Media And Celebrities Encourage Meltdowns And Lunacy Over Pre-Existing Conditions [VIDEO]

Media And Celebrities Encourage Meltdowns And Lunacy Over Pre-Existing Conditions [VIDEO]

Media And Celebrities Encourage Meltdowns And Lunacy Over Pre-Existing Conditions [VIDEO]

In the wake of the House passing this latest version of ACHA and sending it to the Senate, where it’s looking doubtful it will pass, the media and celebrities are churning out more lies and fallacies than you can shake a stick at.

The narrative is, Trumpcare won’t cover pre-existing conditions, so we’re all just screwed.

Right? Not. So. Fast. Forbes Avik Roy debunked this a few weeks ago and ably points out that ummm- the Democrats are the ones who have been inflating the issue of pre-existing coverage for years!

Democrats made pre-existing conditions more politically important than the uninsured

It’s worth reading the entire article to find out just how the Democrats crafted and sold this talking point even when, PRIOR to Obamacare, insurance companies and Medicaid in multiple states were prohibited from denying care for pre-existing conditions!

Oh but that hasn’t stopped the media and celebrities from doubling down in the last two days. As Toni referenced here, and Mediate wrote about here, some are going so over the top hysterical about this that some idiot named Zoey Jordan Salsbury put up a website that basically says this:

The point of the site is simple: a user can select a GOP representative and have their ashes mailed directly to them in the event they die because of their illness after no longer being covered.

That’s right. If you die because supposedly no one will give you medical care because you don’t have medical insurance, then you can mail your ashes to a handpicked member of the GOP! Seriously folks, this is a thing.

I’m trying to decide if that’s just as bad or worse than the whole #ACHA made rape a pre-existing condition pile of poo that Kim wrote about here. Actually, I think they are equally bad. And the media continues to encourage this. It’s like a debunk the ACHA lies the media is peddling ‘whack a mole’ style!

ABC News is now super duper concerned. Especially since this hashtag, #IamaPreexistingCondition, took off on Twitter.

Some of the response was very predictable and sad.

However, will the media look at the other side of the coin?

But does the media care? Nope. It’s all about the narrative baby!!

Teh stooopid continued with journalists and celebrities doubling down and getting their keister handed to them. One liberal “journalist” sent out a tweet, now deleted, whiningly wondering why the Democrats didn’t stop this House vote, and then sniveled some more when she got pushback.

Alyssa Milano sent out this tweet.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting the responses she got.

Meanwhile, the media, while doing their best to swing the narrative their way and continue to make the GOP look bad…

Got hoist by their own petard while trying to whack the Obamacare lies into oblivion.


OUCH! But I’ve saved the best for last. Remember Kurt Eichenwald? He of the epic meltdowns on live TV and the tweet that caused a seizure fame?

He’s BAAAACK!! The dude went on an unhinged rant regarding pre-existing conditions.

Seriously, read it all. Including his now deleted tweet that was thankfully preserved by others.

Kurt’s response was well… so classy

His full statement on his tweet storm is in a class by itself.

Suffice it to say, the media and celebrities are pushing their hysterically unhinged narrative regarding pre-existing conditions and the ACHA as a whole.

Has the ACHA passed? No. It still has to get through the Senate before landing on the President’s desk.

Are people going to die if they don’t have insurance? NO. Hospitals and doctors are not allowed to refuse care. Period. In fact, the only reason someone would die is if they themselves refused to get care until it was too late.

How many times do I have to say it? Health CARE and Health INSURANCE are two distinctly different things! But the media and the celebrities who are engaged in the fear-mongering narrative don’t care about that. They only care about maintaining the status quo Democrat style.

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