Max Boot Throws Hissy Fit Because Republicans Didn’t Vote Democrat [VIDEO]

Max Boot Throws Hissy Fit Because Republicans Didn’t Vote Democrat [VIDEO]

Max Boot Throws Hissy Fit Because Republicans Didn’t Vote Democrat [VIDEO]

Max Boot doesn’t know which end is up anymore. Yesterday, after the election results were in, he threw a hissy fit. You see, because we didn’t vote out all the Republicans per Max’s order; we are now Trumpier than ever and white nationalists to boot. 

Oh well, isn’t that something! So, what exactly did Bootsie write this time?

I wanted to see a root-and-branch repudiation of the Trumpist transformation of the Republican Party. The race-baiting and immigrant-bashing were particularly squalid in the last weeks of the campaign — and President Trump was hardly the sole culprit. Other Republicans did not denounce his despicable tactics and even imitated them. A friend in Florida, for example, sent me a last-minute email from the Palm Beach County Republican Party warning GOP voters that “George Soros, Andrew Gillum and their people are looking for ‘pay back for our 2016 victory’! Don’t allow their money, influence or tricks to ruin this election or your family’s future!” “Their people”? “Their money”? This wasn’t dog-whistling. This was a wolf-whistle to white voters suspicious of wealthy Jews such as Soros and powerful African Americans such as Gillum. Sadly, it worked: Gillum lost after leading in pre-election polls.

So, too, another talented African American gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, was trailing in Georgia in another campaign laced with racial undertones. Abrams’s opponent, Brian Kemp, misused his position as Georgia’s secretary of state to suppress the minority vote and then made unfounded, last-minute allegations of voter-roll hacking against the Democrats.

Oh my goodness. Bless Maxie’s little heart. Did you understand what you wrote? I bet so. And I bet you are STILL trying to call yourself a conservative. Yeah… NOPE.

You see, he’s thrilled that moderates such as Barbara Comstock and Mia Love lost because TRUMP! He’s thrilled that the newly minted Democrat-led House is gonna spend all their time ginning after Trump’s tax returns and the Russia crap that they will forget their actual job ..which is to GOVERN.

But Trump racism!

And yet he wonders and whines as to why the election didn’t go his way. Max, this is what you demanded in your book.

Vote ALL Republicans out at every level

We need to be in favor of free markets and welfare Otto von Bismark style.

We need to be pro-free trade and make NEW treaties.

We must be for climate change otherwise we are going to die in 10 years.

We have to be pro-gun control.

Pro-immigration but figure out how to reassure white Americans that a changing demography isn’t a threat.

We must be in favor of all free speech and don’t diss Colin Kaepernick for kneeling.

We must be for strong defense, but also be an internationalist and learn from the United Nations.

The GOP needs to reexamine and disavow their checkered history of racism in order to regain their conservative footing.

Guess what Sparky? You won’t like the results you’ve gotten thus far. You see, here in Colorado, we now have a Blue state. Which means that we’ll see increased taxes if they can. Do you want increased taxes? It seems so. How about gun control? Oh wait. You’re a fan of gun control so yeah, you were never a conservative and evidently don’t care about the 2nd Amendment. Private property rights at stake? No biggie as long as it benefits your pal the Big Government. Medicare for all?! TERRIFIC!!

And of course, when folks called you out …you whined.

Oh well now…isn’t that cute??!! You threw GOOD OUTSTANDING Republicans under the bus because of your tinfoil hat hatred of Trump and we’re supposed to just grin and bear it? Yeah. NO.

Your justification epically sucks.

You LIKE that Nancy Pelosi will likely be speaker??! You LIKE that Maxine Waters will probably end up as a corrupt House Finance chair? You LIKE that the House will now spend all their time swatting at imaginary flies because of their Trump and American hatred?

Photo Credit: Screen Grab via CNN

Max, it is evident that you were NEVER a conservative. Thanks for showing your true colors finally. Enjoy the CNN adulation while you can. Jackass.

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  • scott says:

    It is sad how far our great state of Colorado has fallen isn’t it? With this latest election, it’s become obvious that our state is lost, I’m now just counting the days till retirement when I can move away from here.

  • GWB says:

    Max Boot doesn’t know which end is up anymore.
    Honestly, I’ve never thought he was a conservative except within a limited arena of military policy. And post-Cold War, even that limited conservatism evaporated.

    a white-nationalist party
    If they wonder why we hate them so, this is a YUGE reason.

    I’m going to withhold comment on the repeated bullshit about racism, because it would really have to all be shift-top-row to pass muster (unless I was as linguistically creative as Marta).

    another talented African American gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams
    Who is a f*ing socialist, and wants to see our constitutional rights stripped from us, but ignore all that and vote for all the black people all the time. Unless, of course, they’re a pro-Trump black person. FU, Boot.

    We need to be in favor of free markets and welfare Otto von Bismark style
    These two things are mutually exclusive.

    We need to be pro-free trade
    No, we need to be pro-American trade. Because no one else out there is practicing actual free trade.

    We must be for climate change otherwise we are going to die in 10 years.
    What? Wouldn’t it make the availability of cruises that much better?

    We must be in favor of all free speech and don’t diss Colin Kaepernick for kneeling
    Sounds to me like you’re not in favor of free speech, then, Skipper.

    We must be for strong defense, but also be an internationalist and learn from the United Nations.
    Well, if we “learn from” the UN, we won’t have a strong defense. And no, we must NOT become internationalists.

    how far to the right GOP is moving
    No. It reflects how far LEFT the progressives have pushed our gov’t (and the electorate) in the last 100 years.

    I put principle above party.
    Bullf*ingshit, Skipper. You put power of your technocratic class above conservative principle AND above party.

    I hope you enjoy your ride on the trundle, Max.

    • GWB says:

      Ah, a lot of those things I responded to were from VG, not Boot. So, the self-evident bits were already snarkified by you, Nina.

  • TBlakely says:

    “but also be an internationalist and learn from the United Nations”

    The only things we can learn from the UN is corruption and incompetence.

  • Sally says:

    Max Boot longs for war. I say we give him the boot.

  • Melissa says:

    I love how President Trump, who I was ambivalent about before his election, has brought all the RINO’s out of the woodwork like the hiding cockroaches they always were. We FINALLY have an AMERICAN as President; a LEADER who actually cares about the forgotten, patriotic citizens of this country. Even if President Trump misspeaks at times, he has done VERY well by us. I have no sympathy for the so called “conservatives” like Bill Kristol or Boot who value being invited to elite cocktail parties over the welfare of this county’s people.

  • […] with media platforms are running the same NPC script as the media-platformed Democrats and calling their fellow Republicans who support Trump racists?I am not a racist because I believe in having an immigration policy and following it. Neither is […]

  • DEEBEE says:

    As a brownie Trump supporter, not generally for his loose verbiage, I always feel WTF I am missing on the dog whistles of White Nationslism that Boot so clearly hears. I believe I am a nationalist, in the traditional sense, but is the White part only felt by Whites?

  • mark abrams says:

    Max Boot is a democrat, a lover of an all powerful state, why he pretends to be a conservative is a mystery.

  • MarkJ says:

    Sweet Fancy Moses, only a self-hating Jew like Max Boot would be thrilled to see blatant anti-semites like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Keith Ellison elected to high office. Boot’s parents lived under Stalin and Boot himself spent the first seven years of his life in the Soviet Union. Strange to say, the schmuck still hasn’t learned a f***ing thing from those experiences, has he?

  • Danimal28 says:

    Love you gals at this site. 45 wimpy republicans decided to ‘retire’ in an age when 98% of incumbents win re-election – and we didn’t lose in a ‘blue wave’. Loved Mia Love et al., but if they don’t realize that the Left fights in the gutter and are not prepared to go there, well, you were retired. Sorry. I will take a Pete Stauber over establishment, omnibus over-spending Paul Ryan any day.

  • harleycowboy says:

    Max Boot? Any relation to Max Headroom?

  • MaxBootalicious says:

    I did as Boot told me. I voted for the Dem candidate, and my NeverTrumper GOP congressman could not even get 42% of the vote.

  • A. Squaretail says:

    Boot is the classic case of an insider whose self-image is threatened by outsiders. I had thought he was a smarter, clearer thinker with actual principals. Instead his principals amount to “oooo…. icky.”

  • mortis says:

    I think Bootsie finally got the call from Donald Pleasence spouting Robert Frost poetry.

  • Sam L. says:

    Max needs a maximum boot up his backside.

  • mhj says:

    If the “moderates” like Boot leave, who is left but the hard-liners? So, how can he be surprised if Trump takes over a party that he and those like him left? What did he think would be the consequence of the moderates leaving?

    This is insane even on Boot’s own terms.

    If he truly wants to moderate “Trumpism” in the GOP, he needs to stick around and fight for it. If he chooses not to, for whatever reason, he should at least be honest about the consequences.

    This seems like another example of Trump’s greatest strength–he drives his opponents insane. He may be ignorant, boorish, and much else, but he is not insane–and many of his opponents are. Weird times.

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