Lancet: Climate Change Worse Than Covid

Lancet: Climate Change Worse Than Covid

Lancet: Climate Change Worse Than Covid

The Lancet, a medical journal, has entered the climate change game. Sounding dire warnings as to how we are all going to die if something isn’t done!

Keep in mind, these are medical doctors who are now lecturing us on climate change. Don’t get me wrong things like heat, drought, floods, and wildfires DO affect the health of people impacted by such issues. However, this report from the Lancet that arrived last evening ignores some underlying factors. 

First of all, the United States is the target of this report. Secondly, this report completely ignores other countries pollution footprint. Yes, I’m looking straight at China for that. Third, there are some jaw-dropping assertions in the report. 

Already, climate change routinely threatens to overwhelm health systems’ capacity to respond. When record-high temperatures scorched the Pacific Northwest this summer, the rate of emergency room admissions spiked to 69 times higher than the same period in 2019.

Read the above again. We’ve been treated to MONTHS of the Delta variant is the worst thing ever while not a single peep about how climate change could be the driver of hospital issues. Yet suddenly the high numbers of hospital visits  over the summer were due to climate change??

Oh wait, climate change is a threat multiplier that contributes to Covid. 

Climate change makes existing problems worse as climate-linked events interact with other stressors to threaten lives, undermine population health, and stress health systems. This concept of threat multiplication has been shown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is especially of concern as the U.S. faces renewed challenges posed by variants. Climate-intensified events, such as extreme heat and hurricanes, can threaten key components of pandemic mitigation strategies such as social distancing and reduced mobility.62_, 63_ Furthermore, PM from climate-intensified wildfire smoke has been associated with an increased susceptibility of contracting and dying from COVID-19.64_ This association is thought to result from PM enabling virus transport over greater distances and causing more lung inflammation, increasing the risk of severe disease.

You know, I read through a significant portion of the Lancet’s new “science,” and it’s lacking on a number of fronts. It’s political theatre. Throughout everything published since last evening, the bad guy in all of this is the United States. 

The wildfire smoke from last summer’s fires caused damage all over the U.S. therefore the culprit is climate change! Those irresponsible medical doctors completely ignore or refused to research the forest mitigation would’ve STOPPED thousands of acres of forest burning this summer and the summer of 2020. Instead, let’s blame climate change while ignoring the very real root causes of why the fires burn forests so fast and furiously. 

Drought. California wouldn’t have HALF the drought it does if liberal progressive idiotic policies weren’t in place. Such policies have taken water AWAY from agriculture in the name of science, environmental protection, and climate change. 

The other issue with this Lancet report is that they urge the world to ditch fossil fuels altogether. The problem is, third world countries don’t have the means nor even the political will in many cases to switch to solar or wind to generate the power for their countries. Oh, but of course, the virtue signaling doctors will expect the U.S. to pony up for that won’t they? 

Meanwhile, Europe, which has gone pretty green is going to be hurting this winter. Between Russia playing games and the wind and solar not producing the way everyone expected…it’s going to be tough. Global stilling (not enough wind power) is gonna be a thing. 

What The Lancet is advocating is the same thing all the other climate change activists are. Penalize the United States among others and make green energy an economy killer.

Here’s something else about this Lancet report. Hunger is another issue that is driven by climate change. And yes, hunger is indeed an issue across the world. However, for the medical doctors at the Lancet to blame climate change on the hunger issues is irresponsible. 

This is the recommendation by the medical “experts” at the Lancet.

“By directing the trillions of dollars that will be committed to Covid-19 recovery towards the WHO’s prescriptions for a healthy, green recovery, the world could meet the Paris Agreement goals, protect the natural systems that support well-being, and minimize inequities through reduced health effects and maximized co-benefits of a universal low-carbon transition.”

Well, isn’t that something? Fork over billions of dollars to wind, solar, and crap like electric vehicles (without propping up the grid) will fix our climate and ensure we are all healthier, thus Covid will magically disappear. Then again, this is the Lancet.

Boy howdy folks, ain’t science grand??!! 

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  • Cameron says:

    So the following climate issues were supposed to have killed us by now:

    1970s: Ice Age
    1980s: Extreme Overpopulation
    1990s: No Life in the Ocean
    2000s: Extreme Heat
    2010: Climate

    And the solution is always the same: Surrender all of your wealth and give it to the government. This will somehow make the world wide temperature perfect forever.

  • GWB says:

    Sounding dire warnings as to how we are all going to die if something isn’t done!
    These are doctors. Better than anyone they should understand WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

    BTW, love the pic up top. That’s just an average August day in Texas. And has been for several hundred years. Not sure you can even blame Coronado for that one, as they weren’t exploring in their Suburbans.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Reminds me of the old axiom: “You go to Heaven for the climate; you go to Hell for the company.”

  • rbj1 says:

    Lancet jumped the shark when it opposed W’s invasion of Iraq. It is a marxist, anti-Western civilization publication that from time to time accidentally publishes good medical information.

  • ROP says:

    Thats a double negative since both are a fraud and based on no science just fear

  • ROP says:

    ” Fork over billions of dollars to wind, solar, and crap like electric vehicles (without propping up the grid) will fix our climate ”

    So spend billions on unreliable solar wind ! Like having a care that you can only drive when the sun is shining and wind blowing at your back. Of course these liar’s would be exempt living like the rest of the polit bureau

  • Mike-SMO says:

    Lancet used to be well respected medical journal. The current editors are trashing that reputation to advance themselves and their petty dreams. I suspect that there is noone with the courage to clean house. The name “Lancet” will soon be nothing but a punch line to a dirty joke.

  • Mike says:

    Is the modeling work of the IPCC fatally flawed? That is a question raised by Ross McKitrick in a critique of the use of the “Optimal Fingerprinting” algorithm by Climate Change scientists.


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