Amid MoveOn’s AIPAC Demands Jews Need a “Jexit”

Amid MoveOn’s AIPAC Demands Jews Need a “Jexit”

Amid MoveOn’s AIPAC Demands Jews Need a “Jexit”

How long until the Democrats tolerance for anti-Semitic antics drive out their most ardent and reliable supporters? Meanwhile, MoveOn asks 2020 Presidential candidates to skip the AIPAC conference, and a New York first term Congressman is apologizing to his Jewish constituents for comments by Ilian Omar.  Like Blacks and Blexit, will the Jewish voters have a Jexitodus?

Jewish Support for Democrats

Democrats enjoy unparalleled support from Jewish-Americans. In a recent poll, 52% of Jewish people identify as Democrat. Only 16% identify as Republican, and 31% as Independent. Like their votes, their political  contributions go to Democrats. According to Open Secrets,

Democratic contributors, giving more than $14.8 million in the 2018 midterms to mostly Democrats. This marked their third-biggest cycle ever and their biggest non-presidential cycle.

The largest group which contributed was JStreetPAC which gave more than $4 million to candidates in 2018.”

This is serious money for a mid-term election. Not to mention the individual support for the candidate.

Freshman Flexing

Ilian Omar’s history of anti-Semitic commentary made life a bit more challenging for a fellow Freshmen in his heavily Jewish district.

U.S. Rep. Max Rose, a Jewish New York Democrat in his first term in Congress, apologized to visibly frustrated constituents at a town hall in Staten Island for not “protecting them” from fellow freshman Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s repeated use of “anti-Semitic tropes.”

Well, that’s awkward. Especially after Congress made a bru-ha-ha with its toothless referendum “condemning” well, everything. They missed the lesson where they learned “if everything is bad, then nothing is bad.” If only they could have focused their resolution on a smaller scale, maybe just the growing anti-Semitism festering inside their ranks.

But, instead of much needed censure Ilian Omar was given a pat on the head. While Jewish Democrats were given a swift kick in the pants.  Further prompting Rep. Max Rose to say,

“I was horrified and sad when she made the comments. So horrified that as a freshman member of Congress I stepped in front of my party’s leadership and I was the first member of the Democratic Party to criticize her. I did say that I accepted her apology. You know why I did that? Because I am an adult. Because my goal was to continue the quiet and non-glamorous actions of coalition-building and trying to protect the people in this room from those comments being made. I am not satisfied with what I’ve seen thus far [with regard to Ilian Omar’s rhetoric]. To equate Jewish organizations with the NRA, of course I’m upset. Of course I’m not satisfied and I don’t know any who are either. That’s why the first thing that I said [to the audience] is that ‘I’m sorry,’ I’m sorry because I couldn’t protect you from this.

Identity Politics Works for Elites

Identity politics have long been a staple of Democratic plays. From the time of Jim Crow, when they separated Blacks based on color, through today where stratifications arise in gender, race, sexual preference etc. Maintaining support takes more than telling a group that the other party doesn’t like them.

The argument wears thin, and eventually the support breaks down. For example, Trump carried Union workers. Not since Regan had a Republican had that level of union vote. But, Clinton was the clear winner in union contributions. She had almost $700,000 to his almost $19,000. The political donations were made by the Union Bosses, sourced from the membership dues.

The Union elites supported the Democrat, despite her intent to further globalize the workforce and reduce American jobs. The workers, not elite, supported Trump. Is it possible that there is a split between the worker and the elite in the unions? The numbers indicate that it’s yes. The fractionation of individuals from their preemptive “group vote” is the opposite of what Dems want from identity politics.

Blexit, and…. Jexitodus?

“Blexit” is the exit of Blacks from the Democrat party. Those leaving realize that the Democrats are providing lip service, but not much else in exchange for decades of voter loyalty. They see the Democrat Party’s focus looking to the “next victim” of all things Republican.

Every three years as they are left to survive in the festering rubble of Johnsons “Great Society”, Black Americans see the party focus shifted to DREAMERS and immigrants. Party loyalists like Al Sharpton will enjoy their elite status, while Black Democrat politicians ignore the failures within their own communities. Extreme elite status provides excellent insulation. But for those Black Americas who see that they are treated as a “sure thing” every 4 years, it’s time to leave.

Will Jews see the same picture? Is it possible that their group will fracture within itself, cleaving the elite from the mainstream? The answer is “yes” if Democrats continue to shift further left in their support for Palestine, BDS, and a fluid Israel foreign policy.

Distance from AIPAC, or Else!

Progressive group MoveOn has issued demands for the 2020 Presidential candidates at AIPAC, but they sound more like threats. In a statement sent to Politico, Iram Ali, campaign director at MoveOn Political Action, said

It’s no secret that that AIPAC has worked to hinder diplomatic efforts like the Iran deal, is undermining Palestinian self-determination, and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage,”  and the move should “give a clear insight to 2020 candidates on where their base stands instead of prioritizing lobbying groups and policy people who rarely step outside of D.C.”

The membership of MoveOn is some of the most progressive in the Dems area. But tweets like this are not endearing to the bulk of Jewish Democrats.

Of course AIPAC focused on the security of Israel and spent money to work against the Iran nuclear deal. It was a terrible decision made by an appeasement President, and it put Israel in a precarious position. Israel is surrounded by countries and governments that want it eradicated. If Canada’s leadership was on the record stating that he wanted to wipe the USA off the map, we would rightfully be concerned about Canada’s nukes. We’d spend money to change the public perception and turn it in our favor. If a PAC designed to support a country doesn’t do that it needs to be closed.

The average American Jewish Democrat is capable of loving Israel, while disagreeing with her Prime Minister. But are they okay with the sole democracy in the Middle East being scapegoated on the alter of identity politics?   Hopefully the average Jewish Democrat can see the direction the modern Democrats are taking, and exit the party.



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  • CaptDMO says:

    “Jexit”? Really?
    How about NOT!
    How about Korangate?
    How about National Socialist gate?
    How about simply….Exodus?

    • NC says:

      The Exodus happened… sort of related to where Israel is today. The Jewish “homeland”, wandering in the wilderness….

      As for the rest in your post…. your point?

      • CaptDMO says:

        My point was the assignation of STUPIDLY constructed, unimaginitive, unclever, unpoignant, “coinage” …
        Like the puerile American media, and self described “activist”, habit of assigning (eg) -phobia, -gate, in portmanteaus
        that ultimately seek to divert, and minimize, from the subject at hand.

  • NITZAKHON says:

    The Left has made a calculation: there are more Muslims than Jews, and too many Jews are secular and thus ignore the anti-Semitism in favor of their liberalism. But in reality, it means Jews are no longer at the table… they’re on the menu.

  • Scott says:

    Rep Rose, while seeming to do the right thing by condemning Omar, is still either a dupe, or one of the elite bags of shit you mention. His comment ” To equate Jewish organizations with the NRA, of course I’m upset.” illustrates this clearly. This is the one comment that Omar made that is actually accurate. Many of these Jewish groups were founded in order to protect at risk populations, and the NRA is exactly the same in this regard. It was formed in response to the democrat KKK which would do anything it could, as you mentioned, to pass Jim Crow laws preventing ownership of firearms by recently freed black slaves… so to be “upset” about that proves he is clueless, or a bag of shit.

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