Where’s Melania? Seriously, Jokers…Get A Life!

Where’s Melania? Seriously, Jokers…Get A Life!

Where’s Melania? Seriously, Jokers…Get A Life!

Since that fateful day in 2016, Donald Trump’s opposition has been so quick to jump on the “Where’s Melania?” train.

Not moving to The White House right away.Scratch that-she moved into The White House but sleeps in a separate bedroom. She has a Secret Service agent body-double. We are dead serious.

Freelance journalist, Yashar Ali recently sounded off on probably one of the most ridiculous of the conspiracy theories to have surfaced as of yet on Melania’s whereabouts:

Why> Because Melania was not in attendance at the Camp David retreat this past week. After (gasp) 22 days without a Melania sighting, the First Lady took to Twitter to respond to the buzz:

It’s amazing and appalling to me at the same time how the rabid media waits in the wings, chomping at the bit to get some dish on FLOTUS. Could it be that she is still recovering from surgery and not feeling like being part of the three-ring-circus?

“Somehow America seems to be getting by. Yet the frenzy over her decision to lie low, which has become a feature on cable news and a conspiracy-theory-fest on social media, reflects poorly on an impatient, celebrity-crazed, publicity-fueled society constantly prowling for something new to click and comment on. It is a culture the fiercely private Melania shuns, the same one her husband has fed and thrived in.”-A.B. Stoddard, Real Clear Politics

We have come off of an eight-year presidency where the appearances of the former FLOTUS rivaled those of her husband’s. Why? Because Michelle Obama liked to be in the limelight and the center of attention. She fed off of this stuff. When Michelle Obama made a public appearance, the media fawned all over her, complementing her demeanor, her choice of wardrobe complete with credit to the designer and how eloquent, inspirational and well-spoken she was. The media and news outlets were very forgiving with Obama. She, in their eyes, could do NO wrong. Still can’t.

Flash forward to Melania Trump. An immigrant who speaks five different languages who still, according to some not-so-funny American comediennes (whose incorrect grammar and misspellings plague Twitter), cannot speak a lick of English. When FLOTUS donates books to a school library, she gets the book thrown back at her by a hateful, bitter librarian! When she goes out to visit victims of a hurricane, she gets ripped apart for wearing HEELS on a PLANE. Her son, Barron, has been called “retarded” by haters for playing with a fidget spinner. Most recently, her step-daughter was called the “c” word by some classless twit who apparently gets an award for “social change”. If she goes to Mar-a-Lago or on vacation elsewhere, she is part of the elite who have no awareness of the struggles of the American people. How many times did Michelle Obama go to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard? If she ignores the media, she clearly thinks she is “better than” them. (She is.) If Melania entertains at The White House, she still hates her husband and sleeps in a separate bedroom. It’s as if these delusional people actually think Hillary would have slept in the same bedroom as HER spouse if she were presently taking up residency in The White House! And, yet, the beat goes on:

I seem to remember a certain 2016 Presidential candidate passing out at an event before the election and falling down a set of stairs on multiple occasions. But go on, oh, venomous pit vipers of the media and question Melania’s whereabouts, her choice of outfit, her competency and mastery of the English language and speculate all you want on her health. You’re only solidifying the proof of what a petty bunch of halfwits you really are.

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  • Kirk S. says:

    Several years ago my wife had a successful operation on her kidney, a similar procedure that Melania went through. It was “non-evasive” but the recovery time is two months. Trust me, my wife is very energetic and needs to be doing something everyday. She had a very tough time moving around, which destroyed her motivation to be active.

    When you look at all the activities FLOTUS attends, there is a lot of standing while people make speeches or the long photo ops, it would be very painful to go through. How quickly the media has forgotten she’s recovering from a medical procedure.

    Any other FLOTUS and there would be articles and stories about all the “get well wishes” that she has received. Melania, sorry, the media won’t give you that courtesy.

    So sad.

  • Tim Mack says:

    the constant drumbeat against the Trumps is part of the desperation that that the loser left is showing when the realize that they will lose in this year’s election and in 2020 as well. Desperate losers striking out against a very accomplished woman who is our First Lady.

  • Scott says:

    Just for the record, at NO time in her life was Michelle Obama EVER “eloquent, inspirational and well-spoken “, regardless of what the left would have us believe, and as for her demeanor and choice of wardrobe, she generally looked like a trained bear dressed in a clown costume.. n short, about as far from the current FLOTUS as one could possibly be!

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