Nick Sandmann Slays, Joe Lockhart Sneers

Nick Sandmann Slays, Joe Lockhart Sneers

Nick Sandmann Slays, Joe Lockhart Sneers

As the GOP promised, Nick Sandmann, the Covington, KY, kid whom the media smeared, and then who won big bucks in a lawsuit, spoke at the RNC. And Sandmann slayed, not only by calling out cancel culture, but also in expressing a hope that the media “returns to providing balanced, responsible, and accountable news coverage.”

He wrapped up his short speech by putting on a MAGA hat! Burn!

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Sandmann addressed the RNC at the Lincoln Memorial. He spoke of that fateful trip in 2019 with his Catholic high school, attending the March for Life. That’s when he encountered Native American activist Nathan Phillips on those very same steps of the Memorial. Phillips was leading his Indigenous Peoples group up the steps, banging his drum and chanting, finally ending up face-to-face with Nick Sandmann. Sandmann faced Phillips, smiling uncomfortably, which the media interpreted as a smirk by a racist white kid. Of course he was racist — the punk was wearing a MAGA hat, too! You know that the media reacts to Trump hats like vampires to the Cross.

Their smears went viral, largely whipped up by a media that refused to research the facts of the incident.

Sandmann recalled that incident at the RNC:

“Looking back now, how could I possibly have imagined that the simple act of putting on that red hat would unleash the hate from the Left and make myself the target of network and cable news networks, nationwide?”

He concluded his speech by donning the MAGA hat that brought him so much grief.

By now you know the rest of the story. Nick Sandmann hired attack dog attorney Lin Wood and sued various news sources, including the Washington Post and CNN — the WaPo for $250M and CNN for $275M. He also brought suit against ABC, CBS, The Guardian, The Hill, and NBC. The total came to a whopping $800M.

Both the Washington Post and CNN have since settled separately for undisclosed amounts. I’m sure both would just as soon forget that they were owned by a teenage boy in a MAGA hat.

But Nick Sandmann’s appearance at the RNC on Tuesday triggered Joe Lockhart.

Joe Who?

As some of you may remember, Joe Lockhart was the press secretary for President Bill Clinton. Lockhart also works for . . . you guessed it . . . CNN, where he’s an analyst.

His Twitter fingers were dripping with renewed contempt for Nick Sandmann as he tweeted this:

I’m thinking that poor Joe is pissed because Nick Sandmann probably sits on more more simoleons than he will ever see. As a writer for The Blaze tweeted:

“Joe’s mad that Nick Sandmann gets a bigger paycheck from CNN than he does.”

But entitled kid from Kentucky? Lockhart’s comment couldn’t scream “elitist” any more than those four words.

We get it, Joe — Kentucky. You think of Kentuckians as inbred knuckle-draggers from Flyover Country who deserve your condescension. They didn’t go to Georgetown or live in the Beltway or work for a President. They’re especially loathsome if they support Donald Trump and, like the Sandmann family, are Catholic and pro-life to boot. In your world those people — and Nick Sandmann — aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

Becket Adams of the DC Examiner had words of warning for Lockhart:

College? I think that’s already wrapped up. Nick could probably go to law school at this point. Who knows? He could become an attorney who files defamation suits against slanderous a**holes in the media. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

However, I don’t think young Nick Sandmann will lose any sleep over Joe Lockhart’s fuming — if he even knows who the man is. After all, he met “some wonderful people” before he went onstage at the RNC:

Yes, Nick met with Eric Trump, Kimberly Klacik — the new rock star for the GOP — and Rudy Giuliani. (And notice that none of them are wearing masks, either. Heh.)

Well done, young Nick Sandmann. You came through a more intense nightmare than most teenagers experience — and in the national spotlight to boot. Your future is so bright, you better get a good pair of shades.


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