Woke Salon at Stage II over “Grooming”

Woke Salon at Stage II over “Grooming”

Woke Salon at Stage II over “Grooming”

To dip a toe into the screaming mess that is Salon is to witness people panicking that illiberal Left’s capture of American institutions is being challenged.

Anything rational adults question, Salon is there to jerk a knee or two by telling said adults they have it all wrong. Even when it comes to grooming and pedophilia.

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis began banning books from public schools throughout his state, he justified his actions by claiming that he was protecting children from dangerous material. (snip)

Literature promoting LGBTQ rights and other liberal ideas are, according to these conservatives, surreptitiously indoctrinating children and making it easier for adults to molest them.

Here is Stage I Leftwing coping. Tell people not to believe their lying eyes and certainly don’t believe that dastardly Republican DeathSantis. Trust Salon’s Matthew Rozsa, he knows literature when he sees it.

If you have followed LibsofTikTok for any length of time, you know that the books being challenged in public school libraries are so sexually explicit that they would be considered NSFW for any place of employment. And yet Rozsa wants you to believe it is just rightwing provocateurs who are stirring up those weird “rightwing minds” into a moral panic over nothing.

NOTHING, he cries.

DeSantis and his ilk are using a tactic that existed for decades, one that can easily be explained using basic psychology.

The usual Leftwing tact, as seen in Rozsa’s piece, is to state as fact his view of decades of “Republican manipulation”. He drags in and ties together Joseph McCarthy, Anita Bryant, “Pizzagate” and, of course, QAnon.

I only surprised he didn’t shoehorn in the great LARPer riot of 1/6/2021.

I’ve covered moral panics here before. Whether it was the Salem Witch Trials, or the 1980’s Ritual Satanic Abuse as promoted well-known Republican manipulator Oprah Winfrey, actual evidence of witchcraft or secret tunnels under a preschool were wholly lacking.

It’s not that Rosza is denying sexually explicit books are in school libraries, he’s reframing these books as literature promoting “LGBTQ+++++” rights. And aren’t you the hate hate hatey bigot for denying kids to learn about oral and anal sex complete with pictures? Books where sexual contact between an adult and minor is just considered another form of learning to be one’s authentic self? All those parents who are complaining to school boards, Rozsa wants you to know you’re just too stupid to know you’re being manipulated.

I hate to repeat myself, yet again, but after 22 years in the judicial arena I have seen all sorts of criminal cases involving adults who sexually exploit kids. Gaining the confidence of kids, exposing them to explicit sex and telling them it’s all good and swearing them to keep it secret from their parents is classic grooming.

And from all corners of the nation, from public to private schools, that’s exactly what’s happening where radical Progressives are running things. It is child indoctrination, or The Queering of students, on a such a huge scale that parents could not help noticing during the lockdowns.

Even Rozsa has to pretend this is about LGB, when it is the TQ+ that is running the show and getting rid of all boundaries between adults and children is their explicit goal.

This isn’t a moral panic, this is a rational reaction to institutionalized grooming. Don’t let Rosza and his ilk get away with Stage III.

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  • Ann in L.A. says:

    G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, X. Simple.

  • Cameron says:

    Their absolute hatred of childhood innocence and a refusal to just let kids be kids should have them removed from polite society.

  • alanstorm says:

    “…you know that the books being challenged in public school libraries are so sexually explicit that they would be considered NSFW for any place of employment.”

    That gives me an idea. Aren’t schools “places of employment”, at least to some?

    Use that angle to get these books removed.

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