News Media Refuses To Give Up Narrative On Covington Catholic

News Media Refuses To Give Up Narrative On Covington Catholic

News Media Refuses To Give Up Narrative On Covington Catholic

The news media wonders why the “fake news” label keeps getting thrown at them. Maybe it’s because in the wake of the Covington Catholic High School smear, some are clutching to their precious narrative as closely as Gollum held the One Ring.

It’s been reasonably shown that the kids at the Lincoln Memorial were not the instigators of the strangeness and slurs that happened last Friday. Since one of the groups on hand happened to livestream HOURS of this incident, it’s pretty clear that the high school students were confused by what was going on, but they weren’t the ones getting in other people’s faces. The adults in this situation failed. Nathan Phillips told one story as the video showed another.

The media failed because the narrative was just too good to check, and the image was red meat – a kid in a MAGA hat and a Native American elder in front of him. The students of the school have now been actively targeted in an aggressive doxxing campaign, which has included falsely identifying minors.

And apparently Twitter is turning a blind eye to regular accounts AND blue checkmarks who are calling for actual violence.

The kid in the hat has issued a statement.

So, at what point will the news media and rage mob on Twitter, who are insisting that they hear things that others don’t (this is an extreme version of the “Yanny/Laurel” debate as some insist they hear “build the wall” chants and others don’t), cool their jets and let the school actually handle the fallout of the situation however they see fit?

Well, by looks of how desperately the news media wants to keep this on the front burner, never.

What in the name of heaven and earth does this article have to do with a bunch of teenage boys from a Catholic high school, an Indigenous Peoples protest, and the Black Hebrews group (who were the ones yelling slurs)? NOTHING. Why publish it at all? Why, because it makes the Washington Post, and any other news media outlet that reprints it, look SO woke and aware. It is lazy virtue signaling at its finest.

It’s also letting the news media ignore the fact that Buzzfeed smeared egg all over their faces this weekend, and they dug the hole a little deeper. But when has that ever stopped Buzzfeed from having a woke take on a hot story?

Journalism is dead, and it’s dead because the journalists began to believe that they were a better class of human being because they were taught to string together words into sentences to tell a story. It’s dead because facts don’t matter, only images and headline writers do (because who has time to read the articles?). It’s dead because “being first” is more important than “being right.” It’s dead because when offered a chance to resuscitate it by telling the truth, journalists clung to their images and tweets and headlines and screamed “MYYYY PRECIOUSSSSSS!!!”

Some outlets and journalists retracted their initial reactions and reflected on how the rush to judgement messed this non-story up. Remember, at the heart of it all, this is NOT A STORY. No one was physically injured. Police were not called. There was no physical altercation. There were slurs, chants, and a drum. The only thing that may have been hurt are feelings. And apparently, that’s enough for the news media to release the hounds, knowing that online reputations can rarely be salvaged after going negatively viral, and to keep beating their own drums in a funeral procession for the death of their profession.

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  • GWB says:

    believe that they were a better class of human being
    Exactly right. Because they were taught that “you’re a journalist, and that means you’re fighting The Man, which automatically puts you on the side of the angels (and Hillary), so get out there and change the world for the better!”

    they were taught to string together words into sentences to tell a story
    And here I disagree wholeheartedly with you. They were taught no such thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t find regular grammatical, spelling and word-use errors in “journalistic” pieces. They believe they’re better because they think their job is a Noble Calling to save the world.

    And I hope they sue all of those folks for slander/libel, win a crap load of money, and turn into fantastic examples of conservative Christians that leave the stamp of Christ on everything they touch.

  • Ryan Murphy says:

    So the everlasting fornication what if they DID chant ‘Build the wall’?

  • Douglas Frank says:

    Referring back to the other debacle earlier that weekend, i.e. the Buzzfeed story on Cohen, the talking heads of CNNMSNBCBS spent an entire day introducing their “reports” with the following words: “If true.”

    Any newser that begins a report with “if true” is an activist, not a journalist. FYI.

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