee..

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    New mascot for Notre Dame:

    The Slighting Irish (now wearing a pink outfit)

    Gives a new meaning to the term DIS-sertation.

  • VALman says:

    Uh, oh. Graduating from college, yet unable to sit through a speech by someone with whom they disagree. Somebody obviously didn’t get much for all those thousands they forked over for that piece of paper.

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