March For Life Goes Virtual This Year

March For Life Goes Virtual This Year

March For Life Goes Virtual This Year

Like so many people, I am waiting for the day when large crowds are considered commonplace again. But since we aren’t at that point yet, the 2021 March For Life is shifting gears.

The organization announced yesterday that instead of having their large planned march – the dates are set a full year in advance, and who knew a year ago that our very daily routines were about to be upended in a way that hadn’t been seen in a century? – on January 29th, the March For Life will instead be a virtually-held event, for the safety and security of all involved.

As much as we are all ready to kick down the doors and start living real life again, there are still real limitations that have been imposed on any large gatherings right now. While the risk of COVID-19 is still out there, though minimized by the day with each vaccine dose given out, the real issue isn’t COVID, but crowd control logistics. What happened on January 6th has Washington D.C. spooked. With the inauguration now a tightly locked down event with no crowds being allowed on the National Mall, a hugely attended march just a little over a week later, despite the peaceful intentions of the marchers for this most sacred of causes, would be a nightmare for security.

And let’s not pretend that all the people who show up are coming in good faith to support the March For Life – the Covington Catholic frame job was only two years ago, instigated by competing protestors and activists, and then blown entirely out of all proportion by a hysterical media.

As sad as it is, the March For Life is making the safest, and probably the wisest decision to go virtual this year. Even their annual gala fundraiser, the Rose Dinner, will be a virtual event. This year’s theme was announced when it was still hoped that a march would be possible: “Together Strong: Life Unites!”

It really is a shame that the uniting will have to take place virtually, because watching the crowds gather to March For Life is always a profoundly moving sight. Even with COVID, it might have been possible to go forward, but COVID plus the continued sense of unrest right now, with a known large event following closely on the heels of Inauguration Day? It probably just felt to leadership like too much of a hurdle to get over this year.

This is not to say that the pro-life cause is silenced simply because a huge crowd doesn’t show up in Washington D.C. to speak up for those who are the most defenseless. Those who wish to attend the virtual march can RSVP here, and even though the sense of togetherness is lost, the numbers are still there.

And so are the victories. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is pushing for an ban on abortion after a Down Syndrome diagnosis, citing Iceland’s abhorrent policy of “eradicating” Down Syndrome by simply making sure that the babies are never born in the first place. Kentucky is poised to pass a born-alive protection bill, as well as a bill granting the state attorney general the ability to “directly investigate and prosecute abortion facilities for violations of recently enacted state laws.” While the governor is currently a Democrat, the Republicans now hold veto-proof majorities in the legislature, meaning that these bills will certainly become law.

Is the pro-life cause set back at the federal level under a Biden administration? Yes. Can we let that stop us from advocating for the protection of life? No!

We might not be together at the March For Life, but we can be strong. We might not be united in person, but we are united in common cause to protect the unborn, and to give hope to the women who are deceived into believing that abortion is their only option. In this period of enforced separation between us, there has been one overriding desire – to live. To live through this pandemic and to have a life after it.

Every child deserves that same chance – to live and to have a life. That is why – even virtually – we must March For Life. It’s never been more important.

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