If History is Any Indication, that CBO Score is Off. Here’s Why. [VIDEO]

If History is Any Indication, that CBO Score is Off. Here’s Why. [VIDEO]

Democrats were doing their happy dance yesterday. The Congressional Budget Office predicted that with the repeal of Obamacare — horrors! The bill would kick 24 million souls off health insurance, including 14 million poor people on Medicaid.

CNN merrily trotted out former CBO director Robert Reischauer — who last held his post under President Clinton — to vouch for the accuracy of the CBO. And in case you think that Mr. Reischauer is coming from an objective perspective, think again. He’s President Emeritus of the Urban Institute. And which way does that think tank lean? Yep, it’s liberal, giving 100% of political donations to the Democratic Party.

Avik Roy at Forbes throws water on the Democrats’ party when he points out that in 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed, the CBO was crowing that 21 million Americans would enroll in the exchanges. The truth, however, was something very different. Only about 10 million enrolled. The projections don’t look too promising for Obamacare either.

Click to enlarge. Credit: forbes.com

Furthermore, while this sounds counter-intuitive, it appears that the mandate had little effect on compelling people to buy health insurance. The data simply isn’t there.

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