KJP: Biden In 2024, It Is To Laugh

KJP: Biden In 2024, It Is To Laugh

KJP: Biden In 2024, It Is To Laugh

There are very few things that are a laughing matter to Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP). Actually, she may have a touch of a sense of humor even though she is a progressive soldier of the Biden Administration.

Take this from yesterday’s press briefing:

Downright hysterical, right? But “if Al Sharpton says it, it’s, you know…

It’s…you know..not credible? Coming out of the mouth of MSNBC-minor-league-provocateur-rebel- rouser? What is it, exactly, KJP? Does anybody actually believe anything that comes out of Al Sharpton’s mouth?

Here’s what I can say, and the president has said this himself. He intends to run in 2024. As you know, I cannot weigh in on elections. I cannot speak to elections from here. We do truly follow and try to follow the Hatch Act here, but I will reiterate what the president has said many times, what I have said many times, is that the president intends to run.”-Karine Jean-Pierre

Sharpton shared this tidbit of info with employees of his National Action Network after meeting with the Biden earlier this month, NBC News reported on Monday.

As the two posed in The Roosevelt room, senile Joe said:

I’m going to do it again.”-Joe Biden

What are you doing again, Joe? Pooping your pants in front of Pope Francis? Falling off bicycles? Talking to dead people in the audience? Has running for president again in 2024 been on Joe Biden’s mind? Or whatever is left of that birdbrain of his?

Have you looked at the people who make up a fair share of the Democratic Party lately? Are any of them or their voters in touch with reality?

Perhaps he is running for President of Puerto Rico? Maybe Sharpton heard him wrong or something and assumed “I’m going to do it again” meant Joe Biden would run for 2024? The Reverend does love to stretch the truth. Regardless, KJP finds it all too funny and amusing that the press pool would ask about Biden’s intention of running.

You’re so cute, you little journalists, you. So eager to ask that question! But KJP assures us, he “intends to run”.

Really, the guy can barely walk and speak. He is not running anywhere.

As Biden’s approval numbers have ticked upward in the last couple of months — from a low of 36.8% in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in late July to 42.1% now — talk of an alternative Democratic nominee has died down. The last sitting president to forgo seeking a second term was Lyndon Johnson in 1968.”-NBC News

The truth is, Biden running again in 2024 is no laughing matter. And some of our alternatives should Al Sharpton be lying (he’s no stranger to this practice) are grim. Kamala Harris. Pete Buttigieg. Gavin Newsom.

Biden’s low approval rating – under 40% per the same poll – as well as policy difficulties faced by his administration on combatting inflation and passing divisive legislation and his age have led several prominent Democrats to call for his retirement in 2024. Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, who is running against J.D. Vance in the Ohio U.S. Senate election this November, has suggested that ‘it’s time for a generational move’ when asked about another Biden candidacy.”-Arjun Singh, The Daily Caller

I can see it now…Jill pushing him off stage before he says something stupid. It all makes me wonder if KJP is laughing nervously. I mean, if the guy does hit the trail for 2024, she’s got a lot of side-stepping to do. Jen Circle-Back Psaki will have nothing on the creative web of lies and deceit that Karine Jean-Pierre will have to craft up to cover for her boss. Of course, the fawning media, the Hollywood elite and the journalists on the left with cover again for Joe Biden. He can happily sit down in a fresh Depends undergarment in his comfy armchair in a room at The White House and watch The Price Is Right with unlimited Jell-O pudding cups until the election results of 2024 are revealed.

Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again. But it’s just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen.”-Joe Biden

Not sure if we should be begging for him to run based on his dismal numbers (it could be a Godsend in our favor) or if we should be saying “please don’t” at this point. Karine Jean-Pierre? She’ll just laugh her way through it.

KJH can laugh all she wants but we know the sad truth that Biden taking office four years beyond 2024 is no laughing matter.

Photo Credit: The White House via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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