Claudia Conway Hates Her Parents, Media Giggles

Claudia Conway Hates Her Parents, Media Giggles

Claudia Conway Hates Her Parents, Media Giggles

Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway, is fifteen years old. Raise your hand if you, at age fifteen, believed you knew everything and your parents were idiots.

Now raise your other hand if by age 30, you knew that fifteen year olds are stupid and have no idea what adult life is like.

Oh look, we could all do the wave now.

A fifteen year old in open rebellion against their parents is a story as old as Biblical times. The ugliness here lies in the fact that the media is openly cheering on Claudia Conway, simply because they want to embarass her parents. As we all know, Kellyanne Conway is the former Trump campaign manager and senior advisor, and George Conway is as anti-Trump as they come. Their diametrically opposed positions on the current president have been deeply unsettling to watch, especially when it plays out very publicly on Twitter. However, they have both kept their children out of the discussion. At least, until Claudia’s TikTok account started getting attention from New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, who saw nothing wrong with becoming “mutuals” with a teenager on TikTok because they actually talked and after all, she has famous parents so she certainly knows what she’s getting into, right? I mean, that circumstance doesn’t sound remotely stalkerish, abusive, or Anthony Weiner-ish at all.

But because this was Claudia Conway, the higher-ups at the New York Times and the liberal media at large indulged in a huge giggle-snort because they hate Trump more than they cared about the well-being of a fifteen year old girl. So Taylor Lorenz defended herself, and there was no admonishment from her editors. Even when George Conway got on Twitter and was quite direct that no reporter had permission to be communicating with his minor daughter, and Claudia responded like an angry teenager, Taylor Lorenz was there for the shits and giggles of it all.

And Claudia kept going on TikTok.

And now, likely egged on by those in the media who claim to be her “friends,” Claudia Conway has announced that she, at age fifteen, wishes to be legally emancipated from her parents. After claiming that she is “DEVASTATED” that her mother will be speaking at the Republican National Convention, she dropped her little bomb on Twitter.

Not only that, she claims that her “mother’s job ruined (her) life,” she doesn’t agree with her father on politics, and then claims childhood abuse.
And the comments are full of people telling an angry fifteen year old that she is absolutely right and deserves whatever she wants. I’m sure that will go well.

As the mother of teenagers, I am in two minds about this. First, the media is absolutely manipulating this situation because, again, they hate Trump, and by extension, Kellyanne Conway, more than they care about the mental welfare of a teenager. If, God forbid, Claudia Conway committed any kind of self-harm, the media and the left would see it as a moral judgement on Kellyanne, instead of caring about the fact that a teenager was having a severe emotional or mental problem that they contributed to as well. This is also why I have repeatedly said that parents MUST keep their kids off as much social media as possible, especially Twitter. Teenagers have no filter, and if you’re a GenXer thanking your lucky stars that social media didn’t exist when YOU were a teenager and still giggling at the Conway family drama playing out in front of you, then shame on you. The fact that people are being “canceled” over things they posted on Twitter or said when they were young and stupid should serve as a warning to teenagers. But teenagers are dumb, as we all know. They believe themselves invincible and immortal and righteous. And now that we have forced them to give up actual interpersonal relationships for online ones thanks to COVID-19, lockdowns, and school closures, their mental health is in jeopardy and they are screaming into the void of social media. That Taylor Lorenz is so gleefully participating in the exploitation of a teenager just because she loathes the parents, and who one parent works for is sick. That the New York Times allows it is criminal. You really think the media would have been okay with this if, say, a Fox News reporter had a similar “relationship” during the Obama administration with Valerie Jarrett’s daughter? HA.

Second, as a mother of teenagers, I firmly believe in actions having consequences. I have no doubt that lawyers are lining up in Claudia Conway’s direct messages on Twitter, offering to represent her in an emancipation hearing pro bono just for the “exposure” of having embarrassed the Conway family, and perhaps President Trump, by extension. Claudia Conway will probably pursue emancipation because she thinks it will give her “freedom.” I don’t know all the family dynamics, or what has gone on behind the TikTok screen or the Twitter feed, but there is probably a lawyer and a judge out there who will “help” Claudia legally separate from her parents. And then what? She is a TikTok “influencer.” What’s your current income, Claudia? How will you feed yourself? Where will you live? Where will you go? What will you do to support yourself? A book about how much you loathe your parents might sell a few copies, but you’re fifteen. You don’t have nearly as much material as you think, and you will be dropped for the next shiny object once your usefulness to the media – and your ability to hand out fresh dirt on your family – runs out.

But, as every parent knows, sometimes you just have to let the kids learn the hard way. So, Claudia Conway, I hope you get the help that you need. And congratulations, Taylor Lorenz and the rest of the anti-Trump media. Remember, whatever happens next to this girl – you played a part in it.

Kellyanne Conway has announced that she will be leaving the White House in order to focus on her children.

George Conway has also announced that he will be leaving the anti-Trump Lincoln Project in order to be with his family.

Their family needs them right now far more than the political world ever could. Here is hoping that they can heal together. And if the whole family takes a social media break, that would be a good thing, too.

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  • Cameron says:

    So children are off limits unless it suits them. Not the least bit surprised.

  • Toastrider says:

    If you’re surprised by this, I have a bridge to sell you with a nice view of Brooklyn.

    Good for George and Kellyanne though. Maybe there’s hope yet for the idiot teenager.

  • Linda S Fox says:

    First step – cancel her social media accounts, and inform all of them that she does NOT have their permission to be on them.
    Second step – lock down her ability to text, monitor her texts (not for generalized complaints about them – she is free to do so – but so that her tweets do not reach the press or social media).
    Third step – bring in a really good computer specialist to go over what she has done on social media, texting/posting photos or videos, who she has communicated with, and who they are connected to (both personally and organizationally).
    I’m guessing that many of them have privately gloated about their “turning” of the kid. That is likely to be actionable, but – whether it is or not – it’s an appropriate thing to bring into family therapy sessions.
    They may have to find someone who will work with the likes of the Wikileaks hackers, but it’s their kid’s life that is at stake.
    If ANY inappropriate interactions happened – online or offline – they should sue in civil court, as well as use any influence they have to seek criminal prosecution.

  • Linda S Fox says:

    And, if the DA won’t bring charges, take it to the corporation the offenders work for, and tell them that you want them OUT of their job. Hound them mercilessly in subsequent jobs.

  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    She wants emancipation? Give it to her. You walk out the door with the clothes on your back. No phone, no suitcase, no car, no nothing.

  • JL says:

    This kid is an idiot! First she needs a place to live and not a temp address. She can’t say I’m staying with friends to get emancipated. She has to be able to provide for herself and she won’t be covered under mommy and daddy’s no doubt amazing health insurance. And the judge would have to rule if this would be in the best interest of the child. Also the judge would have to look at her finances and see if she could live on her own and pay bills. So good bye private schools and most likely a beautiful home. She’s a spoiled rich kid rebelling against her parents because she knows everything and she has it all figured out.

  • Anchovy says:

    If she smells good, she can stay with me.

    Joe Biden

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