Media and Journalists High-Five Each Other: “Forget” That Obama Also Gave Classified Intel to Russia

Media and Journalists High-Five Each Other: “Forget” That Obama Also Gave Classified Intel to Russia

Media and Journalists High-Five Each Other: “Forget” That Obama Also Gave Classified Intel to Russia

The media and journalists are having a field day patting each other on the back for “true” journalism in breaking the latest Trump White House scandal. Take a look:

What follows this was rich as well:

…But these Tweets are another story for another day. Let’s hone back in on this love fest, this mutual admiration society with the breaking of this (GASP) scandalous development. Fast and Furious? The Iran Deal? E-mails and information that should have been secured by a certain former president’s Secretary of State that were housed on a home-brew server? Oh, and yeah-this:

Meanwhile, back at the CNN ranch on New Day, political analyst Jeffrey Lord provided some “perspective” to anchor Chris Cuomo:

The only thing I would say here, Chris is perspective. Perspective is all. I’m holding two headlines from the Washington Post, one of May 25th, 2014, “White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan.” The Obama administration put the name of the CIA on the press release, exposed him and endangered his life.

The second one, June 30, 2016, “U.S. Offers to share Syrian intelligence on terrorist with Russia,” which is to say the Obama administration wanted to give their intelligence to the Russians. All I’m saying here is there’s perspective. We need to find out the facts and let’s have perspective.

What do these two articles have in common? Look no further than WaPost reporter, Greg Miller. But, according to most liberal democrats and the journalism community, Miller is Clark Kent transformed into Superman.

Perspective is everything, folks and so is being a great wordsmith. From 2009-2016, journalists used words like “inadvertently” and “mistakenly”. “Bombshell” stories were gently pushed under Barack Obama’s red carpet so that they could all just bask in the light of their messiah. Truth, integrity and accountability were what they have claimed to stand for all along but suddenly, in what seems like an overnight sensation for the journalism community, their “hard work” has finally paid off in their quest to expose our government for “what it really is”.

Bravo, journalists, bravo. It’s amazing how after an eight year long slumber, you’re chomping at the bit for a good story, ferocious and back on the attack and uncovering the hard stories in the desire to keep our government accountable. Oh, warriors of The First Amendment, oh, truth-seeking journalists! In your satin tights, fighting for our rights and the old Red, White and Blue! If only we all had a magic lasso to make you all tell the truth!

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