Linda Sarsour Claims Democrat Party Is “Ours”

Linda Sarsour Claims Democrat Party Is “Ours”

Linda Sarsour Claims Democrat Party Is “Ours”

Everyone remembers Linda Sarsour, right? She’s not exactly forgettable.

Everyone remembers what Linda Sarsour is known for, right? Her anti-Semitism is legendary. Her hatred of the nation of Israel and her support of the BDS movement is well-documented. Remember when she called for jihad against President Trump and America, and her fangirling of Louis Farrakhan? Good times.

Linda Sarsour is participating in the online panels during the Democratic National Convention, which is all happening out of the primetime slot, when the Democrats are quite a bit more honest about who and what they are. When it’s primetime, they put on the nicer, not totally America-hating face and put up bigger names, even though last night’s lineup had all the energy of a PBS telethon. John Lewis’s funeral had more energy than the DNC primetime hours. The real action, the real radicalism of the current Democrat party, is on full display in the pre-primetime hours.

Enter Linda Sarsour, who sums up the current state of radical leftism in the Democrat party in six seconds.

Oh reaaaaaaaalllly now. Here is the exact quote: “The Democratic party is not perfect, but it is absolutely our party in this moment.”

There’s so much to unpack in that simple statement by Linda Sarsour, but let’s get started. Let me know if I miss anything.

“The Democratic party is not perfect” – yes, we know. It’s not hard left enough for Sarsour. Remember that she is quite buddy-buddy with The Squad, and is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America. And even with as much momentum as the DSA has had lately with the Squaddies like AOC, they are still quite comfortable among mainstream Democrats.

“but it is absolutely our party in this moment” – again, this is obvious. Bernie Sanders pretty much wrote the DNC platform, and despite all the protestations that Joe Biden is a “moderate” (the same label they’ve now tried to slap on Kamala Harris as well, with much less success), it’s really Bernie who holds the keys to the kingdom. The aged communist is the de facto head of the Democrat party, with Biden as the palatable figurehead. And Linda Sarsour knows it. The party might not be perfect, but she’s friendly with the guy in charge, so she’s very comfortable hanging out with the Democrats “in this moment.”

But here is the big question: why is a anti-Semite so comfortable in calling the Democrat party “our party in this moment”? Who is the “our” here? The panel was “Muslim Delegates and Allies Assembly.” Is Sarsour saying that the Democrat party is the party of Muslims? Is she claiming it for Farrakhan groupies? Is she claiming it for those who support BDS, or just for plain old anti-Semites?

And an even bigger question is: knowing what Linda Sarsour is, and what she stands for, who would be comfortable being in a political party that she now claims as her own? Apparently not Joe Biden.

Hmmm, somehow I’m not convinced that Sarsour is wrong in her opinion of her place in the Democrat party.

Featured image: Linda Sarsour via Festival of Faiths on Flickr, cropped, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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