Maui Joe And The Empathy Road Show

Maui Joe And The Empathy Road Show

Maui Joe And The Empathy Road Show

Where are the children of Maui?

Joe Biden hit Maui to show off his famous Empathy Road Show. Joe was (s)elected in 2020 to restore order and civility to the Nation and comfort the peoples with his infamous ability to console hurting humans by virtue of his own life’s tragedies. He has had some tragedies in his life, true. Empathy Joe was always a smoke screen for a callous, grasping just like Lunch Bucket Joe. Yet again, we were told to “ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears” as Empathy Joe visited the Hawaiian Island today.

A week ago, as Joe entered his caravan of Secret Service SUV’s on Rehoboth Beach, where he has a vacation home, he issued a dead-eyed “No Comment” when asked about the disaster. From Rehoboth, Joe moved westward to the Lake Tahoe home of billionaire activist Tom Steyer for his next vacation. Don’t get your dandruff up, Joe is paying fair market value. But, wait, belay that, Joe has been there since Day One:

As the children of Maui returned to school this week, fears are that the lion’s share of the 1,000 still missing are children. Hawaii Governor Josh Green has been vowing to “build back better” before recovery efforts are completed or victims identified. Sounds very familiar. Last week, Joe Biden vowed to support Hawaii’s recovery for as long as it takes. Didn’t we hear that with Ukraine:

The live feed from Maui was very short as Empathy Joe and Doctor Jill got off of Air Force One. Then we were treated to Joe and Doctor Jill consoling Governor Green. This is nausea inducing as Green melts into Doctor Jill’s arms in his pain and exhaustion:

I would be exhausted and in pain too, if the incompetence of my administration meant no warning sirens and concerns about “water equity”. These people have crust. Where are the children?

Here is how CNN covered the Maui trip:

President Joe Biden has arrived in fire-ravaged Maui to witness up close the devastation left by an inferno more than a week ago and assess for himself a government response that some residents initially found lacking.
Monday’s trip brings Biden to the scene of the deadliest American wildfire in more than 100 years. His initial response to the Maui wildfires drew criticism earlier this month, mainly from Republicans, who seized upon a nearly five-day period of silence between Biden’s first comments about the fires to when he next publicly addressed the tragedy.

With about 850 people still unaccounted for, according to Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen, the death toll of at least 114 is still expected to rise, as emergency responders and cadaver dogs search through the incinerated wasteland for victims. Biden is planning to name a senior federal emergency official to oversee long-term recovery efforts during his visit.

Marine One circled Maui and then back on land, Joe stopped to notice the boots on the rescue dogs “because it’s hot, man” before making comments. He began with “Hello people of Maui!” and a shout out to the Banyan tree. It was helpful that Joe read from prepared remarks so that we could read them as he did. Joe, the empathizer, then began talking about his first wife and daughter. He knows how the people of Maui feel. Are you freaking kidding me?

It was a sad scene:

Joe’s empathy speech was blessedly short. We all appreciate. We were running out of nausea medicine and it’s too early to drink. The entire Federal, State and local administrators screwed up. No sirens, no water and where are the children? WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?

Featured Collage: Hawaii National Guard/ Commons/Donkey Hotey/ Commons

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