Milano is Hollywood’s Magellan

Milano is Hollywood’s Magellan

Milano is Hollywood’s Magellan

Or so she thinks. Milano, meet Magellan. In an attempt to garner more attention than her recent “sex strike” proposal, Alyssa Milano has now come up with her latest harebrained (no insults to hares intended) scheme to help her Hollywood cohorts make “more informed decisions” and to become a “beacon” for American ideals.

Since the sex strike proved to be, (like some of her acting abilities in just about everything), a flop-behold, ladies and gentlemen, Alyssa Milano has a new idea! Milano teamed up with activist Ben Jackson to create a new survey which will enable production companies to select states and locations that give helpful tax credits while being supposedly “safe” places for women to work. Why? Because every Hollywood actor on the right side of the progressive agenda needs a map of abortion-tolerant states. Hey-with the invention of Weed Maps and Poop Maps, why not have “Abortion is Okay” Maps? Alyssa Milano to the rescue! It’s color-coded and everything!

Avoid Georgia at all costs because they are a bunch of abortion-intolerant bigots over in that state. Except if you are under contract to film there, that is.

Following the passage of a number of draconian attacks on a pregnant person’s right to choose in 2019, including those in states in which the motion picture and television industries conduct significant business, it has become apparent that those in our industry need to be able to make informed choices.”-Alyssa Milano

She actually acknowledged pregnancy. Good for her. You know what’s draconian, Alyssa? Snapping the neck of an unwanted, innocent child in order to end his or her life. Jamming scissors into the back of a baby’s skull to prevent a child from surviving in partial-birth, late-term abortions. I’d say advocating for this is pretty brutal, don’t you think?

In Variety, Milano accounts her experience in filming her upcoming TV series, “Insatiable“:

I walk into this house that someone owns and rents out for production, and in front of the sink is a ‘Brian Kemp for Governor’ kitchen mat. So I think to myself, every time we shoot on location outside of Atlanta, we are funding a hurtful policy.”-Alyssa Milano

But that did not stop you there, did it? Yeah. Right. Got it. Contract. Moving along…

Apparently, Milano is also in discussions with Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms for assistance with this map app of sorts for location managers and talent scouts. Isn’t it nice to know that Mayor Bottoms has the time to set aside and work on this?

Quite frankly, we’re not sure Milano knows where she is at with this and how a concept such as this applies to innocent, unassuming households.

I asked if there was a version we could create with maps to the block of people that support a progressive policy, versus homes that are supporting a hurtful policy. Can we use these to pinpoint in red states where it is safe for productions to spend their money? She thought it was a brilliant idea.”-Alyssa Milano

Yep. You’re so freaking supernova bright, Alyssa, that I’m going blind. Actually, you burned out a long time ago, honey. I’d say way before 1996’s Poison Ivy when she did soft porn to get publicity and attention because the career was in the proverbial toilet.

But let’s circle back to the lightbulb going off in Milano’s head on this map app, momentarily, shall we? Keisha Bottoms thought this was a “brilliant idea”? Follow along with me on this warped crazy train of thought for just a moment. By this way of thinking, we are now targeting neighborhoods who have thoughts that do not align with progressive policy to hurt them financially? A pregnant woman (yes, I said woman because as far as I can tell, we are the only sex able to become pregnant) who is living paycheck-to-paycheck and fiercely believes in keeping her child is now a person who is supporting “hurtful policy”? Really? By this particular targeting-the left can pinpoint this woman-and her family and economically “shun” them and their community? This is the true work of morbid and miserable minds.

The original idea was to prevent Gov. Kemp from signing this bill. We in the entertainment industry pride ourselves on inclusivity, equality and choice. All of these really symbolic, important things that we understand become a beacon for the country to follow suit.”-Alyssa Milano

There it is, again. “Inclusivity, equality” and choice”. Except for the unborn. They have no say. Alyssa Milano actually thinks brutal abortion laws and killing defenseless human lives in the name of “inclusivity, equality and choice” is a platform to becoming a beacon for this country? If this is the beacon, I think I’d just rather stay lost out at sea at this point. Alyssa Milano has no idea where the beacon is lit-let alone to think she can be one.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    GET WOKE! Go broke.
    I remember getting “blank” maps of US States to color in back when I was a child in grade school too!
    Except I think we had to print the name of their capitals as well.

  • GWB says:

    like some of her acting abilities in just about everything), a flop
    Hey now! She did a good job playing an arrogant teen. And a decent job playing an alcohol-addled … wait, that was someone else. She was good in that Bond mo… wait, that was someone else. She did play a believable witch, though.

    Why? Because every Hollywood actor on the right left side of the progressive agenda needs …
    … needs to be able to get pregnant by a director/producer, then go get it taken care of so they can still fit in their costume through the end of production.
    At least that’s what she seems to be saying.

    draconian attacks
    *Somebody* has been watching too much GoT!

    a pregnant person’s right to choose
    In almost EVERY case, that choice was made before the “pregnant” part.

    informed choices
    Well, that would be a new thing from the pro-abort folks. You know, the folks who have fought tooth-and-nail to stop fetal ultrasound requirements and the requirement to inform of adoption and and other alternatives.

    She thought it was a brilliant idea.
    So, basically doxxing. Got it.

    way before 1996’s Poison Ivy
    Ummm, IMDB doesn’t show her in any of the Poison Ivy movies. Nor in the movie I could have sworn she was in, whose name I can’t recall. (I’m now pretty sure it’s another actress I’m thinking of – whose name I also can’t recall.)

    as far as I can tell, we are the only sex able to become pregnant
    You obviously need more enlightenment, then. Report to MinTruth Monday morning, 8am sharp, and we’ll take care of that.

    All of these really symbolic, important things
    Symbolic? I don’t think you understand most of the words that are coming out of your mouth, my dear.

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