Millions Donated To Clinton Foundation Equals Access Granted To Hillary At State Dept [VIDEOS]

Millions Donated To Clinton Foundation Equals Access Granted To Hillary At State Dept [VIDEOS]

Millions Donated To Clinton Foundation Equals Access Granted To Hillary At State Dept [VIDEOS]

Hillary Clinton has been adamant that she turned over ALL her work related emails from that insecure server stashed in her bathroom. Well, as we’ve been finding out…accuracy is not her strong suit.

Neither is honesty or ethics. Hillary’s been lying for years. She also wants and hungers for power. Hence the Clinton Foundation and its donors from around the world. All whom have been happy to line the Clinton Foundation’s coffers. And you, the donor, depending upon size of donation, will gain access to Hillary and her inner circle.

The Judicial Watch and Citizens United have been doing  what most of the the media won’t.

They’ve been chipping away at the cone of silence surrounding Hillary and her web of lies, deceit, and downright unethical behavior.  With each swing of the hammer, more information comes to light.

Judicial Watch said Monday’s release from Abedin’s inbox included 20 previously undisclosed exchanges with Clinton that were not included in the approximately 55,000 pages of correspondence the former secretary gave to State. Also Monday, the State Department said the FBI had turned over nearly 15,000 emails and other documents that investigators discovered during a probe of Clinton’s email setup that she had not previously returned to State.

When major donors wanted something and couldn’t meet with Sec of State Clinton via the State Department, they used Clinton Foundation exec Doug Band with Huma Abedin’s to gain access. Access that proved very useful to quite a few people, such as the Crown Prince of Bahrain Sheikh Salman bin Hamad bin Isa.

In June 2009, Band emailed Abedin that the prince would be in Washington for two days and was seeking a meeting with Hillary Clinton. “Good friend of ours,” he added.

Abedin responded that the prince had already requested a meeting “through normal channels” but that Clinton had been hesitant to commit. Two days later, Abedin followed up with Band to let him know that a meeting with the prince had been set. “If u see him, let him know. We have reached out thru official channels,” she wrote to Band.

To summarize, Prince Salman, who had by that time donated nearly $32 million to the Clinton Foundation, wanted a meeting with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The State Department wouldn’t help so Salman went through the Clinton Foundation. Lo and behold! A meeting in 2009 and another one in 2012!

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Thank you for paying. Your access is granted.
Thank you for paying. Your access is granted.

Somehow I’ve a feeling there were more than two meetings. Especially since the Kingdom of Bahrain and Bahrain Petroleum also ‘donated’ to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of approximately $150,000. They weren’t the only ones who tried and benefited from this access granted via dollars.

  • Slimfast’s S. Daniel Abraham got immediate access several times after donating between $5 and $10 million
  • Clinton campaign “Hillblazer” Kevin Conlon donated nearly $25,000…and got access
  • Maureen White donated $75,000 to the Foundation. Got access AND got a job at the State Department
  • Cheryl Mills, in 2009 started paving the way for Rajiv Fernando to sit on International Security Advisory Board despite having ZERO security clearance of any kind. He donated $1 million to the Foundation.

Those are just a FEW of the donors who used their monetary link to the Clinton Foundation to gain access to Hillary while she was Sec of State. Judicial Watch has more here. And its not pretty. Keep in mind that Hillary SIGNED a document on January 4, 2009 stating the following:

For the duration of my appointment as Secretary if I am confirmed, I will not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties in which The William J. Clinton Foundation (or the Clinton Global Initiative) is a party or represents a party.

Yet the trail of donations, emails, and access granted tell an entirely different story. Meanwhile, the State Department isn’t thrilled to be on the hot seat again.

The Clinton Foundation has much to answer for as do Hillary and Bill Clinton. Yet we are supposed to believe that they’ll shut down the Foundation, if Hillary is elected. Do you believe that? I don’t.

You know as well as I do that if Hillary is elected, the Clinton Foundation will continue their ‘Pay To Play’ business. Can we afford Hillary as President? The answer is NO.

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