Covington Catholic Boys and Nathan Phillips, Activist and Veteran

Covington Catholic Boys and Nathan Phillips, Activist and Veteran

Covington Catholic Boys and Nathan Phillips, Activist and Veteran

Can you stand one more post about the Covington Catholic Boys who were falsely accused of disrespecting an Indigenous Tribal Elder in Washington, D.C. after the March for Life? I am not going to cover old ground. Marta covered the racism charge perfectly here. Deanna covered the media’s refusal to quit the narrative that the boys were the instigators here, ugh. This time I want to sketch out the media hero, Nathan Phillips an indigenous peoples activist and Marine veteran.

So, as everyone in the Milky Way now knows, the boys from Covington Catholic High School (It is all male.) were in Washington, DC to attend the March for Life. After the March, they broke up into small groups for some sightseeing. It just so happened that this was the weekend for the heinous March for Women, March for Life and the Indigenous Peoples March. Criminelly, what a toxic mix of people?

A group of kids goes to the Lincoln Memorial. The problem is that five members of the Black Hebrew Israelites are also at the Lincoln Memorial. Never heard of the Black Hebrew Israelites? Neither had I. Here is a little background on this absolutely charming group of people from The Forward:

Hebrew Israelites are people of color, mostly African Americans, who view the biblical Israelites as their historic ancestors. For Hebrew Israelites, the transatlantic slave trade was foretold in scripture and they understand those Africans who were enslaved in the Americas as Israelites, severed from their heritage. Now they are returning.

Various sources also describe the the Hebrew Israelites as calling for the deaths of Jews, Gays and Lesbians and the White Devil.

Here is more from The Forward:

Videos show the Hebrew Israelites exchanging insults with the Kentucky schoolboys, who were there for the pro-life March for Life.

“Tell them to come over in the lion’s den instead of mocking from over there,” Banyamyan can be heard saying in the video. “Y’all dirty ass little crackers, your day is coming.”

They also taunted the Native Americans, arguing that the word “Indian” means “savage.”

Ephraim Israel, another Hebrew Israelite who was present, told the Post that tensions flared when the students started making fun of them.

“They were sitting there, mocking me as I was trying to teach my brothers, so yes the attention turned to them,” Israel said. “I explained to them, you want to build the wall for Mexicans and other indigenous people, but you’ve never seen a black or a Mexican shoot up a school.”

Into this craptacular mix steps Marine Veteran and activist Nathan Phillips. Before I unload on Mr. Phillips and his lies about the Covington Catholic boys, I have got to tell you that if Charles Dickens and George Jones put their heads together they could not come up with a sadder life story than that of Nathan Phillips. The following is from the Omaha World Herald and originally ran in November, 2000.

That struggle, as Phillips explains it, involves centuries of religious, economic and cultural oppression of American Indians.

More personally, he says, it involves his own fight against alcoholism, a childhood floating through foster homes in Nebraska, and an early adulthood spent first in the Marine Corps and later being thrown in and out of jail.

Now 45, Phillips has been sober for 16 years. He met Shoshana Konstant, a former middle school teacher, in 1990. For several years, the couple bounced around the country agitating on behalf of American Indians being displaced from their homelands.

And, here is a little piece on how the Omaha tribes feel about Phillips from the same article:

Back in Nebraska, Omaha tribal Chairman Elmer Blackbird did not return calls seeking comment about Phillips’ vigil.

Privately, another tribal leader said Phillips is regarded back in Nebraska as a well-intentioned brother struggling to cope with a troubled childhood. The leader said the Omaha Tribe generally avoids the type of activism Phillips prefers.

“He’s just trying to find his way, ” the leader said. “Let him find it.”

Further research shows that Phillips had eleven siblings and that his wife Shoshana died in early 2015.

Unlike Elizabeth Warren, we know that Phillips is a true member of the Omaha Tribe. His mother is buried in the tribal cemetery.

By his own account, he walked over to the teenagers in the MAGA hats and gave one a tribal drum cleansing without consent. Yes, I am a sarcastic racist. I hate mobs and I hate confrontation. Somebody gets in my face with their drums and they are going to get a drumstick shoved so far down their throats that they will be pooping beats for a week.

But, picking on a group of mostly white teenagers is the perfect time to pile on for Mr. Phillips.

No, what offends me most about Mr. Phillips is his Vietnam Veteran status. According to, Mr. Phillips was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1955. According to his various interviews, he enlisted in the Marines. A little to young to have been a Vietnam Veteran. Phillips has also claimed to have been a “Recon Ranger”. There is no such thing in the Marines as a Recon Ranger. There is/was Force Recon. The U.S. Army has Rangers. I despise even a hint of Stolen Valor. I have been searching for Mr. Phillips DD214 and am still hoping to find it.

But, fake news CNN call his a Vietnam Veteran, even though in the following video, Phillips describes himself as a Vietnam Times Veteran???

The news twinkie probably wouldn’t know which end of a sword to stick into the other guy. Bonus points if you can guess that movie reference.

Look I feel very sorry for Mr. Phillips. He has had a tough row to hoe in life. That never ever, ever gives you the right to get up in someone else’s face and bang your drum. Then he claims victim status. And, the news twinkies don’t even hear the difference between Vietnam Veteran and Vietnam Times Veteran? Parenting tip: Don’t send your child to Journalism School. I am willing to bet $1.00 that Mr. Phillips never deployed.

And, one more thing. I know a lot of Marines. They lift people up. They protect. Every man and woman Marine. They do not get up in someone’s face. That’s not honorable and it’s rude.

Does this whole episode make you as angry as is does me? If not, go back and re-read Marta’s post. There are a lot of people who owe the boys from Covington Catholic an apology, Mr. Phillips included. Liar.

Photo Credit: Tribal Shaman Drum/Pixabay/Devanath/Creative Commons License/Cropped

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  • Scott says:

    The guys over at TAH have a FOIA request in, and along with much discussion on the topic, will likely be posting the results as soon as they come back. There also seems to be some information that may dispute Mr. Phillips claim of being born in Michigan. (or at least, as someone pointed out, there is someone by the same name, born on the same day, in NYC..)

    • GWB says:

      “Nathan Phillips” would seem to be a normal name, though, and that sort of coincidence isn’t outrageously remarkable. “Engelbert Humperdink” might raise eyebrows, though.

    • Toni Williams says:

      I found his birth records by first finding his mother’s obituary. She is buried in a tribal cemetery so I figured they had the details right. His full name is Nathaniel Alan Phillips. I cross referenced it with his wife’s information to make sure I had it right.


      • Scott says:


        TAH has a post today showing that Don Shipley, a retired Navy Seal known for outing Stolen Valor cases as gotten a FOIA on him, and his DD-214… I won’t repeat all of it, but suffice it to say that he is NT what he claims, and he is NOT a Vietnam Vet. That post is worth a read.

  • GWB says:

    pooping beats for a week
    I love it!

  • willie says:

    Mask of Zorro

  • Gordon Scott says:

    “He’s just trying to find his way, ” the leader said. “Let him find it.”

    That’s actually a very Native sort of thing to say. It’s the sort of Native philosophy that works well at the local level.

  • Jim says:

    ”Does this whole episode make you as angry as is does me?”

    Damn straight it does!! Here’s is a teenage boy being targeted for political means by a full grown man/professional agitator who had the power and then all sorts of so-called educated people who also have great power immediately set out to crucify the lad. If these thugs will happily destroy a lad of about 15 years out of spite and for political advantage who else will they seek to destroy?

    As someone who has been bullied and targeted by SJW types and as an educator who believes children should be off limits I doubt I have been so angry for a very long time.

  • John henry says:

    Born in 1955 he would have been 17 when the last troops left Vietnam in 1971.

    I’ve never heard of a Vietnam Times veteran. There are Vietnam Era vets (I’m one. 8 years in the navy)

    This may have been what he meant.

    According to the US Department of Labor, the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA) states, “A Vietnam era veteran is a person who

    served on active duty anywhere in the world for a period of more than 180 days, any part of which occurred between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975, and was discharged or released with other than a dishonorable discharge.

    If he was a marine, given his age he probably was a Vietnam era vet.

    John Henry

  • SFC D says:

    So Mr. Phillips was “defusing” the situation. By confronting the students that were being verbally assaulted by the Hebrew Israelites. Mr. Phillips, what you did was not defusing, de-escalating, or even calming. What you did was to join with the Hebrew Israelites in harassing and goading a group of teens into reacting as a group of teens is wont to do. Your actions were the rhythmic equivalent of dumping gasoline on the fire, and then fanning the flames. Nothing would make me happier than to see you charged with assault, since public douchebaggery is still legal. I eagerly await the arrival of your DD-214.

  • Jim says:

    Phillips is trying to claim the high moral ground [and gain more attention] by wanting to meet with the students:

    ”He’s offering to travel as a delegate representing the international coalition behind the Indigenous Peoples March to Covington Catholic High School in and have a dialogue about cultural appropriation, racism and the importance of listening to and respecting diverse cultures, he said in a Tuesday news release.”

    Further he states: “I have read the statement from Nick Sandmann, the student who stared at me for a long time. He did not apologize, and I believe there are intentional falsehoods in his testimony,…” ”I’m just working for a better future for all of our children,” he said. “But, I can’t work with liars and thieves.” and ”He (Sandmann) stole my narrative, … “From the time I hit that first beat of the drum until I hit the last beat, I was in prayer. Now all of a sudden, he’s the prayer guy and the passive one.”

    It’s a bit hard to see the lad as the aggressor when he was standing in place with his school fellows where he was supposed to be and Phillips marched up and stuck a drum in his face without speaking. From a behavioural perspective the lad did the right thing by standing still: he asserted his right to be where he was and did not back down to a man who was being extremely provocative. He was not aggressive. Sandman’s active passivity was powerful and effective and I’m damn sure that Phillips did not expect a boy to be so strong. Now Phillips is trying to paint himself as a combination of Noble Indian and JC the Redeemer though it’s a bit hard to paint oneself as a healer when one has called the other party a liar and a thief. It is perhaps the word ”thief” that is most importance: Nick Sandman, by being strong and maintaining self-control, ‘stole’ the attention Phillips wanted for himself.

    I hope they do not meet with Phillips; they have more to lose than to gain, while he will be reinforced immensely [by his apologists] for being the Noble Indian Redeemer.

  • No one else seems to have noticed that the young mzn from Covington successfully counted coup on an enemy. He’s actually earned honor for himself and we should celebrate him. Chief big drum, on the other hand, shamed himself and is a coward and liar.

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