Mobs And The First Amendment

Mobs And The First Amendment

Mobs And The First Amendment

The mobs we have been watching these last few days and months don’t care about our First Amendment. In fact, they don’t care about our Constitution.

Never has that been more apparent than what we’ve seen in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting. Kenosha, Wisconsin went up in flames over the weekend and the destruction has continued every night since. Other “protests” supposedly in support of Jacob Blake have not been peaceful in any way shape or form. 

Today’s mobs are showing us exactly what they think of our First Amendment. 

“Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Abridging the Freedom of Speech

According to the protestors, the ONLY speech that is acceptable is THEIR speech. Furthermore, they are bullying and demanding that everyone comply with the speech that THEY mandate. Think I’m wrong? This happened in Washington D.C. the other night. 

“”Several videos showing Black Lives Matter protesters confronting and harassing people eating outside restaurants in Washington, D.C., went viral Tuesday as demonstrations were held nationwide over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

One video reportedly filmed in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Monday night shows protesters demanding a woman seated outside a restaurant raise her fist to show her solidarity for their cause.

When the woman refused, she was surrounded by a number of protesters with their fists raised in the air who screamed and berated her for not doing so.””

Think about that for a minute. These cretins are demanding that Americans comply with THEIR speech. If they don’t, the bullying and harassment immediately begins.

That isn’t what Freedom of Speech is about. Freedom of Speech ISN’T about demanding compliance. It isn’t about determining what speech is and isn’t acceptable, and no I’m not talking about the shouting FIRE! in the theatre bit. What I AM talking about is the mobs, the left, the media and Democrats are policing speech and thought. That is NOT what our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech is. But this is what the mob demands.

Demanding specific speech and compliance is absolutely antithetical to ALL our Freedoms granted us by the Constitution.

In this country, we have the RIGHT to speak as we choose. We do NOT have the right to demand speech compliance from anyone else. 

The Right of People to Peaceably Assemble 

Americans have the right to PEACEFULLY march and make our voices heard on issues that are important to us. We make ourselves heard in an effort to sway the decision-making by those who represent WE. THE. PEOPLE. 

Is it peaceful assembly when the mob attacks a business owner for trying to protect his livelihood? No. 

Is it peaceful assembly when mobs set fire to and literally destroy an entire car dealership, cars included? NO.

Well over thirty businesses have been damaged or destroyed by the mob. But that doesn’t matter to those cretins.

“Gary Stephens walked away from the ruins of the buildings still burning on 22nd Street in Uptown early Tuesday toward his house less than a block away.

“Cause and effect, cause and effect, that is what’s happening,” Stephens said. “I’m seeing people being more upset about the property damage than they are about another unarmed Black person being killed by police in America … this is the effect of racism, of police racism.””

Cause and effect… seriously?? What a load of horseshit. People can be upset about what happened to Jacob Blake, even though it is apparent he was in the wrong, and they can make their voices heard by calling, emailing, and texting the mayor and city council about the situation. They can even stroll along the streets and sidewalks with signs. That is what peaceable assembly means. 

Destruction of property is NOT peaceable assembly by any stretch of the imagination. 

James Woods asks a very important question. 

“Citizens with AR-15’s stopped #BLM rioters from destroying another automobile business. Is there anyone with an IQ over 60 who doesn’t grasp the necessity of the #SecondAmendment by now?”

Believe me, I do. 

Ann asks if this is deliberate. Well, yes. 

As we are seeing in real time, if you don’t toe the Democrat line and you are black, it is acceptable to slander you with racist terminology. Shaun King gets a pass for promoting MORE violence and directly threatening police officers, but it’s not acceptable for business and homeowners to defend themselves against thugs and looters. It is perfectly acceptable to loot and vandalize, but reporters trying to film you doing so? VERBOTEN!

The mobs are being given free rein to loot and destroy while law enforcement in most cases are being ordered to stand down. We are watching mobs, in real time, flaunt their derision and hatred of our First Amendment and Constitution while Democrats applaud and encourage them.

The mobs will continue to destroy, and our Constitution will be trampled on more and more until we say ENOUGH.

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  • Peter Mitchell says:

    Oh I thought this was going to be about the mob at the Idaho Capital this week.

    try this “We are watching mobs, in real time IN OUR CAPITAL, flaunt their derision and hatred of our First Amendment and Constitution AND RULE OF LAW while THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE applaud and encourage them.”

    • GWB says:

      Funny, what I read (though terribly slanted) didn’t make it appear they were stomping on the 1st Amendment at all. They weren’t denying anyone’s right to speak. They were a bit unruly (don’t bang on glass doors, people).

    • Scott says:

      Might want to try reading for comprehension genius, about the only thing in your comment that is factual is “Idaho Capital” (it’s actually spelled Capitol), and “THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE applaud and encourage them.””… everything else is lies / leftist propaganda (yeah, I know, they’re the same thing, can’t argue facts when they’re not on your side… I’m actually surprised that you didn’t describe the protesters as “right wing” or “racist”)

      Overall, pretty weak sauce dude…

  • GWB says:

    I’m seeing people being more upset about the property damage than they are about another unarmed Black person being killed by police in America
    Yes, because it appears the black man was encouraging the police to shoot him, and it didn’t appear to be about race at all (just like Floyd), and two wrongs don’t make a right. You burning down a third party’s business is NOT an appropriate response to the police shooting someone. Heck, if you at least could have made a familial connection to the policeman… you’d still be wrong, but there would at least be an attempt at logic/reason. It wasn’t even a lynch mob, looking for vengeance, it was just a mob randomly enacting their rage on whatever was nearby.

    So, FU, yes we’re more angry about a mob torching businesses than about a bad dude getting capped by a policeman, when we can all see the guy was trying for suicide-by-cop.
    (Yes, he was clearly going for SBC. You can see in his face that he has either decided this is the way to end his troubles, or to become “at least a martyr”, or something. He is pointedly ignoring the cops – with whom he was fighting moments before, btw – who have guns pointed at him and blatantly makes a move that will clearly get him hurt, at the very least. He has decided he is going out in a blaze of glory, but he’s definitely “going out”.)

    (PS: On the video the DailyMail posted, from the other angle, it’s clear the kid thinks this is all fun and games. “Cool, a fight!” Not sure what relationship he has with the guy who was shot, but there’s a potential future problem being groomed right there.)

  • Toastrider says:

    The more that comes out about the dumb bullet-stopper in Kenosha, the worse it looks for BLM.

    He wasn’t there ‘breaking up a fight’. He was trespassing and had stolen a woman’s keys, refusing to give them back. When his name came up for officers they were advised he had a warrant for his arrest.

    Folks, once again: if Mr. Po-Po has a warrant for you, your best bet is to (a) go quietly, and (b) get lawyered up. You cannot argue ‘false arrest’, because the policeman isn’t arresting you — he’s serving the warrant and taking you into custody.

    But hey, he’s got a nice big GFM from morons willing to give him cash. Hope that’s worth the seven rounds he got plugged with.

    • GWB says:

      if Mr. Po-Po has a warrant for you, your best bet is to (a) go quietly, and (b) get lawyered up.
      Related point: If you have pissed off half a dozen men with guns – whether police or not – and they’re screaming at you to stop and put your hands up, do it. Unless they are Imperial Stormtroopers (or some CA cops), in which case you’re probably ok, even at point blank range.

      Aside: I haven’t heard the sequence of events leading up to the altercation. Were the half a dozen cops there from the get-go, or did they arrive after the first 1 or 2 as things escalated?

      • Scott says:

        Well, the warrants were for domestic abuse, and felony sexual assault on a child, soo…..

        As for the “cause and effect” that Mr. Stephens was running his ignorant mouth about, that would be the three rioters getting shot last night for assaulting a guy with a rifle (not the brightest bulbs are they?). The shooter has been charged, but with the amount of pictures / footage of the incidents (it was actually two separated by a few minutes), any jury approaching fair will find it completely justified self defense. In all reality, a halfway decent judge should dismiss the charges with prejudice!

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