Media Defines Violent #MayDay2017 And #MayDayPDX Protests As “Peaceful” [VIDEO]

Media Defines Violent #MayDay2017 And #MayDayPDX Protests As “Peaceful” [VIDEO]

Media Defines Violent #MayDay2017 And #MayDayPDX Protests As “Peaceful” [VIDEO]

It seems that the new definition of violent protest is “peaceful.” From Paris to Portland, the media either didn’t report on the protests or wanted us to believe it was just a bunch of people walking along and singing pretty little songs.

As Deanna noted yesterday, San Francisco protestors decided that blocking streets and demanding sanctuary for all illegals, including the criminals, was the way to go.

Ummm…yeah. That went well.

Then there is Portland. They’ve had a time of it lately. First the long running 82nd Avenue of Roses parade was shut down due to threats of violence.

Well, yesterday it got worse. This is from the Portland Police Department during the oh so “peaceful” May Day protests:

Meanwhile, the media spin worldwide is unreal.

Here is the NBC’s take on these lovely protests in France:

BBC News wasn’t any better.

So, what? The Molotov cocktails just magically appeared? Yeah, I don’t think so. THIS is what happened next.

There are at least four French policemen who are hospitalized from injuries sustained during these oh so “peaceful” marches, protests, riots.

Meanwhile, this is what the Portland Police dealt with.

Businesses and property damaged, people injured, and worse. The police were able to arrest SOME of the so-called “peaceful” Anti-fascist thugs.

They left a considerable amount of damage behind.

Windows broken, a police car vandalized, street signs ripped down, bonfires set, and as noted above, the atrocious Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad made multiple appearances.

Yeah, that’s “peaceful” alright.

And the national media had this to say…..’nothing to see here, move along.’ Think I’m kidding? The New York Times wrote this article,

On May Day, Protesters Take to the Streets Nationwide

and waited until the 6th paragraph in to mention the Portland riots. They devoted exactly THREE sentences to the violence. Period, They spent the rest of the article over-explaining the issues of immigration, labor, sanctuary, and how everyone is so misunderstood.

The media’s silence regarding the violent realities of these protests is deafening. The New York Times in recent days has penned odes to Communism, and explained that the violence at Berkeley surrounding Milo, Ann Coulter, and other conservatives is…OUR fault. If we hadn’t said that wrong thing, showed up at the wrong time, or wore the wrong outfit, Berkeley would still be ‘peaceful’ and chock full of safe spaces for snowflakes everywhere.

Via the terrific Heather MacDonald, we also discover that the Times has a very different take on who should be celebrated regarding the anniversary of the 1992 LA Riots.

The New York Times outdoes itself this year with a fawning profile of one of the sadists who stomped and bludgeoned trucker Reginald Denny nearly to death on April 29, 1992, as Denny tried to maneuver his truck through the already anarchic intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles.

Yes, that’s correct. The NY Times celebrates those who helped cause over $1 billion in damage, injured far too many to count, destroyed businesses, and killed 50 people. MacDonald scathingly points out that the diversity bureaucracy then and now is one of the root causes of why we are seeing these types of violent protests grow rather than wither on the vine before they can even take root.

“We destroy the businesses that have served us for decades; we unleash savage violence against every ethnic group other than our own. So why aren’t things better now in our neighborhoods? Government and society owe us reparations in response to our feral rage against other people’s livelihoods and lives.”

No, the government and society do not OWE you anything. If you destroy property, lives, or injure others for some stupid cause that you can’t even articulate clearly, then the consequences are on YOU.

The media’s silent tacit approval of these “peaceful” protests is dangerous and it is wrong. The media should be denouncing the violence rather than sweeping it under the rug, and because they aren’t, they too are part of the problem.

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  • GWB says:

    Citizens need to take matters into their own hands. Until they set local society back into order, this idiocy will continue.

    I would meet violence against me and my property with extreme violence in return. (12ga beanbag rounds are $30-35 for a box of 5, $50 for a box of 10. Just saying.)

    • Nina says:

      I agree completely.

      Oh and in addition to those rounds I’d suggest another one. Look up Burns 1401. It’ll knock the wind out of their sails for sure! 😉

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