Melania Trump Hosts Gold Star Families, Media Goes Full Gladys Kravitz Rutabaga [VIDEO]

Melania Trump Hosts Gold Star Families, Media Goes Full Gladys Kravitz Rutabaga [VIDEO]

Melania Trump Hosts Gold Star Families, Media Goes Full Gladys Kravitz Rutabaga [VIDEO]

The over reaction to Melania Trump’s supposed ‘disappearance’ from sight after her kidney surgery has been one for the books. Lisa wrote about some of it here. Many kept doubling down and CNN’s Brian Stetler went full tinfoil, and was called on the carpet for it.

Yes, I know, he’s one of those in the media who has lost their ever-loving minds over Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Another is this “reporter” for Rolling Stone took a more insidious tack.

Agreed. Vile and repugnant are VERY mild descriptions for what Jamil Smith posted.

What they ALL are willing to ignore is that perhaps the recovery time as mandated by the doctors means no traipsing around in public, no travel, rest, etc. I guess those bits of reality don’t matter to those who hate Trump so much they are willing to climb into the conspiracy cesspool and drag Melania Trump with them.

However, yesterday she made an appearance. In fact, she attended a very special event. One honoring our nation’s Gold Star families.

The event was closed to the press. You know why? It is because our nation’s Gold Star families deserve courtesy and respect. They are families of our Fallen. They are families whose son, daughter, father, mother gave their ALL in service to our Republic.

In fact, even in light of Melania’s appearance for such a solemn heartfelt occasion, the trolls and conspiracy theorists were still out in force.

It is a sad sad commentary on their state of mind that they are so willing to go full conspiracy rutabaga rather than take a few minutes of reality to understand that even a benign medical issue can mean enforced recuperation.

David Frum should know better, but instead he went as vile as Jamil did above.

The media should be better. But they aren’t and evidently don’t plan to be.

It is creepy. What’s even worse, is the crappy conspiracy stuff continued during and after her appearance at the Gold Star event yesterday.

Keep in mind folks, Jena was there as a Gold Star Daughter, not as a reporter. Did that stop anyone? NOPE

Body double? Oh FFS. The tinfoil is strong with that one.

Mrs. Trump released the following statement regarding the Gold Star event.

Co-blogger Toni had several friends attend the event. They were there as Gold Star families. It is a special occasion. The grief, even after years can still be just as raw as the day they were notified.

Toni wrote about Gold Star families here. It’s a must read.

However, the fact that she attended such a special and solemn event didn’t stop Brian Stetler. He decided to dig an even deeper hole.

Ummm, no Brian. You didn’t and haven’t asked the same questions about any other First Lady. Ever.

Yes, one of the many anti-Trump media types who has designated himself as a hall monitor thinks we all want to know. And has no problem fueling the tinfoil brigades conspiracy theories.

Greg Gutfield and Dana Perino lowered the BOOM on Brian and the rest.

Yes, Hillary’s health while Secretary of State and while running her failure of a Presidential campaign was off-limits according to the press. But Melania? Full court press because … TRUMP!

Gladys Kravitz. Call your office. The media has you beat in the Nosy Neighbor Gossip Conspiracy Theory Rutabaga Sweepstakes.

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  • GWB says:

    I predicted when it was first reported that she went in for a kidney issue that someone out there would suggest Trump was selling her kidney.
    I will admit I was wrong. It doesn’t happen often when I’m relying on the derp of the progs, but this prediction failed to pan out.
    Sadly, I’m not sure if this is actually any better or not. *smdh*

  • rbj says:

    Surprising that David Frum would say that. He’s bemoaning a coarseness with Trump, and yet traffics in baseless accusations. These leftists (and no, Frum is no conservative) are growing more unhinged by the day.

  • MikeyParks says:

    The behavior of the Left demonstrates just how insanely upset they are. I LOVE seeing them upset!

  • John Ringo says:

    I have an issue with the overall metaphor.

    Gladys Kravitz was THOUGHT to be a crazy conspiracy theorist because of her obsession with Samantha’s household in Bewitched.

    But she was, in fact, right. Something was NOT right in the household, notably Samantha was a witch as was Tabitha.

    So she was not a crazy conspiracy theorist. She was, in fact, correct that there was ‘something wrong over at the Stevens house! ABNER!’

    This headline and metaphor is therefore an insult to Gladys Kravitz and I think an apology is owed the late Mrs. Pearce. (The actress who portrayed her.)

    The media is WAAAAAAY worse than Gladys Kravitz. They’re well past Jack Hoggins territory and seem to be approaching Annie Wilks.

    (Personally, I would have probably gone for Jack Hoggins as a metaphor though, admittedly, he is less well known. Annie Wilks might have been pushing a bit though the obsession seems to be getting there.)

    Also, everyone knows that Putin kidnapped Melania as a hold over her husband. The Secret Service is covering it up due to embarrassment at losing the First Lady to the KGB…

    • GWB says:

      OK, I surrender – who is Jack Hoggins? Search only brings up the author Higgins and a “Bones” character, Hodgins.

  • I suspect that we’re seeing the outline of a larger anti-Trump strategy here. If President Trump’s enemies can tie him and his people up refuting an endless stream of nonsense allegations such as this, his Administration can be rendered ineffective simply by consuming all his and their time and energy. Many a politician would succumb to the temptation. I hope President Trump, who has rather a healthy ego, will resist.

    • SDN says:

      Oh, it’s more than that. It’s also a message to anyone who is nominated for a position in the Trump Admin: “This is what will happen to you. No accusation will be unthinkable and no reasonable doubt will be allowed in haunting you for the rest of your life.”

  • Linda Fox says:

    They are hearing horses, and thinking “zebras”.
    She had an operation. It can take time to recover from, even if the removed tissue is benign.
    Plus, I would bet that their son, Barron, is a little nervous about her health. Staying home as much as possible, rather than traveling, is a good idea.

  • BobB59 says:

    It’s a small quibble but in looking at the Melania missing graphic, there are seven, not six, days in a week. If you’re going to make it look like a calendar adhere to the convention.

  • William Casey says:

    David Frump seems to know a lot about wife beating.

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