New Zealand’s Gun Ban Has Me Giving Thanks For Our Constitution

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New Zealand’s Gun Ban Has Me Giving Thanks For Our Constitution

New Zealand’s Gun Ban Has Me Giving Thanks For Our Constitution

New Zealand is taking drastic measures to prevent another Christchurch attack from happening again. Unfortunately those measures, including a massive gun ban, involve curtailing everyone’s freedom. Is banning books, videos, and guns the answer to stopping massacres? No. And seeing the reaction to these bans makes me very thankful we have a Constitution in place.

It’s not known exactly which nor what types of weapons were actually used in the attacks. Yet that doesn’t matter to the New Zealand government. All weapons must GO with the reasoning that attacks like this will never happen again.

Needless to say, the media and leftist politicians here in the United States are jumping up and down for joy. Check out these headlines from the Washington Post:

New Zealand is showing America how to respond to mass shootings

New Zealand just banned military-style firearms. Here’s why the U.S. can’t.

Oh gee, I wonder why it can’t happen here? Oh wait, I do KNOW! It’s called our Constitution! We have one in place that includes an awesome 2nd Amendment and New Zealand ….doesn’t.

Then there are the politicians pandering to the gun control crowd.

Really glad she didn’t win. Really glad.

Can someone please smack her with a Constitution?

Bernie Sanders is thrilled with all of this. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday praised New Zealand’s leaders for banning military-style rifles and semi-automatic guns in the wake of a shooting there that left 50 people dead, saying the U.S. should follow suit.

“This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like,” tweeted Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. “We must follow New Zealand’s lead, take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States.”

Thankfully there are quite a few folks happy to issue him a reality check.

Exactly. It is confiscation. Something that, under our Constitution, cannot be considered unless we want to abandon that document altogether. New Zealand’s laws are not ours. Period. Yet Bernie and the others are banking on our lack of Constitutional knowledge to try and push this crap on us.

It’s not just guns that are banned. New Zealand has been working hard to get rid of videos deemed problematic and books are being banned as well. 

A Jordan Peterson book is no longer for sale from Whitcoulls in New Zealand following the Christchurch terror attack.

The controversial Canadian professor visited Aotearoa in February, weeks before a gunman killed 50 people and injured dozens more at two mosques in Christchurch.


Whitcoulls doesn’t specify the exact reason for dumping Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, but the Islamaphobe T-shirt photo could be a part of the “disturbing material” referred to in replies to customer enquiries.

“Unfortunately 12 Rules for Life is currently unavailable, which is a decision that Whitcoulls has made in light of some extremely disturbing material being circulated prior, during and after the Christchurch attacks,” Whitcoulls says in an email.

Yes, we can only infer that because someone asked for a photo with Peterson and that person happened to be wearing an Islamaphobe t-shirt, that is grounds for banning.

ACT Party leader David Seymour told Newshub he isn’t impressed.

“You don’t fight neo-Nazism by suppressing reading and books. Anyone who knows any history knows that’s the opposite of how you fight these kind of ideas,” said Seymour.

Fahrenheit 451 is supposed to serve as a warning, not a guide. Censorship never ever works as intended and in many cases it makes situations even worse.

As noted here, New Zealand doesn’t have a gun violence problem. So again, a gun ban wouldn’t have stopped the shooter from doing what he did. He likely would’ve chosen a different method of attack on the mosques. Such as bombs, trucks loaded with fertilizer, knife/machete attacks, or something else altogether.

Furthermore, a gun ban here in the United States would be a logistical nightmare as Buck Sexton points out. And the idea of our federal government going door to door to take our guns should cause shivers to run up and down your spines.

A gun ban wouldn’t have changed the fact that the shooter was twisted and evil. Furthermore, banning guns, books, or videos doesn’t stop criminals nor will it stop those bent on choosing evil.

We have a Constitution in place for a reason. It is a document that protects us all, even from ourselves. Be thankful WE THE PEOPLE have such a document in place. I know I am.

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  • Kathy says:

    The Constitution needs to be taught in our schools as it really exists instead of whatever liberal interpretation that might be used. There are too many US citizens that have no idea

  • Jim says:

    NZ has followed Australia [in 1996] and is imposing strict bans on types of firearms, but will undoubtedly find that, as in England and also Australia, that criminals will still obtain and use firearms by theft, importation or by manufacturing their own. In the meantime law-abiding and registered gun owners will be subject to strict scrutiny. Gun owners in Australia spend considerable time and energy reading statutes and codes of practice as well as contacting Police just to find out mundane information such as how, when and where they may transport their firearms and ammunition and when and where they might use them as a simple breach of any regulation [as interpreted by an official] can see them in court explaining themselves with the real risk of loss of licence and all firearms. Regulations, or at least the wording of regulations, can be changed by senior government bureaucrats without notice thus leading to further uncertainty and confusion for licensed shooters and even the Police who cannot then give ‘safe’ advice to said shooters. And, of course, the criminals using illegal guns go on their merry way, mostly killing each other, and occasionally terrorising the general public.

  • GWB says:

    Can someone please smack her with a Constitution?
    How about a dictionary? Preferably an unabridged? “Weapons of war”, my patootie.

    ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States
    Hit Bernie with that dictionary, too.

    that holds more than five rounds
    Seven (7) rounds, actually.

    A Jordan Peterson book is no longer for sale from Whitcoulls
    At least that one is a business decision (a
    STUPID one, but still the business’ call), not gov’t censorship.

    a gun ban here in the United States would be a logistical nightmare
    Yeah, NZ has the advantage of being an island in the south Pacific. Ever noticed they don’t have much of an immigration problem, either? Oh, and they have the advantage of all of the banned weapons are basically registered, already. Just a matter of assigning households to each group of Stasi cops….

    • GWB says:

      Ugh, Fourth point, the italics should have ended after “Whitcoulls”, and picked up again only for the word “stupid”.

  • Djung says:

    That’s not what leadership looks like. That’s what the first exercise of tyranny in a culture looks like. Ms. Occasional Cortex can be forgiven for mistaking leadership for tyranny, given her …challenges. Bless her heart.

  • Joe R. says:

    The Constitution’s ~ nice, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that we’re on our 3rd version of a Constitution (1)Articles of Confederation; 2) the Constitution; 3) the Bill of Rights amendments) and the reason for that is because each version failed to obtain what we U.S. citizens demand of/by/for/and from each other under

    THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE [which cannot be amended]

    The 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that it is you duty to replace your idiot neighbors who needed a job (your ‘government’) “Whenever” you deem necessary, and there’s no ‘hi-bar’ requirement to meet for ‘necessary’. Therefore, our 2nd Amendment to our Constitution requires parity of arms with our government, in order that we may adequately hunt such aholes (and their families and friends), should they not decide to pack their sh*t and go home quietly when told to do so.

    Screw NZ, Whatever satan’s-suck, bend-over-and-take-it, black hole they fart themselves into will be too good for them.

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