Monsters Exist: Reports Say Pedophiles Demanding Same Rights as Homosexuals

Monsters Exist: Reports Say Pedophiles Demanding Same Rights as Homosexuals

You may have heard buzz on the internet that a long-fought battle by pedophiles and their psychoanalysts, who desire their demented compulsions be normalized by society as an alternative lifestyle, is again catching steam given the current political environment and the rabid political correctness that’s accompanying it. Reports assert that pedophiles are demanding the same rights as homosexuals, arguing that pedophilia is not a perversion, but rather a sexual orientation. (Go here and here to read the sick attempts at rationalizing child rape.)

Now before I share my take on that, I’d like to relate a story about a girl I once knew:

Until about the age of seven, she lived in a small city in California. It was a time, in the late 1960’s, when kids walked home from school unattended. It was an era where kids would stay gone, playing in the neighborhood all day, until evening came, a father’s familiar whistle being the signal to come home for dinner. We didn’t worry about monsters.

The little girl lived one house down, and directly across the street from, the neighborhood city park. She played there most days, often with her older brother in tow. One day, as she spun herself into dizziness on one of those twirling, jungle-gym, nausea-inducing contraptions, a man approached her and asked where the men’s room was. She thought this was an odd question, since she could see the small, cinder-block building directly behind him. Nonetheless, she skipped over to the building and pointed, saying, “It’s right here!” The man thanked her and, before going inside, asked that she wait for him just outside the entrance. She guessed he didn’t want to get lost.

A few moments later, the man, whom the little girl thought very tall from her five-year-old perspective, reappeared. But the little girl, who’d been waiting, proud that she was helping an adult, became instantly frightened.

Standing before her was the same man, but now, from the waist down, he was naked. She began to shake, too frightened to scream. After a few moments, he said, “Have you ever seen one this big?”

Summoning courage, she ran away to find her brother, who was still somewhere in the park, never looking back. And never telling anyone.

Fast forward.

The little girl is now a young lady of sixteen. Every day she walks home from school through a boarded-up section of military housing on the naval base where she lives with her mom.

One day, while walking the same path home she always takes, she hears a rustling in the trees. She turns her head to the left, and sees a black man standing there. He’s staring at her, his shirt unbuttoned, naked from the waist down. Her heart starts to race. She wants to run, but she’s afraid that if she does, he’ll chase her. So she hurries her pace, walking as fast as she can, eyes forward, until she finally arrives home, breathless. She tells her mother of the man, and her mother calls the police. They arrive soon after, place her in the rear of their car, and drive around, looking for the man. But they never find him. She will see him once more, even after altering her route, before she moves away with her mother. And for years and years later, she will compulsively check, and recheck, every closet and every door’s lock in the house before she sleeps, making certain the boogeyman is not inside.

I know this girl’s story well. I remember what happened to her, and how frightened she was, like it was yesterday. I know, and I remember, because the girl was me. The five-year-old and sixteen-year-old me was unprepared for what happened to her. She didn’t know what to do when confronted by evil. But the forty-nine-year-old me wishes she’d been there. Because I can tell you, with absolute certainty, what I’d have done. And it would have been tragic for the one of us whose name is not “me.”

Pedophiles‘—and I’m talking the perverts like those in park bathrooms and lurking in bushes, not sexually curious adolescents—rates of recidivism are unpredictable. But they are not your garden variety criminals. I submit that they are very different: They cannot be counseled into change; they cannot be educated into healthy relationships; they cannot be punished into reform. They will never—I repeat, NEVER—be normal. They will always have the compulsion to prey upon children, and they will never stop. NEVER. Like this deviant:

Pedophile Caught
Parents Tackled a Convicted Rapist Caught Taking Photos of Children in Dressing Rooms at a Tumwater, Washington Department Store.

Whatever your opinion is on homosexuality, it is irrefutable that gay sex, just as heterosexual sex, happens between two consenting adults. Not so for pedophiles. It’s not love; it’s child rape. Pedophiles prey upon children, who do not have the capacity to consent, nor far-too-often the capability to resist. And pedophiles rely on that to do what they do.

We tell our children that monsters aren’t real. But that’s a lie. I know. Because I’ve seen them. Pedophiles are the fiends of society, routinely and mercilessly destroying lives. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe in karma. What comes around, goes around. The two demons who preyed upon my innocence are burning in hell somewhere. Monsters who hunt our innocent children deserve what they get. And I submit, without apology, that what they deserve is not normalization and understanding, but nothing less than a bullet, right between the eyes.

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  • Thank you for this article. There have been some small steps to increase the political clout of pedophiles. A few years ago there was a now-defunct political party, the Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity (Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit, PNVD). More seriously, the West German Green Party actively promoted pedophile interests in its early days:

    Another Dutch group, called Martijn, advocates changing laws to legalize adult-child sexual relations:

    But the real push to “normalize” pedophilia will probably not come from the political world, or even from crackpot social scientists. Instead, I think that the media and the entertainment industry will lead the way.

    Remember Roman Polanski? He was the one who drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl. Not only did he not pay for his crime, when there was a serious effort a few years ago to extradite him and bring him to the United States many in Hollywood and the media rose up and defended him. The actor Rob Lowe filmed himself having sex with a 16 year-old girl, and as far as I can tell his career has not suffered. Larry Flynt, the infamous yet popular pornographer who has always been a Hollywood cause célèbre, was accused by his daughter of molesting her when she was a child.

    Hollywood prides itself on being “edgy”, and I have a sinking feeling that there are already some actors, directors and producers who see pedophilia as the next “civil rights” cause. The monsters have powerful sympathizers in the movie studios and the media.

  • DaveO says:

    I don’t disagree about Hollywood providing the stormtroopers of the Child-Rape movement. But, the legal keystone is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Like homosexuality, once pedophilia is defined as a normal condition, the courts will be forced into overturning existing law and keeping your child from a pedophile will be a hate crime.

    I give it 2 years, just after the Dems retake the House.

  • Sassefrass says:

    My freshman year of HS I was tapped on the shoulder to testify in court against a perv because he had sexually molested another little girl in the neighborhood. I testified as a witness at trial and a probation officer was assigned to meet with me afterwards. She informed me he was sentenced to five years and assured me I’d be notified upon his release. I never heard from them again. As it turned out, he was a cop, he never served any time, and the case was later classified as a false accusation. The city had full knowledge these acts were transpiring and never once intervened. The system has been engineered towards this movement for a very long time now.

    • Jodi says:

      Oh, my goodness! Reminds me of the Sandusky case, where we value things like football, and sick codes of honor, over the safety of our children. It makes me angry, sad, and frustrated, all at the same time. Thanks for sharing your story.

      And thanks RL and DaveO for your comments. Pedophilia will never be normal as far as I’m concerned; I don’t care what any Hollywood nitwit or psychobabble-ist says. Unless of course, Mr. Obama has his way, and we are Islam-ized. God help us, then…

  • upinak says:

    I was recently on Grand Jury duty as a alternate. Other than the normal DUI or drug cases, we had to hear about the sexual molestations, rapes, kidnappings and so on.

    I will never forget the two little girls I had to listen too. Both molested under the ages of 10 years. And both different cases. One had been molested by her step father since she was 8 until she turned 14 and was taken away. When no one told us during the case, but afterwards, she was also molested by all 7 of her brothers.

    The other case the little girl had been fondled by her godmothers husband, who had been married for 18 yrs. When I wasn’t told until after that case, was he had been charged with another sexual act, in the same year! And the godmother had lied throughout the proceeding. And while she was on tape, I asked the godmother a couple questions…
    1. Are you a light sleeper? A: Oh yes, I wake up at the drop of a hat!
    2. If you couldn’t sleep, the TV was off, you can hear everything downstairs, yet supposedly you were asleep and you just said you were a light sleeper, how come you never “heard” what your husband was doing to your God Child? She never answered me.. she knew she got caught.
    But what bothers me the most about that woman I questioned. She worked with a family advocacy group. God HELP those families!

  • Jodi says:

    Again, people placing their own self interests before the safety of our children. Ghastly, obscene, immoral…:(

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