Minneapolis In Flames As Riots Get Excused

Minneapolis In Flames As Riots Get Excused

Minneapolis In Flames As Riots Get Excused

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolist is horrifying. There’s no other way to put it. But there is no “justice” for the Floyd family in burning down buildings and looting Target.

Last night, Minneapolis exploded with the alleged help of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The initial goal was apparently a protest at one particular police station. What ended up happening was a full-out riot that included looting a nearby Target. Because of course, nothing demands justice for a horrifying, needless death in police custody like trashing Target and getting a new flat-screen TV!

And here’s a reminder that even though everything about last night was terrible, it could have been so much worse.

I thought we all agreed with the senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery that vigilante justice was a BAD thing. Apparently, Antifa and BLM missed that memo.

Of course there is no connection between Target and the death of George Floyd. But by the look of Twitter and talking-head “journalists,” you would think that committing arson and looting businesses that had zero connection to the victim were all totally acceptable reactions, because when “white people” protested the lockdown in Michigan, it was okay!

Um, these so-called betters in our media do know that Michigan and Minnesota are two different states, right? And that Minneapolis is not Lansing? And if the protestors who showed up in Lansing to make their disagreement known to Governor Gretchen Whitmer by looting a Target, I would fully expect that there would have been a swift condemnation by all sides of the political aisle. Instead, we are getting a range of excuses for smashing up a police station, robbing multiple businesses, lighting buildings on fire, attacking firefighters who showed up to combat the fires, and beating up a woman in a wheelchair.

All in the name of “justice” for George Floyd, who surely deserves actual justice and for those responsible for his death to stand trial, but not widespread vandalism, rioting, theft, and arson in his memory.

And the rioters aren’t done. After all, Minneapolis sister city St. Paul must be made to answer for George Floyd’s death. Or something.

Another Target store is being surrounded in St. Paul, and the Minnesota National Guard is now being deployed to contain the rioting that has spread out from Minneapolis. If the media were consistent, we would be hearing the chiding of talking heads and the doomsday predictions of thousands of coronavirus deaths due to the lack of social distancing by the rioters. However, the media is not consistent. But at least the rioters are wearing their masks proudly.

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  • Charles N. Steele says:

    The reason there were no riots in Lansing is that those protesting Whitmer’s autocracy were armed. Michigan has a big antifa contingent but they didn’t dare attack.

    Yesterday (May 28) the mayor of Minneapolis ordered the police to prepare to surrender the 3rd Precinct building. Third precinct was duly abandoned to burn last night as police and firefighters left.

    There’s a lesson here. It isn’t pleasant but should not be ignored.

    • GWB says:

      I know if that was my home or business, and people tried breaking into it to burn it down or hurt me, my solution would be simple. The only time I would abandon the position is if I was running out of ammo. I really don’t understand – other than moral cowardice – why the rioters were allowed to take the position and destroy it.

      If there were outsiders in this, there are some serious federal laws that could come into play. I would hope that Trump would actually use them, if the case can be made. (Anyone organizing to send people from outside Minnesota to the protests, with the intent of turning them into a riot would be guilty of fomenting sedition, imo. Arrest the ringleaders and send them to Fed Super Max for a loooong time.)

  • GWB says:

    I thought we all agreed with the senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery that vigilante justice was a BAD thing.
    Well, don’t count me in that “all”. Being “vigilante” is not what makes it bad. Ignoring actual justice is what makes it bad.
    (And, yes, I think those particular goobers should have a day in court. Despite what Andrew Branca has said, I think their actions could be construed as “threatening”. I would welcome a full airing of all the relevant bits and pieces of that situation.)

    As to the excuses? Same ones we heard in Ferguson and Baltimore and LA. Same excuses we always hear for a certain group of miscreants. From the same people who tell us that judging all people in that group the same way is abhorrent. Well, if you excuse the behavior, you are morally just as responsible as those actually lighting the fires. So, please shut up and let the rest of us try to actually help.

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