Nancy Pelosi Denies That She knows Jonathan Gruber

Nancy Pelosi Denies That She knows Jonathan Gruber

The other day we wrote about a couple of Jonathan Gruber’s speeches and “comic” book. Now he and others are a bit defensive; understandable when publications such as Forbes takes him to task about his illogical explanations. As we continue to find out, Rich Weinstein’s research was thorough. There are more videos, none of which put Jonathan Gruber in a positive light. In fact, many of us, including this writer, are realizing the healthcare deceit and deception are miles deeper than we thought.

Lets take a look at this video dated January 18, 2012:

Wow, pretty interesting, condescending, and truthful. It’s not about our health.  It’s about politics.

In the YouTube clip below, taped just before the law was rammed down our throats, Gruber opines:

While you are digesting that tripe, there’s more!   You see, Nancy “Botox” Pelosi has gone on the offensive/defensive backpedal moonwalk. Yesterday she snarled that she’s never heard of Gruber and that all this stuff is just made up. And that’s when the fight started.

Round 1 goes to Patrick Howley at The Daily Caller:

Pelosi used her Speaker of the House website in 2010 to promote “the Gruber Analysis.”
“An analysis of the House bill by noted MIT health care economist Jonathan Gruber concludes that the bill would result in lower premiums than under current law for the millions of Americans using the newly-established Health Insurance Exchange – including those who are not receiving affordability credits to help them purchase coverage,” then-Speaker Pelosi’s website wrote, frequently citing Gruber by name and linking to his analysis.

Round 2 goes to the Aaron Blake at the Washington Post:

We’re not finished getting all of our reports back from CBO, but we’ll have a side by side to compare. But our bill brings down rates. I don’t know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT’s analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill for those who seek insurance within the exchange. And our bill takes down those costs, even some now, and much less preventing the upward spiral.

Sorry your “Botoxedness,” you don’t get to put him aside. In fact, telling the world that you don’t know him vs having never heard of him is what we’d call ‘splitting hairs.’

Here’s another fun one. We can call this Round 3 via T. Beckett Adams at the Washington Examiner:

“The Congressional Budget Office said yesterday the majority of American families who buy insurance in the new marketplace we will create — what we call health insurance exchanges — what they will see is their premiums go down,” Reid said from the floor of the U.S. Senate.
“CBO’s experts aren’t the first to recognize these benefits. Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Jonathan Gruber, who is one of the most respected economists in the world, said in today’s Washington Post: ‘Here’s a bill that reduces the deficit, covers 30 million people and has the promise of lowering premiums.’ Pretty good statement,” the former Senate Majority Leader added.

So even Harry Reid knew the Gruber dude! Hmmm, who else did? You know, the list would be too long to go into here. But suffice it to say, this writer believes that many of the key proponents of this convoluted, burdensome legislation had contact with Gruber whether in person or in signing off on what he designed. You see, it was *cough* transparent from the start according to Steve Bennen at MSNBC:

The Washington Post reported on Gruber’s comments, saying the policy “was crafted in a deliberately deceptive way in order to pass Congress.” But here’s the question the political world should be asking themselves right now: what deception? What exactly did we not know about the law before that we know now?

Well, we know now that the Bronze plan’s premium in CA will jump 17.7% starting January 2015. So much for that “securely priced healthcare.”  Here’s another, in early 2014, 15-20% of those who signed up didn’t pay their premiums. How about one more? Outgoing CO Senator Mark Udall pressured the CO Division of Insurance, wanting the agency to revise the number of cancellations so it wouldn’t reflect badly on the Administration.

Yet it seems pesky details like the above haven’t stopped the frantic spin. In fact, The Daily Kos, the WSJ, Vox, and even the White House are trying to tell us that this Gruber person is not who we think it is.  I guess the only Gruber we are supposed to talk about is that bad guy in “Die Hard.”  You know what?  Both Hans and Jonathan have one trait in common, money.  Hans took hostages so he could commit a massive robbery.  Jonathan pocketed about $400,000 to build the ACA legislation and has likely raked in more on speaking fees and other consulting gigs. However, thats about the only thing the two have in common.  Hans stuck to his guns, while Jonathan would rather see all this go away instead of having to explain himself and his actions.  Uhhh, Jonathan? Mr. Spock would like a word:


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  • Jodi says:

    Fantastic post, Nina!

    • Nina says:

      Thank you! Thing is, she STILL believes that ACA is the greatest thing since sliced bread, so I’d be willing to bet she will deny Gruber until the cows come home!

      And really had to chuckle when I stumbled over Spock’s tweet.

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