My Liberal Friends Are Effing Idiots

My Liberal Friends Are Effing Idiots

My Liberal Friends Are Effing Idiots

My Liberal friends are effing idiots. I know y’all are out there thinking, “Is Williams a little slow on the uptake or is she a little wobbly in her Conservatism?” Well I am not at all wobbly in my love of the philosophical principals of Conservatism, so I guess the short answer is that the filament in my mental light bulb is burning out.

Actually, I really rather thought that my friends weren’t effing idiots, but that they were just wrong out of some misguided do gooder 60’s and 70’s thing. The combination of the shooting at the Florida high school, covered most recently by Nina and you can read it here, and the running, jumping and screaming Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) displayed by some of my more mild-mannered Liberal friends has convinced me that they have crossed over into an area psychology has long neglected.

First of all a couple friends immediately called for the government to do something. What? They don’t know. Just do something. Anything. Well, that’s rational. Running around screaming like your hair is on fire solves nothing. Getting the government involved usually makes things worse. This might call for individual action. My Liberal friends don’t take time to see it.

Another friend actually made a sign begging the government to do something and went and sat on her State Capitol steps. She forced her dog to go along with her. The dog was muzzled and wasn’t given an opportunity to offer his opinion.

Let me just stop right here and tell you that I have known these women and the ones that follow for a long time, bless their hearts and, all I can say is “Imma pray for them.”

Most of my male liberal friends… oh wait. I don’t have any male liberal friends. Bwa ha ha. Can you see pajama boys hanging out with this chica? Nope. That would be no bueno.

One epically talented mom of three (wins at everything she enters) has been posting “what if” scenarios ever since President Donald J. Trump (Trump 2020 and heads explode) mentioned arming teachers. She sets up the most lame scenarios such as:

“A 38 year old language arts teacher comes back in the room from disciplining a student and realizes her handgun is missing from her purse. It was all a set up. The one student misbehaved so the other student could steal her handgun.”


“A 45 year old shop teacher is teaching 3rd graders with an AR15 slung around his neck.”

Yes, those are the examples of arming teachers that she actually gave. That and the “sickos” lined up to buy guns at the local gun shops.

And I am telling you that these are well-educated idiots. I mean, these are articulate effing morons. I mean….and then, there’s this.

“You Pro-Life people only care about babies in the womb. Once they are born you don’t want them to eat or be educated.” Wrong-o, genius. They are going to need to be fed, educated and get into the work force to pay into the Social Security system that we allowed our elected representatives to steal from the last 30 years. Or else you and I are gonna be eating cat food and living in a card board box. Well, not me, but you will.

My favorite in the effing idiot sweepstakes is:

“We, including you, Toni, let those children down.” Hold on there just a galdurned minute. I, me. No. I don’t like gun free zones. I avoid gun free zones. I don’t generally go to movies because I can be offended at home and they are mostly gun free zones.

School shootings have been happening since before the nation was founded. My son’s high school had two school resource officers. One was former Army special forces and was on our County’s SWAT team. Officer Chris knew what the 411 was on every student in that school. And, I worked at the front entry hall desk a couple times a month. That’s where the BOLO (be on the lookout) notices were kept. A parent was always there.

And, need I remind everyone that my son graduated from the “Maximum Security College of South Carolina” (aka The Citadel). My child did not go to a snowflake school. And, as for my almost granddaughter. If I have to sit at the front desk of that child’s school I will do that too.

Look, my poor effing idiot friends, bad shit can happen anywhere. Right now, as I write this, kids are texting while driving, drinking booze and eating Tide Pods all at the same time. Arming their teachers is the least of our problems.

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  • CSS says:

    Thank you Toni. I too, for the longest time, have believed my liberal friends were just misguided and being led by their feelings rather than facts and/or logic. Maybe, just maybe I could lead them to the light. Pfffft! I have finally just gotten tired of making excuses for their idiocy. I suspect my facebook friends list is about get a little more manageable. Plus, I won’t have to spend my day trying to explain the simplest concepts, knowing they will never get it anywho ;>}

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Keep those friends-as annoying they will be much of the time they should provide you with endless laughs.

    By the way-if I were a teacher I’d bring a flame thrower or a rocket launcher to class every day. The kids would be amused and Prog heads would explode so it’s a win all around!

    • Toni S Williams says:

      The art of the deal. We love a win-win situation.

    • CSS says:

      To be clear, I will not be the one thinning my friend list. I think the term of art is “self-defriending.” I will simply stop sugar-coating my opinions and responses to the idiocy. They will simply place their fingers in their ears and run screaminig lalalalalalala. Oh wait, they do that any time they are confronted with facts and logic. I will just henceforth be “less diplomatic.” ;>}

  • Loretta Fouche Smith Gobbel says:

    Well, for the first time, I have read your blog. I am that friend that you are referring to. And frankly, I am hurt. Yes I went to my State House two days after the shooting. And yes, I took my dog, who was not wearing a muzzle by the way. It’s called a gentle leader, which anyone who knows anything about dog training knows that a gentle leader keeps a dog at a proper heel command. And yes, I took a poster that said “17 murdered in FL, American do something”. And I had drawn an eye with tears falling from it. I was weeping for those murdered. It’s so easy to just type up words (and not very good ones by the way), but it’s a lot harder to put yourself out there in public and make a statement. I struggled with the right words to put on that silly poster. What words would you have put on it? There are no words! Nothing can change the death of those babies! Yes, my words were ridiculous. I know that! I know there was nothing I could say, but I did something!! I got off my flat butt and I did something! And the do you know what else your _____ friend did(I won’t repeat the words you used since I am a Christian and a lady)? I called my Congressmen today. Yes, all of the Congressmen from my state to share my thoughts. What did you do today Toni? Did you call anyone? Did you take the time to drive to your State House and voice your opinion? Did you even join the NRA so you would at least have a valid voice? What did you do to step up to the plate and get outside of your comfort zone? A lot of Americans sit on their rears and do nothing, absolutely nothing. They run their mouths, but they don’t support it with action. So do some action Toni! Don’t just write this silly little blog, do something! Move people to action if they don’t like the way things are. Use you blog to inspire people to change things if they aren’t happy. You have a venue where you can do so much good. USE IT! And by the way, my son also went to that Maximum Security Prison College, The Citadel. And I am very proud of him. Very proud. And I am proud of your son too. I may not be the best person to change the world, but I am at least stepping up to the plate to give it a shot. Signed, Loretta Fouche Smith Gobbel

    • Kate says:

      Ms Gobbel

      A small correction: Toni isn’t just “typing words”, she’s writing whole articles —taking a stand culturally, and defending that stand — almost daily. Her “silly blog” is being read by upwards to 20,000 people from all corners and all walks each day. Though you see little value, I’d say she’s “doing something” pretty great, frankly.

      I won’t offend you — as you have this blog, and the writers who work so hard to affect change every day. Instead, I hope you have a lovely day. Thanks for visiting us here at Victory Girls.

  • Loretta Fouche Smith Gobbel says:

    Oh, and you are now less one “liberal friend that is an _____idiot”. Evidently, I am a lot smarter than you think. Friends don’t call each other that sort of thing. Not a southern lady anyway. Bless your heart.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Loretta – You should read more Victory Girls blogs. Our writers are very good.

      I love you. If you send me a friend request, I would re-friend you.

      I stand by every (not very good) word that I wrote.


  • GWB says:

    “We, including you, Toni, let those children down.”
    That right there is a thing I call slander

    As to the “friend” above… well, someone with four names on a comment on a blog is probably too pretentious for me.
    I struggled with the right words to put on that silly poster.
    That should have been an indicator that maybe you weren’t doing it right. I mean, you used all of 7 words. On a poster. Maybe an immediate emotional public reaction isn’t really the best way to go.

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