Miami Rally on Venezuela: Trump Smacks Socialism, Compares to Dem Platform

Miami Rally on Venezuela: Trump Smacks Socialism, Compares to Dem Platform

Miami Rally on Venezuela: Trump Smacks Socialism, Compares to Dem Platform

Donald Trump trumpeted the evils of Socialism in Miami yesterday afternoon with an address to Venezuelan Americans focusing on the train-wreck that is Venezuela under Socialist policies:

And in case you missed it, during a hearing on Venezuela last week, the Democrats tried to convince anyone watching that Venezuela is not a socialist country (oh, really? Then what the hell is it, pray tell?), the inference being that Democrats do, indeed, embrace Socialism. You know, the Sweden-flavored kind.

Meanwhile, in his address, President Trump stated that democracy for Venezuela is inevitable (and by the way, democracy is often the pathway to oppressive policies; it’s why we’re a constitutional republic). But it’s more than just a return to democracy that Trump highlighted. It’s the scourge that is Socialism and its inevitable outcomes: widespread oppression and poverty, with a small cabal of “elites” ruling over the rest of us.

The average Venezuelan has shed twenty-five pounds under Socialist policies. Reports have circulated for years about the epidemic of hunger that permeates the once-thriving nation, with claims that citizens have been forced to eat zoo animals just to survive. Recent reports say that professional women have been forced into prostitution just to stay alive. The stats are stark:

According to Gallup, 71 percent of Venezuelans say they can’t afford food, 47 percent say they can’t afford shelter, just 15 percent say they are satisfied with the availability of quality health care, and 35 percent say they are satisfied with their standard of living.

Then there’s Venezuela’s government-run “healthcare,” which should shake all of us out of the “medicare for all” daydream:

“Free treatment for all.” Sounds like a DNC campaign slogan. That’ll never happen here, they’ll say; there will never be a corrupt, incompetent system in the vein of tyrant Nicholas Maduro’s who would deny citizens healthcare. Except… they’re already here.

“Physicians are less likely to accept Medicaid patients in their practice because Medicaid payment rates for medical services are set at artificially low levels—in some cases even below the cost of providing the services,” the report explains.

And doctor shortages are already an issue. What would motivate anyone to seek a medical degree if their government reimbursement rates don’t even cover the costs of operating a practice? Socialism is the ultimate motivation and innovation assassin.

While the pro-illegal alien, job-killing Ocasio-Cortez’s of the American left claim they want to emulate “socialist” countries like Sweden (without actually checking their facts on the political direction Scandinavian countries have moved), their rhetoric and promises of “free everything” sound eerily familiar to this:

[All the Democrat presidential candidates] have a common denominator: “free stuff” policies…

…Every small detail of Democrats’ policies can be traced to Ahmadinejad’s and Chávez’s economic and social policies: bank accounts for newborn babies, free subsidies and paychecks for taxpayers, free health care, millions of free apartments for the poor, free college, money distribution based on letters to the presidents, and universal basic income.

This is the result:

1-million-percent inflation rate in Venezuela, negative 7.9 (2012)- and negative 3.9  (2014)-percent growth rate in Iran and Venezuela, two million hungry Venezuelan refugees in Colombia, and 5 million Iranian refugees all over the world.

…before voting for Cory Ahmadinejad, Kamala Chávez, Elizabeth Maduro, Beto Raisi, and Bernie Khamenei, just take a look at Iran’s and Venezuela’s economic records in the last 15 years. If you are skeptical about World Bank and U.N. statistics, you can take a look at the numbers of their own central banks.

At his State of the Union address, President Trump promised Americans that ours will never be a socialist country. I pray he’s right. But with Rah Rah Socialism! cheerleaders dominating education, entertainment, and the media, it will take a Herculean effort to help Americans understand that Socialism is not the path to “equality,” but rather the path to ruin for the majority. For in its wake lie legions of dead who either refused to submit or were acceptable collateral damage on the way to a Socialist Utopia (that has never materialized anywhere, ever).

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Socialism is a lie, and those advocating for it are liars. The only proven cure for poverty is decentralized capitalism and limited government. And thus we have a pivotal choice to make: do we want to embrace the same destructive policies that have led Venezuela to the state in which it finds itself today? Or do we want to keep our dangerous freedoms? We can’t have both. So if it’s the latter you choose, know that it will take standing up, and speaking out, and shouting the ugly truths about Socialism from the rooftops. A complacent, compliant, ignorant and divided citizenry is what the radical left counts on; thus it’ll take millions of freedom-loving Americans with bullhorns to counter the ruinous, oppressive policies the left cloaks in flowery language, so that we vigorously shun the “Green New Deal-slash-Free Stuff For All-slash-Tear Down Those Racist Border Walls!” Kamala Chavez’s (D-CA) at the ballot box next year.

“Progressive” California: Home of Senator/Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris


The question is: if not you, if not me, then who? For if we sit idly by, that bullhorn we’ll need after the Socialists gain an entrenched foothold will cost us more than we can imagine.


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  • Joe in PNG says:

    What the Socialist ads promised: Happy Scandinavia, with more dope and less work
    What Socialist actually deliver: Venezuela, with no dope and unpaid work

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