Nancy Pelosi In Ukraine To Shore Up Sagging Poll Numbers

Nancy Pelosi In Ukraine To Shore Up Sagging Poll Numbers

Nancy Pelosi In Ukraine To Shore Up Sagging Poll Numbers

The internal poll numbers for Democrats must be beyond horrific. That’s the only thing I could think of when I saw that Nancy Pelosi and crew suddenly visited Ukraine this weekend.

The Speaker’s office announced early Sunday that Pelosi and other lawmakers visited Kyiv, where the group met with Zelensky. The congressional delegation huddled with the Ukrainian president and his leadership team for three hours discussing sanctions on Russia and how they could be strengthened, weapons and how supplies could be increased, and economic, food and humanitarian assistance.

They are also slated to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and other senior officials.

The timing of this visit is interesting on a number of levels. 

One: Numerous heads of state, have visited Ukraine in recent weeks. Most notably Boris Johnson and President Zelensky did a walkabout on the streets of Kyiv while shelling could be heard on the background. 

Two: The Biden Administration has promised billions of dollars in weaponry, and more in support for Ukraine, with the latest promises coming just after Sec of State Blinken and Sec Def Austin visited Ukraine, but kept to an underground bunker while doing so. 

Three: The clown show that was the White House Correspondents Dinner likely wasn’t going to get the ratings bump needed (which it didn’t), so lets throw some hopefully positive optics into the mix! 

Cue Nancy along with Adam Schiff to shore up sagging poll numbers!

Who in the world thought a walkabout in Kyiv would give the Democrats a ratings bump in the polls? Evidently Nancy is grasping at any straw she can right now. 

According to her, Putin is a bully and we are here to ensure Ukraine’s freedom from Russian bullies. 

“Our delegation traveled to Kyiv to send an unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: America stands firmly with Ukraine,” the group said in a statement. “When we return to the United States, we will do so further informed, deeply inspired and ready to do what is needed to help the Ukrainian people as they defend democracy for their nation and for the world.”

The short trip carried immense security risks as Russian forces continue to attack civilian areas across Ukraine. Pelosi, who is second in line to the presidency, is now the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the battered nation.

Again, I can’t help believe that this is about optics, poll numbers, and mid-terms. I wouldn’t put it past Nancy and crew to take some credit for the civilians who were finally evacuated from Mariupol today. 

The United Nations has begun a “safe passage” operation on Sunday to allow civilians to leave a steel plant in Mariupol that has been the last base for Ukrainian fighters and others in the besieged port city, according to a spokesperson. Ukrainian officials estimate that up to 1,000 people have taken shelter at the complex.

The latest poll numbers for Democrats are bad. Underneath the basement bad.

Can you imagine what the INTERNAL polling is looking like right now? So, what do the Democrats do? Use our tax dollars to forgive student loans, loans that people WILLINGLY took out. Send billions more to Ukraine, ignore the very real and dangerous issues at our borders, still spout pandemic forever gobbledygook, and do grandstanding photo op walkabouts on the streets of Kyiv. 

Here’s a good reason as to why the optics of this visit won’t move the needle. 

I really REALLY want someone to ask Nancy and Adam Schiff about this during their next press conference or interview. Also, if Peter Doocy could ask Jen about this on Monday, that would be a joy to watch!

In all seriousness, the longer the battles between Russia and Ukraine are fought on Ukraine soil, the worse it is for the people in both countries as well as around the world.

However, I fail to see how this grandstanding photo op will help. Nor do I believe it will do anything for the Democrats cratering poll numbers. 

Feature Photo Credit: Donkeyhotey via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Me says:

    Guess Pelosi figures there is still a lot of money to grift in Ukraine, and she’s not going to let The Big Guy get it all.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Without the Afghanistan debacle, the Russian invasion of Ukraine might not have happened. Now, however, visiting Ukraine and giving Ukraine military hardware is the only thing Democrats can do to look like they have a strong foreign policy. Meanwhile, everything Biden touches turns into a rotting mess.

    I do hope voters remember how the Democrat turned the successes of the Trump administration into growing catastrophes. Hopefully, it is happening quickly enough that people won’t forget.

  • JAW3 says:

    Didn’t Nancy bring anything with her? She coulda brung some F16’s fir chrssakes.

  • Chad King says:

    Isn’t the executive brach charged with conducting foreign policy? I seem to recall the liberals wetting their pants whenever a Republican congressional delegation would meddle in foreign affairs. But I guess it’s OK when the dems do it. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Sure she’s not there as the bag lady for Biden?

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