Killing Is Okay, According To Feminazis

Killing Is Okay, According To Feminazis

Killing Is Okay, According To Feminazis

Yesterday’s Dobbs ruling came with a great deal of joy from one side and disappointment from another. Scratch that, Outright anger and hysteria from the other side that killing babies is not wrong.

I purposefully did not comment on any social media posts yesterday as I have friends on both sides of the camp. But, I thought, “if I see another coat hanger or uterus giving the bird”, I might say something regrettable to call out this idiocy. This op-ed from The Nation, however, is enough to put even the biggest political pacifist in DEFCON 1, in my humble opinion.

Sophie Lewis, from The Brooklyn Institute of Social Research, pens this piece arguing that to be pro-choice is to be against (something she calls) forced-life. That “Abortion involves killing and that’s OK”.

In my view, recognizing that gestating manufactures a proto-person requires acknowledging that abortion kills a proto-person. A baby is completely dependent on human care in order to stay alive, but its needs could be filled by any person—whereas a fetus, a proto-person, is ineluctably dependent on specific person.”-Sophie Lewis

We see what you did there, Soph. A baby is not a baby but a proto-person. So killing said proto-person (note, they still throw person in the mix) is OK in the eyes of a feminazi. Why? Please, enlighten us, oh, sage, Brooklyn liberal:

We humans do kill, when necessary: Victims of assault sometimes kill in self-defense, targets of persecution sometimes kill for justice—or just to reduce the number of their persecutors—and the colonized sometimes kill for liberation. Mothers living in unspeakable conditions (including chattel slavery) have been documented to kill their children as an act of mercy. Of course, these examples are instances of necessary violence, generated by the conditions for which we struggle to render extinct. When it comes to abortions, it seems possible that the conditions that necessitate them may never be wholly eliminated, even if vasectomies become generalized, and perfected ectogenetic technologies become universally accessible. As long as people are performing pregnancy on this earth, they must be free to change their minds about seeing it through.”-Sophie Lewis

Oh, boy. So much to unpack here. Humans killing defenseless humans is an unnecessary act of violence as well. Lewis is arguing and placing abortion on-par with liberation from persecution and mercy-killing? I’m sorry but when did killing off a small and defenseless human being because “their future is so bright” (a nod to Hollywood actresses on the brink of their next big break) or simply because a woman “isn’t feeling it” become an act of mercy and not selfish ambition? There are many stories. And many of these stories are not about risk, health, or rape, sadly. They are stories here of women killing the innocent and ready, willing and able to do it yet again should the opportunity present itself. This is not mercy killing by any stretch of their vivid imaginations.

Moving on to “performing pregnancy”, one must uh, perform other acts prior in order to perform pregnancy. This involves a conscious choice on behalf of the man and the woman involved. In the case of consensual sex, this involves both parties to make grown-up, adult decisions and weigh the consequences of their actions. Taking rape completely out of this equation, perhaps if more people did this, they would/should choose to “perform” differently.

When “pro-life” forces agitate against feticide on the basis that it is killing, pro-abortion feminists should be able to acknowledge, without shame, that yes, of course it is. When we withdraw from gestating, we stop the life of the product of our gestational labor. And it’s a good thing we do, too, for otherwise the world would sag under the weight of forced life. It is a hard pill to swallow for a misogynist society, sentimentally attached to its ideology of patriarchal motherhood, but the truth is that gestators should get to decide which bodies to give form to.”-Sophie Lewis

Lewis likes to use her flowery language and terms like “gestator” and “gestatee” to dehumanize the abortion process. She did graduate from (bottom teeth out) Oxxxforrrd. Killing is OK, man. Especially when you have a clump of cells becoming a host and taking over your body. You’re “killing” for the greater good, you see. You don’t want the world to suffer the sag of forced birth, do ya? This “proto-person” gestates inside of a woman in “grisly biology and its everyday sublimity”. (Isn’t this cute how the left miraculously acknowledges science and biology suddenly when they’ve been denying it all month?)

Whereas, in other species, a female can often discard or expel a pregnancy at will, in our species, a hyper-invasive placenta puts the gestator at risk of lethal hemorrhage. Locked down, our body becomes a daredevil participant in a wrestling match (or similar extreme sport) we cannot easily quit.”-Sophie Lewis

As a woman who ran the risk of lethal hemorrhage with HELLP syndrome at 33 weeks gestation with my one and only son, there was never a thought in my mind as I was on that table, getting ready to go under the knife for an emergency c-section (because being awake would’ve killed me), to ask the doctors to abort my pregnancy. In fact, I told my doctor to do all they could to save our son if given that difficult choice. I signed off on this as I was told “Lisa, you’re very sick right now”. I knew there was a chance I may never wake up from that if my blood volume was not replaced. Never once, in this wrestling match, did I want kill the 3-pound little life inside of me who was kicking my ribcage and anxious to experience life on the outside because he was not thriving inside of me. Never once, even after blood transfusions and an extremely difficult recovery, did I regret this decision. I have been able to watch my three-pound preemie, who came into this world kicking, screaming and peeing all over the place, utterly pissed-off at being taken out of me so early but eager to live, fight his way through a NICU stay, early delays that he has overcome, and become the young man he is today. I watch him on the wrestling mat on the Varsity team, and think of the fighter he is and the fire that is within him and I cannot wait to see what he does in his lifetime.

Before my high-risk pregnancy (which was my one and only pregnancy), I was pro-choice. My “lockdown” with my tiny, “daredevil participant” in our mother-son wrestling match made me even more appreciative of life and the dance and the balance that hangs within. Putting an end to this would have been silencing a voice, an act of cowardice and not an act of mercy. My perspective changed on Christmas Day, 2005 when I saw that tiny human I have created. I marveled at his feet that fit into the palm of my hand and his head, the size of a small grapefruit, donning a Santa hat that was too large for him (I still have this hat and he humors me and puts it on his head every year for a photo). I felt more empowered as a woman to experience this miracle called life. I felt thankful that God gave me such a gift.

Don’t you feel that the feminist Left will need a multi-volume audio set to explain this position? Remember, these people are snobs. They have a moral superiority complex. There is no way this will ever be compartmentalized into a sellable soundbite that doesn’t come off as condescending. So, by all means—try and manufacture a way that makes baby-killing into something that doesn’t strike at people’s moral core. Making murder sound less bad isn’t smart policy, it’s sociopathy.”Matt Vespa, Town Hall

And, sociopathy is exactly what it is. But the “morally superior” will continue to throw their moral superiority and pretentious behavior out there:

Our (SIC) is the mature pro-life politics. I don’t want to live in a world that valorizes life for its own sake. I want to live in a world that prioritizes the life chosen and wanted. Peoples’ lives are worth more than fetuses’ lives.”-Sophie Lewis

Mature, pro-life politics starts with understanding grisly biology, don’t you think? Being mature means doing the math and realizing the consequences of your actions. Being mature means the realization that killing is not OK. And killing will never be OK.

Original photo, Santa Baby by VG, Lisa Carr

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  • Scott says:

    Good post Lisa.

    How about we take her “logic” and run with it.. The lives of those in society who build and produce are worth more than those who create a drain on society, so based on her example, it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone with a job to kill anyone on welfare… Somehow I think she’d object to that, even though it’s EXACTLY the same “logic”

    • Maureen says:

      And can be extended to the disabled, the frail elderly etc
      Actually in Canada it has already started with our progressive assisted suicide laws. People who are in.pain, isolated, fear for their future as a poor elderly person, does not get help but rather information on assisted suicide. And the government is doing nothing to support these individuals no new money for building programs to offer real service

  • NTSOG says:

    Lewis: “As long as people are performing pregnancy on this earth, they must be free to change their minds about seeing it through.”

    Performing? How does one ‘perform’ pregnancy? It sounds like she’s ‘performing’ being a civil and socialised human being, but performance is the common thread of much proposed by our intellectual superiors of the progressive Left. It’s just another version of ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’ by a person using weasel words to try to hide the fact that she supports killing helpless infants in utero. It’s the same sort of deceitful language used by AH and his minions as they set out to cleanse the world of Untermenschen, but didn’t dare come out and simply announce they were going to kill anyone who didn’t fit their planned Thousand Year Reich. In fact why don’t we hear dear, caring Sophie [and others like her] simply come out and say truthfully they wish to kill any unwanted babies in utero? Doesn’t she have the courage?

    • Scott says:

      Don’t forget, Margaret Sanger was good friends with Ernst Rudin, AH’s Director of Genetic Sterilization….. something about the company you keep?? Interesting how the left tries to hide or ignore such associations.. (see also democrats being the founders of the KKK, or LBJ’s comments on passing the “civil rights act” that dems had previously opposed

      • NTSOG says:

        Thanks Scott. I had not heard of Herr Rüdin who is described in one reference so:

        “Ernst Rüdin: distinguished scientist, radical racial hygienist.”


        “Rüdin belonged to the group of psychiatric perpetrators who worked to give the Nazi selection policies scientific authority.” As well: “Rüdin knew early on about the patient killings and refused to support others in their efforts to stop them.”

        A ‘racial hygienist’. In short a man dedicated to eradicating those he [and AH] deemed to be unfit to live; to ‘purify’ the human race. As you say with regard to Sanger “something about the company you keep”!

  • Anna A says:

    In the last paragraph that you quoted, I heard, very clearly, Nazism.

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